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Here’s another FireRed-based ROM hack that you may want to try. It is called Pokemon Stigma, and according to the source it was made back in 2013. The current version is, for now the latest and probably the last version of the hack.

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It is playable, but future updates may be out of the question. That’s not a bad thing because you get an interesting hack with a good story and a ton of features for you to enjoy. It is a hack that is a bit mature compared to other games, but that’s what makes it fun.

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Pokemon Stigma Details and More


The game takes place in Kanto, and you’re starting your Pokemon catching career in Lavender Town. It starts innocently enough, but like the other games, you’ll be thrown into a world of adventure, mystery, and everything else.

You’ll be uncovering a mystery of a virus that turns people and People into mindless beings. That’s probably the reason for the game’s name Stigma since it’s like a virus. You have to uncover the mystery and catch them all.


One of the features is that the game is a bit more mature. It has some dialogue that may not be suitable for some of the younger players. The story or theme also circles around a bit of horror and serious stuff.

This means not a lot of those kind and friendly motifs around. A lot of the hack’s visuals are edited sprites. Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 5, but not all of them are available.

Pokemon Stigma Information

Pokemon stigma download

Pokemon Stigma
Creator: Scarlet D.
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon are from Kanto to Unova
  • Custom sprites for other characters
  • Characters from different games make an appearance
  • Pokemon that evolve through trading will evolve by leveling up or with Evolution items
  • 8 Gym Leaders and Elite Four to battle




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Download Pokemon Stigma


Scarlet D. (Developer,Maps)
Megacyber [JakeMajin] (Story, Sprites, OWs, Maps)
Special thanks to: Kakos Xamos (story), Solidius (sprites), Sapphire Wolf (Pokedex), H4x0r4k0s (mapping)

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