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A lot of you have been asking for cheats for Pokemon Inclement Emerald. We know how excited you are about playing the game without grinding it too much with the help of cheats.

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We hear you, but for the time being, there are only a few working Pokemon Inclement Emerald cheats, and with the help of our fellow readers like you we can improve the listing together.

There are specific reasons why this is, and sometimes it has something to do with the creator of the ROM hack. It could also be a case where the ROM of Emerald is an older version.

Numerous ROMs for a game have been released over the years with numerous version updates. Don’t worry because we’ll dig deep as to why there are no working cheats for Pokemon Inclement Emerald at the moment.

Pokemon inclement emerald cheats

Why Are There So Few Working Pokemon Inclement Emerald Cheats?

Other ROM Hack Cheats

The Reason

The answer to that is simple, and this is a screenshot that comes directly from the Pokecommunity page for Inclement Emerald (click here to learn more about Inclement Emerald). This is a response at the FAQ section located at the bottom of the page, in case you are wondering.

Inclement emerald cheats

Basically, Inclement Emerald is a Decomp Hack. To give a clearer answer, this hack involved a lot of changes with the data; hence cheats aren’t working for it. Feel free to read more about Decomp hacks because there are a ton of explanations for them, and that’s too big of a topic for this page.

Another addition to the reason is that the hack prides itself on being a challenge and some players even compared it to Radical Red, but that game has cheats.

What’s next

Don’t fret because people are skillful, and there might be some working cheats in the future. The keyword there is might. That’s where you guys can come in because if you do have working cheats, feel free to share them in the comments so we can create a page out of it, and we’ll credit you for it.

Don’t Lose Hope

The ROM hack is only a couple of months old, and the creator is coming up with newer versions to fix the current bugs. We’ll just have to wait and see if there will be some cheats coming up for this ROM hack. It is a good game, but some people just find it too hard to play, maybe because it was intended that way.

Possible Working Pokemon Inclement Emerald Cheats

The following cheats still need verification, your feedback is appreciated.

Infinite Money (Shared by Joe)

82026E0C FFFF
82026E0E 000F

Information: This is a Codebreaker Code and should give you a little over 999,999 money. Tested on mGBA 0.9.2, Inclement Emerald 1.10.2.

Rare Candy (Shared by Joe)

82026E18 0040
82026E1A 03E7

Verified by: William

MasterBalls x999 (Shared by Midnight837)

82026E18 0001
82026E1A 03E7

Ability and other items (Shared by Midnight837)

Ability Capsule x999
82026E18 0044
82026E1A 03E7

Ability Patch x999
82026E18 0045
82026E1A 03E7

Old Gateau
82026E18 0001
82026E1A 03E7

Big Malasada
82026E18 0038
82026E1A 03E7

Poke Vial Uses & No Encounters (Shared by Nihilism)

Unlimited Poke Vial Uses
320284C2 0001

No Encounters (makes it so you always have 1 remaining repel step while active)
320283E2 0001

One-Hit Kills & More EXP (Shared by Nihilism)

One-Hit Kills (gets weird in double battles, suggest turning off before)
B2024F6A 0002
82024F6A 0001

More EXP
C2024F6A 0001
32024F6C 00EA

The ’00EA’ in EXP cheat can be changed to get more or less exp. Values above ’00EA’ appear to not give any experience fyi.

In Closing

We’ll just have to wait if there are people who will come up with working Pokemon Inclement Emerald cheats, and we tirelessly find these cheats not only for Inclement Emerald but with other Pokemon games.

There is also another issue for some players about Inclement Emerald that it is often freezing and crashing. Updates are expected to come soon, and hopefully, they will include a piece of good news for cheats.

