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Making a ROM hack isn’t easy as it takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of the ROM hacks you see are made by one person and that’s not any different from Pokemon Sienna. This ROM hack started all the way back in 2010. It has only been recently completed, and that’s over 10 years already.

It’s never too late to work and finish on a ROM hack no matter how long it takes. There could also be personal issues but nonetheless, this hack is complete and ready to go. That’s why we’ll be divulging as to why this hack may be good for you to use.

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Details on Pokemon Sienna


The story takes place in the Kanto Region where your character applying to become a trainer in the Indigo Plateau. Unfortunately, your application would be denied, but that’s okay. This leads to you starting your own adventure as you trek through Kanto and other Regions to become the best Pokemon trainer there is.


The Pokemon lineup in this game is a bit unclear because, for the majority of the roster, you get to use Fakemon. That’s right, you start off from three Fakemon starters and you’ll be fighting others along the way. There are a couple of actual Pokemon but it isn’t exactly which ones are appearing from different Generations. The story progression is affected by the choices you make as well as other factors that come with it. It makes the game all the more interesting when you can choose one or the other.

Pokemon Sienna Information


Pokemon Sienna
Creator: Manipulation and Chibi Robo
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Original Fakemon and several Pokemon included in the roster
  • Explore the Region of Kanto and Voultan
  • Moves are updated from Gen 4
  • Updated music tracks
  • New tiles and sprites included in the game
  • Able to Focus Punch trees and Pokemon will fall out


Pokemon sienna screenshots

Download Pokemon Sienna

  • Fangking Omega and Mateo – New Tiles
  • Flandre Scarlet – Music Insertion
  • giradialkia – Music
  • DrFuji – Mapping
  • Chibi Robo – Spriting
  • Spherical Ice – Sprites
  • HackMew – ASM and General Help
  • thethethethe – ASM
  • jambo51 – ASM
  • Darthatron – ASM and General Help
  • cuddlesthefatcat – New Tiles
  • Truality – Sprites
  • mindfreak – Graphical Help
  • Riceeman – Sprites
  • Avatar – Sprites
  • Youji – Pokémon Sienna Thread Logo

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