Pokemon Serene Crystal

We’ve covered a lot of Pokemon Crystal hacks for GBC games. Crystal is just that popular, so let’s take a look at Pokemon Serene Crystal.

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This hack aims to alter the Pokemon available in Crystal. While a lot of the Gen 2 Pokemon are still present, some of them have been changed in terms of types.

Then, the rest have been added from later generations. The file added is an IPS file that you have to patch using a Crystal ROM, and you have to find one yourself.

This guide will help you patch the IPS file if you’re not sure what to do.

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Pokemon Serene Crystal Details and More


The story of Pokemon Serene Crystal is pretty much the same as the original Crystal. The hacker simply aimed to change some things in Crystal.

The story itself is still the same, so if you’ve played it before, then you know where to go and what to do.


One of the primary additions in the game is that it has other Pokemon beyond Gen 2. Not all of them are added but you have Pokemon going up to Gen 10 such as Annihilape.

Several Pokemon types have also been altered. Totodile is now a Ground-type rather than being a Water-type.

There are other cases like this that you can uncover. Pokemon sprites have also been altered for some of them. They don’t look like anything from Crystal but that’s not a bad thing.

Pokemon Serene Crystal Information

Pokemon serene crystal

Pokemon Serene Crystal
Creator: PeanutellaXO
Game Base: Crystal
Language: English
Encounter tables: Link
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Added Pokemon from later gens
  • Altered Pokemon types (Some)
  • Altered Pokemon sprites (Some)
  • No Pokemon trading needed to evolve
  • New moves added
  • HMs can be forgotten
  • Fixed level curve and balance tweaks
  • Pokemon will not die of Poison in the overworld


Pokemon serene crystal screenshots

Download Pokemon Serene Crystal


Pokecrystal disassembly: https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal
Rangi42’s Polished Map: https://github.com/Rangi42/polished-map
Nuukiie for help in the past with both spriting and disassembly advice: https://twitter.com/nuukiie

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