Taichee is the ultimate writer for Pokémon gaming enthusiasts. With extensive experience, he expertly delves into popular Pokemon game series and ROM hacks for GBC, GBA, and NDS, meticulously testing cheats and sharing general gaming strategies on Pokemoncoders.
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Confirmed codes posted by Midnight and Joe work in version 1.13 of Inclement Emerald (latest as of this writing). Here are some new ones too I’ve made while playing. Unlimited Poke Vial Uses 320284C2 0001 “No Encounters” (makes it so you always have 1 remaining repel step while active) 320283E2 0001 The list of ID’s posted by Joe can be used in the XXXX space below to change Item Type in that slot. ‘Valid’ quantities for YYYY are between 0001-03E7 in hex (1 – 999). I would suggest using ‘900’ (384 in hex) instead of 999 so you don’t get… Read more »

Thanks for the valuable information, I’m sticking your comment.

One-Hit Kills (gets weird in double battles, suggest turning off before)
B2024F6A 0002
82024F6A 0001
More EXP
C2024F6A 0001
32024F6C 00EA

The ’00EA’ in EXP cheat can be changed to get more or less exp. Values above ’00EA’ appear to not give any experience fyi.

On hit kills doesn’t work

Guys its work in android gba

These work perfectly, thank you.

That’s great! Thank you for your feedback Squibb.

None of these work at all.

ya they do i tried all of them

can someone please post a legit list for this so it can be put up top? i dont think the general public understands how to use this even with the given instructions.

nvm im blind well at least if joes list down a bit works with this sorry

While the no encounters code does technically work, there is a big problem due to it being only 1 remaining repel step. After every step with the code active, a popup will appear for repel wearing off, prompting you to use another (or not if you don’t have any repels).

i figured out you can get exp = to the level after the code More EXP
C2024F6A 0001
32024F6C 0099= leveling up 99 times get me

Thanks for this Noke. Let’s hear feedback from fellow Inclement Emerald players with the code.

– Can anyone help us verify if this cheat for EXP works?

It didnt work for me but i think i was using it wrong

Where are the Id’s posted by Joe

Here is a list of every item ID in the game, parsed using the source files available from the game’s GitHub repository, updated for the most recent patch. Some of these items are unused, some are placeholders. Trying to make use of these placeholders may break your save if you haven’t backed up. This is from BLUE_ORB down according to comments from the mod author. Poké Balls: ==============  MASTER BALL: 0001  ULTRA BALL: 0002  GREAT BALL: 0003  POKE BALL: 0004  SAFARI BALL: 0005  NET BALL: 0006  DIVE BALL: 0007  NEST BALL: 0008  REPEAT BALL: 0009  TIMER BALL: 000a  LUXURY BALL:… Read more »

Wow! what a bunch of codes. Thanks for sharing Joe, hopefully, the code works for other players.

-Anyone can help us verify the cheats working?

Yup all working

yeah, they do actually work, I just tried them this morning to see if it’ll do anything
the code is actually 82026E18 XXXX
82026E1A 03E7, just replace the XXXX with the item number on the list, it also works without using any Mastercode, I haven’t tried the key items yet since I’m actually scared of breaking my game lmao

Last edited 1 year ago by MarBee

Hey there MarBee, thanks for your feedback, I very much appreciate your help.

How do you convert the decimal values into Hex

These are already in hex my man so use them as they are, but to answer your question I made a script to convert them all.

You can use Windows calculator to convert decimal to hex, and there are also a lot of websites for it, just search for “decimal hex converter” and you’ll get some good sites.

I still don’t understand what line of codes have to go before the 4 digits when you put them with code breaker? Can you explain it better please ?

Wow that’s really awesome

I really hope if u can make cheat code for wild pokemon modifier too

Working on that right now actually! Just having trouble isolating the memory address responsible for it.

If anyone has information on previous methods used to create wild pokémon modifiers (not the codes themselves, how the creators found the right address), it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if this is too much, but. Can you do a walk through walls one?

Wait how do i even use a marshadium z if i dont know how to get a marshadow in the post game

Wait how do i get N-lunarizer? Because i just recently got necrozma.

Joe can you find a shiny pokémon cheat

Is there any cheat for Walk Through Walls that anyone has that works please I need it

Hello Jay, thank you for visiting Pokemoncoders. Regrettably, the cheat did not function during our testing. However, we are dedicated to discovering the most effective and beneficial cheats for each Pokemon rom hack. We are currently doubling our efforts to locate cheats, so please stay tuned for further updates.

