PokeMMO Wealth Mastery: 8 Essential Tips to Make More Money

PokeMMO is a fun game to play and respects your time, but if you’re the type of gamer who plays hardcore in MMOs, then money might be an issue.

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We’re talking about the in-game money and not money in real life. While there is a cash shop that you can pay with real money, it doesn’t really give an advantage.

With all that said we’re here to give you tips to make more money in PokeMMO.

For starters, why do you want to make more money you ask? The answer is simple, the more money you have, the less you have to worry about buying items for the game.

Plus, you can buy some nice Pokemon in the market caught by other players. Money making isn’t that easy, but with these tips, you’ll be good to go.

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How to make more money in pokemmo

The Economy in PokeMMO

In any MMO, the economy is always important. Even in a free game like PokeMMO, there has to be a level of balance or semblance of sanity.

There are games where items are being sold up to hundreds of millions. In PokeMMO’s case, certain Pokemon can also be sold for millions.

That’s just the nature of the game, so if you plan on earning millions, then this is where this guide can help you with that.

Regulations are always being set up so that the economy doesn’t crash. For now, the economy isn’t as shaky but getting that ideal Pokemon may cost you an arm and a leg.

The good thing is that players can’t just buy in-game currency or trade it. You have to earn it and it’s never too late to start.

How to Make More Money in PokeMMO

1. Do The Story

Make more money in pokemmo story

A good tip to start off is just by doing the main story of your chosen region. You can fight trainers and gym leaders and get a good amount of money.

In this part, your focus is to finish the game first and then the world opens up. Don’t worry about buying those expensive items from the Global Trade Link (market) just yet.

Don’t waste your money on non-sense and just buy the items that you need. When you finish the main story, this is where you can see how much extra money you have left, that way, you can start with the real grind to make money.

2. Rematch Battles

Make more money in pokemmo rematch

This is another good, sufficient, and unlimited way to earn money. Rematch trainers that you already beat earlier on.

Unlike the games, rematch battles against trainers and gym leaders can be done even if you haven’t beaten the main game yet. The only downside is that the trainers will give you the same amount of money.

It isn’t ideal to rematch all of them when some of the early Trainers will just give you a small amount of money.

It is perfect for the later trainers and when you have access to Fly. This isn’t the best method but it can be easy if you’ve got nothing better to do.

Trainers can be rematched after six hours, so you can check them out over and over again.

3. Meowth’s Pay Day

Make more money in pokemmo pay day

Even in PokeMMO, Meowth’s Pay Day trick is always a good source of money. You need to have a high level Meowth which has this move.

Using Pay Day increases the money you get from the battle. Don’t forget to equip the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense to get more money out of it.

Meowth is also available in different gens. As an added bonus, if you already have a Meowth that has the Pickup, don’t let it evolve into a Persian since it will lose its ability.

4. Checking the Global Trade Market

Make more money in pokemmo gtl

For this next method on how to make more money in PokeMMO, you will need to check the Global Trade Market (GTL) from time to time.

While the above-mentioned tips are pretty much standard and straightforward, the next set of tips will be reliant on the GTL.

There are only two categories which are the POKEMON LISTINGS and ITEM LISTINGS. What you do is that you check which Pokemon or Items are selling at high prices.

If you feel that you can farm such Pokemon or items, then it is best to do your research where you can get such things. Put yours up for sale and you might make a quick profit.

With enough hard work, you can get those things that sell for hundreds of thousands to even millions.

5. Getting Rare Pokemon

Making more money in pokemmo rare pokemon

Now that you have an idea to take advantage of the GTL, you can see which Rare Pokemon are selling for high prices.

The issue is that some of them can be really tricky to obtain but that’s just the point of it all. You can’t make that much money if you don’t work for it.

Taking a look at the GTL gives you an idea of which ones to get.

The usual ones that are high in price are the Starter Pokemon. They can be caught in the game but their encounter rates are abysmal.

You will definitely be hunting for them if you want to get some good ones to sell. There are also those that are rare because they escape in battles such as Abra.

Pokemon with good or ideal Nature and IV/EV stats also sell for nice prices. Once again, the GTL is your place to go to see which are in demand or get high prices and are easy to farm.

6. Breeding Pokemon to Sell

Pokemmo - pokemon breeding

Catching Pokemon is one thing, breeding and getting desirable Pokemon is also good.

Breeding is a bit of a more complicated step but if you know what to do, then you can breed Pokemon with ideal stats and Nature to sell.

This is where a Ditto comes in which is another Pokemon that sells for good prices since it is somewhat rare, especially ones that have good IV/EV stats.

Have the right Pokemon and even the right breeding Item.

7. Using Thief to Get Those Items

Pokemmo - thief usage

Using the GTL to find out which items sell really well is another good method.

You’re not just limited to the Pokemon side of things to make more money in PokeMMO. Getting items to sell is another good option.

It seems that items like Everstones sell really well. A good way to farm for Everstone is to steal it from Quagsire enemies in the Team Magma Hideout.

For other items that you want to steal, you need to have a Pokemon that has Thief. The Thief ability steals the items and you can farm the items that you want through Thief and make money.

It also helps when the Pokemon that has Thief will have the ability Frisk. Frisk allows you to see what items the Pokemon has so that you can save time and steal it or not.

8. Check Online for What’s Meta

Make more money in pokemmo meta

The seasons in PokeMMO change, what’s hot right now might not be hot next season or the next day.

Always check the forums and even videos to see which things are selling well right now. Try checking those money-making methods we haven’t discussed yet.

You’d be surprised to see that there might be some easy things that you can do to make more money in PokeMMO.

In Closing

Now that you have the tips and ideas on how to make more money in PokeMMO, it all boils down to how much time you can spend to get the money.

They say that rematch battles with Gym Leaders after beating the Elite Four can easily net you nearly 100k a day. The only problem is that Gym Leaders might be tougher to beat but you lose nothing if you fail.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t make high amounts of money right away. This is a game that respects your time so you can just spend a couple of hours a day doing what you need to do.

Try to stay updated and see what other players are doing to make a lot more money.

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