Pokemon Emerald TM and HM Cheat


TM and HM have plenty of uses in every Pokemon main game series. TM teaches your Pokemon new skills while HM’s works almost identical, but there are several differences between the two. You can utilize HM multiple times, and the moves can be used out of the battle.

Sometimes you need to teach your Pokemon a new skill which essential for your journey. Searching to acquire these TM/HM can be time-consuming, that is why cheats are used to make your gaming experience smoother.

Quick trivia: TM stands for Technical Machine, and HM means Hidden Machine.

In Pokemon Emerald, you can quickly obtain your desired HM and TM, of course through Gameshark code cheats. Find below your desired TM and HM item and use it as you want in your Pokemon Emerald game.

TM and HM Cheats for Pokemon Emerald

How to use
Enter code 82005274 0YYY and replace YYY with the listed item digits below. For example, enter code 82005274 0121 to obtain TM01. After activation, head over to Pokemart and purchase the first item in the buy list. The purchased item is the tm/hm of your choice.

Pokemon Emerald TM HM cheat
TM's and HM's

82005274 0YYY
Replace YYY With Item Digits
121 – TM01 = Focus Punch
122 – TM02 = Dragon Claw
123 – TM03 = Water Pulse
124 – TM04 = Calm Mind
125 – TM05 = Roar
126 – TM06 = Toxic
127 – TM07 = Hail
128 – TM08 = Bulk Up
129 – TM09 = Bullet Seed
12A – TM10 = Hidden Power
12B – TM11 = Sunny Day
12C – TM12 = Taunt
12D – TM13 = Ice Beam
12E – TM14 = Blizzard
12F – TM15 = Hyper Beam
130 – TM16 = Light Screen
131 – TM17 = Protect
132 – TM18 = Rain Dance
133 – TM19 = Giga Drain
134 – TM20 = Safeguard
135 – TM21 = Frustration
136 – TM22 = SolarBeam
137 – TM23 = Iron Tail
138 – TM24 = Thunderbolt
139 – TM25 = Thunder
13A – TM26 = Earthquake
13B – TM27 = Return
13C – TM28 = Dig
13D – TM29 = Psychic
13E – TM30 = Shadow Ball
13F – TM31 = Brick Break
140 – TM32 = Double Team
141 – TM33 = Reflect
142 – TM34 = Shock Wave
143 – TM35 = Flamethrower
144 – TM36 = Sludge Bomb
145 – TM37 = Sandstorm
146 – TM38 = Fire Blast
147 – TM39 = Rock Tomb
148 – TM40 = Aerial Ace
149 – TM41 = Torment
14A – TM42 = Facade
14B – TM43 = Secret Power
14C – TM44 = Rest
14D – TM45 = Attract
14E – TM46 = Thief
14F – TM47 = Steel Wing
150 – TM48 = Skill Swap
151 – TM49 = Snatch
152 – TM50 = Overheat
153 – HM01 = Cut
154 – HM02 = Fly
155 – HM03 = Surf
156 – HM04 = Strength
157 – HM05 = Flash
158 – HM06 = Rock Smash
159 – HM07 = Waterfall
15A – HM08 = Dive

Final Thoughts

Finding these tm/hm manually in its location in Pokemon emerald takes forever. With the help of cheats, you can have all of them without a problem.

Also, you might want to check our collection of Pokemon emerald cheats to find out which other cheat codes useful for your game.

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  1. Can someone please help me !!!! Ive been playng pokemon emerald edition for about a week now and i recently used a give all tm/hm cheat code that filled my pokeball bag with tms/hms therefore i couldn’t even catch any new Pokemon, so I started. New game and now it’s not letting me receive any tms/hms and making further progress in the game impossible.

    This really sucks because I love the game enough to grind out again just to proceed and progress if there’s any possible way to end this madness someone please explain to me how I would appreciate it . You can reply here or hmu viva email dwayne24white@gmail.com

    • Hi there buddy, good to know that you love the game but so sad to hear that you are having the trouble. First off, just want you to know that activating a cheat can cause inconvenience sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you must avoid using cheats.

      Based on your concern, I would suggest not using this unlimited TM’s and HM’s Cheat and other related all item cheat as this can fill your bag with unused items and will make no room for new items. I recommend activating only a particular TM/HM that you really need. The listed codes above are the answer. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to respond.

  2. I need specific instructions plz. My Boy Emulator is accepting the code, but it’s not working. I think I’m missing a step. :l

    • Sorry to hear that Korb, most likely your Emerald ROM version isn’t compatible with the cheat. I will try to look for another.


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