I downloaded it, how does it work?

can anyone make a code to get ash greninja in the wild or any other pokemon its just that bit easier to play pokemon lol

HEALING ITEMS code 839922 YYYY allows you to heal and use max revives also being able to buy all healing items by putting in a specific code 0001=potion 0002=super potion 0003= hyper potion 0004=Max potion 0005=Full Restore 0006= Revive 0007= Max Revive can you please add code poke coders

Is there any wild pokemon modifier cheat for this rom hack?


This is a list of PC Item codes I worked on for the last few days

Hi Chris, Thank you for your contribution, and I very much appreciate your hard work compiling these codes. Let’s hear feedback from other readers about this.

– Can anyone help us verify if these PC Item codes working? I appreciate your feedback.

Yep! Haven’t checked through ALL of them, and it kinda seems that the Lucky Egg wasn’t added🙃, but from the consumables, berries, balls and most of the Tms, they’ve been working perfectly fine!

Thanks Chris!

I use OpenEmu for all my rom hacks, and none of the codes seem to be working. Any suggestions other than just switching systems?

Try switching to RetroArch. Though it’s a good emulator, I don’t recommend OpenEmu for cheating.

The *999 masterball codebreaker cheat does work i had tested a minute ago and it works *999 master ball cheat confirmed and works!

A question. Is there a cheat to find Pokemons of an exact type? like I want to find fairy-type pokemon and I put the cheat and when I go through the grass I find a fairy-type Pokémon

I wish that there is a max stats cheat.

I found this Wall Through Walls cheat from another website and I want to know if someone knows how it works, because when I tried it, it did nothing.

Here is the code: 7881A409 E2026E0C
C56CFACA DC167904

This code unfortunately doesn’t work. This is actually a cheat for vanilla Pokemon Emerald Version and none of the cheats work for Inclement.

Do we have Move Modifier codes?

This Is One Hit Kill code, but i removed the bug…
B2024F6A 0001
82024F6A 0002
Note: The mon on right will faint, leaving only the mon of the left alive!
Caution!!!!! Use this code only in Battle, peharps…it will corrupt your save…
All Credits For Nihilism (the original creator of this code)

I needed this for getting through the Victory Road trainers. They’re too hard to beat, even without the EVs and IVs.

Is there a code for walkthrough walls

BOOOOYYS, and girls ig. The vanilla items are arranged in the order of item codes of fire red. Which means that Max Ether, which has ID of 0032 in Inclement Emerald, and 0023 in Fire red, is exactly 10 items away (or so I think tho there can only be 8 digits and they technically differ in the tens order or whatever. I’m not a coder.) from Full Restore. Therefore the full restore code is 0022 for Inclement Emerald. No need to thank me. Lord Jon probably already figured it out but didn’t say it. Anyways this is the Full… Read more »

Can I plz get the code for revive….?

How can i change pokemon in battles? The only option is after my pokemons are defeated?

Are u playing on the hardest mode?

Is there anyone have infinite pp code?

Anyone has the code of no random battle?

Just use a repel

Has anyone a working Shiny Code?
Would appreciate it alot!

Hi Rule69, we don’t have information for shiny code at the moment, but we do our best to find them as soon as possible.

Is there any code yet for encountering any wild Pokémon you want ?

Anyone have a code for catching other trainers pokemon ?

Yeah, if it ever comes around ill wreck havoc upon those gym leaders and elite fours lmao

Why would you need to catch their pokemon. The game is easy so you dont need to catch them

What is your name in discord? Joe?

can we get a walk-through walls cheat please? Sky pillar is a pain on emulator.

well all the cheats works for me, im using VBA

How do you cheat in vba

Fast Egg Hatch
32029534 00FE

Thanks xnosis, let’s hear feedback from fellow players with this cheat.

-Anyone can confirm the cheat working?

