Pokemon Emerald Legendary Locations

Every Pokemon game has its own array of Legendary ones. That being said, here are the specific Pokemon Emerald Legendary locations that you can use. We’ll be including the methods and requirements if any to unlock the Legendary Pokemon you want to fight other than just their locations.

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Legendary Pokemon Locations

Legendary Titan Trio

They are also known as the Legendary Golem Trio being Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. Before you can find them, you need to unlock their locations by completing the puzzle on the Sealed Chamber. Even before you head to the Sealed Chamber, you need to have a Relicanth and Wailord Pokemon in your party. Getting a Relicanth can be done by going to Route 124 and Route 126. These are very rare, so just be patient.

Capturing a Wailord can be done by going to Route 129. If you also have a Wailmer ahead of time, you can evolve it to a Wailord once it reaches level 40. Now that you have these two, you also need two other Pokemon that have Dive and Dig. Wailord can learn Dive if you want to, but anyway, head to Slateport City and use Surf and head to Route 134. Use Dive on the location seen on the image below which is the red dot.

Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Once you used Dive, you’ll end up in an underwater path leading to the Sealed Chamber. Continue on the straight path until you’ll see the Visual Braille. In the part where it says DIG HERE, use Dig and you’ll open a hole. Enter the hole and you’ll see another Visual Braille. Make sure that the Wailord is at the front of your party and the Relicanth is in the last part. Activate the Visual Braille and you’ll unlock the chambers of the Legendary Titan Trio.

Sealed Chamber Underwater
Sealed Chamber First Floor
Sealed Chamber Second Floor


Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Before anything else, you can choose to capture the Legendary Titan Trio in any order you want. Let’s tackle first, Regice which is located in the Island Cave. Head to Dewford Town and Surf north going to Route 105 as seen on the red dot below.

Pokemon emerald legendary locations

When you’re now inside the Island Cave, activate the Visual Braille and you need to do a challenge. The challenge is to move counterclockwise in the cave without stopping or hitting anything. The chambers to Regice will open and prepare to fight it.


Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Start off by going west from Lilycove City until you reach Route 120. Continue heading west until you see a patch of berries. Head north and you’ll see a cliff and continue going up north. You’ll see the Ancient Tomb where Registeel is located as seen in the image below.

Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Once inside the Ancient Tomb, activate the Visual Braille by using a Pokemon that has Flash. The chambers will open, and you’ll fight Registeel inside.


Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Regirock is located on the Desert Ruins. It is located in Route 111 as seen in the image below. You can have a lot of options when going to Route 111, but once you get there, head straight to the Sandstorm and you’ll see the Desert Ruins.

Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Once inside, there is a pattern that you need to follow when you activate the Visual Braille. Take two steps left, two steps down, and use Rock Smash. This opens up the chambers to Regirock and you can fight it.

Latios or Latias

You can only catch one of them in Emerald and you need to beat the Elite Four first. You’ll then find yourself in your bedroom and take a look at the TV where you’ll hear news of a colored Pokemon appearing. Talk to your mom and she’ll ask you what color of the Pokemon was mentioned. If you answer Red you’ll be able to catch Latias and Blue will mean you can get Latios. The tricky part here is that Latios, or Latias has no exact location. This means that finding them can be hard, but here’s a nice tip that you can use.

After the TV scene, Fly to Slateport and head to Route 110. You’ll see a small patch of grass right before the Cycling Road. What you need to do now is to save first in case you want to do the process repeatedly. Put a level 30 Pokemon at the front of your party because Latios or Latias may not appear when you have a high-level Pokemon at the front. Use a strong Repel so you won’t have any random encounter other than Latios or Latias.

Don’t use your Bike as well because they will not appear. If you encounter Latios or Latias, try your best to capture it. If it escapes, don’t worry because now it will be in your Pokedex. Latios or Latias will appear randomly in Hoenn but taking a look at Pokedex will allow you to find out where it is and try to catch it next time. These two are the only ones that have random Pokemon Emerald Legendary locations.


Pokemon emerald legendary locations

After beating the Elite Four, head to the Weather Institute in Route 119. Talk to the head scientist and he will tell you about weird weather happening in Hoenn. He’ll tell you that there’s a drought in random Routes and that’s where the Terra Cave will pop up. The Terra Cave is where Groudon is located and based on what the scientist says, it will appear on either Route 114, Route 115, Route 116, or Route 118.

Pokemon emerald legendary locations
Terra Cave Locations


Kyogre 1

After beating Groudon, go back to the Weather Institute and the head scientist will tell you this time that there are heavy rainfalls happening in some of the routes. The Marine Cave where Kyogre will appear can be located in either Route 105, Route 125, Route 127, or Route 129. That’s why you need to pay attention to what the head scientist is saying.

Marine Cave Locations



Rayquaza is encountered in the story but once the Elite Four is defeated, you can now go to where it is located which is the Sky Pillar. The Sky Pillar is located in Route 131 so just use Surf to get to it and do your best to capture Rayquaza now that you know its Pokemon Emerald Legendary locations.

Pokemon emerald legendary locations
Sky Pillar Location
Pokemon emerald legendary locations
Sky Pillar Exterior


Pokemon emerald legendary locations

Deoxys is located in Birth Island but the only way to access it is through the Ferry. You would need an Aurora Ticket to get to the area but the event to do it has long since ended. There is a way to get the Aurora Ticket by inputting cheats or if you have an e-Reader card, then you can get it. Once you get to Birth Island, you can battle Deoxys to capture it.

Jirachi, Celebi, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Mew

These Pokemon were available from events but are now long gone. There are ways to get them and we’ll start off with Jirachi and Celebi because these can be tricky to obtain. These two are not located in the game but you need the bonus disc from the Pokemon Colosseum game. You can transfer Jirachi from the NTSC version or Celebi from the NTSC-J version to Ruby or Sapphire. Then, simply trade them from Ruby or Sapphire to your Emerald game.

Lugia, Ho-oh, and Mew can no longer be obtained through the past events. In Mew’s case, there was an event where you get an item called the Old Sea Map, and showing it to the Ferry will take you to Faraway Island. The only way to obtain these three now is by inputting cheat codes, unfortunately.

Now that you know the Pokemon Emerald Legendary locations, maybe you should hop to it and start catching them one at a time.

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