Pokemon Sun Sky And Moon Galaxy

There’s always something fascinating about ROM hacks that have dual games. It is the concept for the main Pokemon games. We have games like Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, and more. That’s where Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy come in because these are dual games, but ROM hacks.

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These are not the only ROM hacks out there that are dual games, but it’s an interesting approach.

You get two of the same games with varying Pokemon that you can get, which is always a good thing. We’ll tackle everything that you can expect from both of these games.

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Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy Details and More

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The story is an alternate take after the end of Pokemon Red and Blue. The main character Red lives his life and has a son. Then, 15 years later, your character embarks on your own story to be a Pokemon Master.

You even have Brock as the new Pokemon Professor of Kanto. Take your character all over multiple locations from Kanto to Alola.


There are a lot of the basic features from any of the Pokemon games. This one has some of the added features from the newer games. For starters, you can explore Kanto and later the Alola Region.

Along with that is the appearance of Team Rainbow Rocket as the recurring villains. There are also characters from the Alola Region that will make an appearance. Mega Evolution and Alolan Forms are also included in these hacks.

Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy Information

Sun sky and moon galaxy

Pokemon Sun Sky and Moon Galaxy
Creator: Ishrak’s PokeTips & Gohan’s Tips
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • Explore Kanto and Alola Regions
  • Pokemon roster goes from Gen 1 to Gen 7
  • Mega Evolution included
  • Enemy Trainers can use Mega Evolution
  • Alolan Forms included
  • Ultra Beasts are included
  • Z-Moves are available
  • New tile sets




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Pokemon Sun Sky/Moon Galaxy Download


1. Kakarot – For all you did
2. Vytron – For Special Scripts
3. PCL.G – For Tilesets and cool Titlescreens
4. Percy – For Bug Fixing and Sprites
5. PokeDroid – For Sprites
6. The ones i forgot 🙁

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  1. Downloaded both games. tried to patch both games but says ‘This patch is not intended for this ROM’ (https://prnt.sc/xYI-ikG_ZOAZ). This is for Fire Red V1.0 btw. HOWEVER.. This works for Fire Red V1.1 patching.. Unsure if anyone else said this since I only looked at the top few comments but hope it helps future people 🙂 also great website

    • Hi Cdbz, thanks for coming here and I really appreciate you for sharing this information with us. Just to add more information, not all rom hacks require v1.0 for patching, it can also be v1.1 depending on how the creator created the hack.

  2. Is there a difference between the two? I didnt see anything about the difference’s so i am asking. I mean like in one version you can catch a Meowth but can’t catch a Vulpix while in the other you can’t catch Meowth while can catch a Vulpix