Yeah it works, but might not for the people playing on older versions

Can someone give me any wild pokemon modifier cheat on pokemon incliment emerald

Hi there!

it was a lie the rare candy does not work and pp codes big scam

Look in pc

Kind of wish of stat cheats, maybe separated instead of maxing all like unbound. or maybe we can manipulate iv and ev like pokemon black 2 cheats

Same, also wish there was a wild pokemon modifier, cuz i wanted a marshadow and arceus, and possibly necrozma, to fuse it with my lunala

Rare Candy Cheat
82026E18 0040
82026E1A 03E7
It does work, I tested it myself, credit to Joe, for figuring it out.

Thanks for the feedback and verifying the cheat William. I appreciated your help.

Why.when my pokemon starts at level 16 then i try to use rare candy again it doesn’t work?

They have implemented level caps. It makes it so that after a certain level, the Pokemon will gain only a single exp point after battles. Rare candies give you a whole level so they don’t count as a single exp point. So, when a rare candy is used on a Pokemon which has already hit the level cap, it will say something like ,” It does not have any effect”. So yeah, the cheat is fine but the rare candies are not.

Well it because you need to beat the first gym leader to surpass the level restrictions and if you play in normal mode you need to beat the first 4 gym leader before you can level up your pokemon without level restrictions. Didn’t the professor already told you that in the beginning though?

Anyone know how the code to get shiny Pokemon?

What do you even need a shony for

I mean shiny

Does anyone know a working shiny cheat? The usual emerald shiny cheat doesn’t work.

What are the cheats pokecoder

82026E18 0040
82026E1A 03E7

working rare candy cheat
82026E18 0001
82026E1A 03E7

working masterball cheat
82026E18 0043
82026E1A 03E7

work pp max cheat
82026E18 0044
82026E1A 03E7

working abilitycapsule cheat
82026E18 0045
82026E1A 03E7

working abilitypatch cheat

I think it will help all

Thanks for sharing Arjun. Hopefully this works.

-Anyone can verify if these cheats working?

They work, i tested it,

Yeah it worked.

Nice, thanks for the feedback.

Hello, yes. I can confirm this works. A YouTube video recently posted provided the code with various sub-codes. I was able to get 999 Shiny Charms in my PC item inbox.

Referenced video:

Thanks for that Mo. Let’s see what other players can say about this.

-To Inclement Emerald players, any feedback on this?

My feedback for this is uhh, its pretty awesome, the ability patches and ability capsules / pills really helped my garchomp alot with rough skin.

Yes All Cheats I Posted On My Channel Link Given By Mo , Credit To Joe who Posted All Cheats Here In Comments

How does anyone find/discover new gameshark codes for this game?

Yes All Cheats Are Working That I Posted In My Videos , I Just Found You Post My Video Link Here , Thanks

I want walk through walk

Walk through wall cheats pls

Hey i’using the versionb1.3 of iclement emerald, can someone please tell me the cheat code for the money of this version? I tried the code for the previous version and don’t work. I really appreciate if someone can help me.

Please give me the cheat code pokeclover898

Can you give me that cheat code it has wild Pokemon modifier tooo pokelover898

Sorry I don’t know that cheat yet I but still rare candy master ball life orb yet I know in my boy emu

Is their version 2.0 Pokemon inclement emerald

I have tried cheat in Pokemon inclement emerald cheats on my boy and it works

Does anyone have a wild pokemon encounter code? I lost nearly 18 times to roxanne.

advice: catch gothita and trade to the guy next door to the gym.
thing sweeps like no tomorrow


I had regret making that trade because I had plenty of Water and Grass types, but I couldn’t beat Brawly for so long.

All legendary for inclement emerald and location plz

Look note in release

TM modifer and pokemon modifer please i stuck to make code breaker

Walkthrough wall

Guys, do you have working codes on rowe?

Is there wild Pokemon modifier cheat code in Pokemon incliment emerald

Is there a way to get the shiny cheat code up and running?

Very unlikely at the moment.

Codebreaker Code for Infinite Money

Tested on mGBA 0.9.2, Inclement Emerald 1.10.2

82026E0C FFFF
82026E0E 000F

Should give you a little over 999,999 money.

Feedback appreciated.

It works even on the new version.

