Pokemon Infinite Fusion: Where to Get Dusk Stone?

The Dusk Stone was introduced in Generation IV of the Pokemon series. This is one of the Evolutionary Stones which is used to evolve specific Pokemon.

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The Dusk Stone has since appeared in all Generations after IV, serving the same purpose.

In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, Dusk Stone is also a highly sought-after item. The question among many players nowadays would be: where to get the Dusk Stone in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan game that is held in high regard and people want to know where to get some Dusk Stones.

There are numerous ways for you to obtain the Dusk Stone in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Don’t worry about running out, since there is a method or two where you can get an unlimited amount of it.

We’ll also fill you in on the details about the Dusk Stone in the game.

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Pokemon infinite fusion where to get dusk stone

What Pokemon Need the Dusk Stone to Evolve in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

The following Pokemon will evolve using the Dusk Stone in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Pokemon that evolve through the dusk stone in infinite fusion

These four Pokemon are the only ones that evolve using the Dusk Stone. They can be used regardless of the level:

  • Doublade evolves into Aegislash (Steel/Ghost)
  • Lampent evolves into Chandelure (Ghost/Fire)
  • Misdereavus evolves into Mismagius (Ghost)
  • Murkrow evolves into Honchkrow (Dark/Flying)

Where to Get Dusk Stone in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

There are numerous ways for you to get the Dusk Stone in the game:

1. Union Cave and Burned Tower

There is a Dusk Stone available in the Union Cave and the Burned Tower. You can only get one of these in these locations.

Union Cave Dusk Stone Location

The Dusk Stone location is located on the first floor (1F). It is located in the North West area of the map.

Dusk stone location in union cave - poikemon infinite fusion

Burned Tower Dusk Stone Location

This one is also located on the first floor (1F). This one is located in the North West section of the map.

Dusk stone location in the burned tower - pokemon infinite fusion

2. Goldenrod Department Store

They are available and for sale at the Goldenrod Department Store. You may have to progress the story further to gain access to the Department Store.

Golden rod city department store location - pokemon infinite fusion

If you do get to it, you can buy an endless amount of Dusk Stone for 5,000 as long as you have money.

How to Access Goldenrod Early

Goldenrod City is located in Johto, and you cannot gain access to Johto until you beat the main game. That is except for Goldenrod City.

Even if you haven’t beaten the game yet, simply complete the Silph Co. part of the story. This is where you beat some members of Team Rocket and clear the building.

Once that is over, simply head over to the Saffron City Train Station which will take you to Goldenrod. Once you’re in Goldenrod, you will have it saved should you wish to FLY back and forth to it.

3. The Stone Maniac

There are two Stone Maniacs in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, where to find the Dusk Stone you may ask.

The one in Lavender Town gives a Sun and Moon Stone, so the one you’re looking for is the one in Goldenrod City again.

The stone maniac - pokemon infinite fusion

The time that you need to go there is around 5 PM to 7 PM on the in-game clock. If you miss the time, try again the next day.

This is another endless method of getting an unlimited amount of Dusk Stones. Just go back to the Stone Maniac the next night around 5 to 7 PM. to get more Dusk Stones.

4. Debug Mode

This one is probably the best method but you may think you’re using cheats. The upside is that you don’t need to use codes, be it a Master Code or regular cheat code.

Debug mode - pokemon infinite fusion

Here is a COMPLETE EXPLANATION of how the Debug Mode works. It is like using a cheat engine or a cheat code but it’s easy to do.

When you have the Debug Mode unlocked, you can just put the Dusk Stone item in your bag for free and in an unlimited amount. In fact, other items can also be added from Debug Mode. From evolution stones to Master Balls, and even Key Items.

Enabling the Debug Mode is more or less the challenge but the step-by-step process we have makes it easier for you to do it.

The Debug Mode makes your gaming experience much easier just so you know.

In Closing

Now you have an idea of Pokemon Infinite Fusion, where to find the Dusk Stone. Without using the Debug Mode, you can still get an unlimited amount of Dusk Stones using the Stone Maniac method.

If you do have money, then the Goldenrod Department Store is your best bet.

Even if there are only 4 Pokemon in the game (for now) that use the Dusk Stone, your fusing needs may require you to get more.

Don’t worry because you won’t run out when you already know where to find them.

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