How to Earn More Money in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Money used to be a scarce resource in the earlier Pokemon games, since you can only challenge Trainers once. and your options to farm Pokedollars are quite limited.

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In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you really need a lot of money for those DNA Splicers.

But don’t worry because we’ll teach you some tips on how to earn more money in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

A lot of these tips you are about to learn are taken from other players based on their experience playing the game.

We’ve also gathered some of them from sites like Reddit, so credit is given to them as well.

Just remember, money is important and you have options to make them.

How to earn more money in pokemon infinite fusion

How to Earn More Money in Pokemon Infinite Fusion: 6 Effective Ways to Get Pokedollars

Pokedollars menu

1. Getting the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense Early

Luck incense or amulet coin

The Amulet Coin and Luck Incense are items that function the same. Any Pokemon that has this equipped will reward players with double the money after each Trainer Battle.

The problem is that depending on the version, the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense cannot be obtained. If they do, they are usually available early on, usually before Cerulean City (The Second Gym).

Equip the item (only one or the other) to a Pokemon. This allows you to get double the money early on, so that’s fast money, in a sense. You can get these items from doing quests but it is unclear which ones.

2. Rock Smashing All the Way

Pokemon infinite fusion rock smash

 If you have a Pokemon that has Rock Smash, use it frequently break some Rocks. Nuggets may appear which sell for good prices or even Diamonds which sell for a higher price.

Goldenrod City is a great place to spam Rock Smash. Not as fast but still a good option if you have nothing better to do.

3. Rematch With Cool Trainer Laura

Rematch with cool trainer laura

Fighting trainers the second time in Pokemon Infinite Fusion won’t give you some extra cash.

All of them except one: Cool Trainer Laura.

Laura is located at the end of the Rock Tunnel (on the side of Lavender Town exit). The first time you encounter Laura, it is just a regular match.

However, if you talk to her again, she will offer you a rematch. She will even heal all of your Pokemon, so that means you can rematch her on the spot in an unlimited manner.

The caveat is that in the rematch, she will have a full team of six Pokemon.

Plus, the amount of money you get is around 1400 to over 2000. It’s not much but it is a good source of money if you want to.

4. Use Meowth’s Payday

Meowth's payday

This is a trick as old as the original Pokemon games. Meowth in Infinite Fusion will learn Payday at level 30, and you need to prevent Meowth from evolving into Persian at level 28.

When you have Payday learned on Meowth, simply use it in a battle and you can rack up some money after each battle.

This is an old trick but it works when you want to earn more money in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. This does take some time but it is effective in netting you over 50k in less than an hour.

5. Buying and Selling Mankey Paws

Selling mankey paw

There are three steps to this and you need to have progressed in the game a bit farther.

Step 1: Buy the Mankey Paw

You need to go to Saffron City where the Fighting-type Gym is located. At night, a Team Rocket Grunt will appear next to the bald guy outside.

Buy as many Mankey Paws as you can from him which costs around 1,000.

Step 2: Sell Them to the Woman at Crimson City

Head to Crimson City where there is a woman inside the Hotel. She will buy the Mankey Paw for 19k at minimum.

Step 3: Fast Forward the Day

When you have sold the Mankey Paw to the woman, sleep at the Hotel or kill time until 24 hours have passed in the game.

She will buy the Mankey Paw again the next day (after you’ve sped it up or it just naturally passed). The next time she buys it, it will be more expensive than the last.

Keep doing this until you’ve sold all your Mankey Paws. Just repeat the process and you’re good to go.

6. Using the Debug Feature

Pokemon infinite fusion debug mode

The Debug Feature is the ultimate cheating machine. To unlock it, you have to do a lot of work. You need to get the Magic Boots which is done by getting 420 registered Pokedex entries in the base game.

Having the Magic Boots will allow you to access the Debug Feature. Using the Debug Feature, you can simply change the amount of money you have in your character.

The Debug feature isn’t just to earn more money in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, since you can use it to encounter Pokemon, get items, and so much more.

Just save before you use this feature, to avoid losing any progress.

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In Conclusion

That concludes our list of tips if you want to earn more money in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. A lot of these are very easy and some of them can be tricky.

In some cases like the Mankey Paw and Payday, you have to progress further in the game.

The Debug feature does sound like the best option but you have to remember that it may cause problems.

It is like a built-in cheating program, but if you limit it to just using the money and some of the additional items, then there wouldn’t be so many issues.

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