After pokemon goto level 16 rare candy not work

That’s the internal levelcap of the game. You need more gym badges.

Frend, any working codes on rowe. I really need help

What is your username in discord?

Hey Jay C, you can join Pokemoncoders Discord, you can find Joe there.

Alright guys I’ve done it. The change item code for inclement emerald.

The item will take the position of the first item in your PC.

Codebreaker code:

82026E18 XXXX
82026E1A 03E7

XXXX is any of the item IDs I’ve posted previously.

For example, 82026E18 0040 for Rare candies.

Feedback is appreciated.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joe

It’s works!!!


You crazy madman, you did it.
It works like a charm. Just check your Item Box in the PC and there 999 Rare Candies.

I tried it on two different emulators, and it didn’t work. Is it usable yet, or am I missing something?

I’ve tried it personally on mGBA, can you tell me your game version and emulator?

Try putting something in your PC and trying it again, might not work on an empty one.

I did try that, too, and it didn’t work. I’m using the latest version of mGBA, 0.9.2. The other emulator was OpenEMU, it didn’t activate there either.

Can you try this code?

82026E14 0040
82026E16 03E7

Just made it on mGBA 0.9.2 on Inclement Emerald 1.10.2

If it doesn’t work, can you open File > ROM Info and tell me the details it gives you?

It seems I was using an outdated version of Inclement Emerald. I wasn’t aware of the fact there was a new one. Thanks a ton, Joe!!

No problem!

mGBA 0.9.2
Inclement Emerald 1.13

it doesn’t work


Hello frend. Do you have working codes for ROWE?

What about 1.12.0

tried it and it gave me a bad egg after saving

Same howd u manage to fix it. its corrupting a lot of my pokemon

Yo how? How are find this?

I’m not good at coding so I have nothing to contribute, but wishing you guys luck on finding some codes!

Thanks for coming here kaiser. Actually you don’t need to know how to code. We already have a list of existing codes used as based and we test them on different rom hacks. If you’re willing to help us collect codes, I would like to invite you to join our Discord server.

Just realized that since Inclement Emerald is open source, we don’t need to search for item IDs, they are already documented.

Link per 1.9:

We merely need to convert the decimal values here to hex for them to work.

When we find a wild pokémon modifier hack, we will also be able to use the Pokémon list from this repository with it, along with natures, IVs and so on.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joe

Haven’t figured out how to turn this into a code, but item editing in the PC is possible with the mGBA memory tools, which is the emulator the mod author suggests using with this rom hack. This is also possible with Cheat Engine if you are more comfortable using it. Backup your save. This, by extension. unlocks other things such as, infinite money, nature changes in Slateport by giving yourself multiple Oran berries and IV/ability changes using bottle caps and ability pills/patches. Here’s how you do it. Go to your PC, items, withdraw item. At the start of the game… Read more »

Hi Joe, thanks for such detailed information you shared with us. I haven’t tried using a cheat engine before but I see that this method can work.

No problem, here’s some item IDs 0001 – Master Ball 0040 – Rare candies  0041 – PP Up 0042 – Zinc (great to sell for money) 0043 – PP Max 0044 – Ability Pill (swap between normal abilities). 0045 – Ability Patch – swaps an ability to a hidden ability. 0046 -> 0088 lots of berries 004C – Oran Berry (for nature changing) 005A – Pomeg Berry (great to spam for those happiness evolutions) 005B – 0088 Didn’t try these 0089 – sun stone 008a – moon stone 008b – fire stone 008c – thunder stone 0090 – dusk stone… Read more »

I found some healing items in the 0020 – 0039 area, though still can’t find Full Restore.

Also the other EV items (Protein et al) are all in the 003A -003F area.

Starting to look for some TMs, please post if you find any!

Also, you mention bottle caps in your original post – were you able to find the hexidecimal for those?

Yes, 00C4 is Bottlecaps, be careful though, 00C5 is the ID for gold bottle caps, but they will autodelete from your PC, could possibly cause corruption.

As per your TM question, I’m about to post every item ID in the game, enjoy.

Thanks, man. Great work on this.