Pokemon Inclement Emerald Cheats

A lot of you have been asking for cheats for Pokemon Inclement Emerald. We know how excited you are about playing the game without grinding it too much with the help of cheats.

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We hear you, but for the time being, there are only a few working Pokemon Inclement Emerald cheats, and with the help of our fellow readers like you we can improve the listing together.

There are specific reasons why this is, and sometimes it has something to do with the creator of the ROM hack. It could also be a case where the ROM of Emerald is an older version.

Numerous ROMs for a game have been released over the years with numerous version updates. Don’t worry because we’ll dig deep as to why there are no working cheats for Pokemon Inclement Emerald at the moment.

Pokemon inclement emerald cheats

Why Are There So Few Working Pokemon Inclement Emerald Cheats?

Other ROM Hack Cheats

The Reason

The answer to that is simple, and this is a screenshot that comes directly from the Pokecommunity page for Inclement Emerald (click here to learn more about Inclement Emerald). This is a response at the FAQ section located at the bottom of the page, in case you are wondering.

Inclement emerald cheats

Basically, Inclement Emerald is a Decomp Hack. To give a clearer answer, this hack involved a lot of changes with the data; hence cheats aren’t working for it. Feel free to read more about Decomp hacks because there are a ton of explanations for them, and that’s too big of a topic for this page.

Another addition to the reason is that the hack prides itself on being a challenge and some players even compared it to Radical Red, but that game has cheats.

What’s next

Don’t fret because people are skillful, and there might be some working cheats in the future. The keyword there is might. That’s where you guys can come in because if you do have working cheats, feel free to share them in the comments so we can create a page out of it, and we’ll credit you for it.

Don’t Lose Hope

The ROM hack is only a couple of months old, and the creator is coming up with newer versions to fix the current bugs. We’ll just have to wait and see if there will be some cheats coming up for this ROM hack.

It is a good game, but some people just find it too hard to play, maybe because it was intended that way.

Possible Working Pokemon Inclement Emerald Cheats

The following cheats still need verification, your feedback is appreciated.

82026E0C FFFF
82026E0E 000F

Information: This is a Codebreaker Code and should give you a little over 999,999 money. Tested on mGBA 0.9.2, Inclement Emerald 1.10.2.

82026E18 0040
82026E1A 03E7

Verified by: William

82026E18 0001
82026E1A 03E7

Ability Capsule x999
82026E18 0044
82026E1A 03E7

Ability Patch x999
82026E18 0045
82026E1A 03E7

Old Gateau
82026E18 0001
82026E1A 03E7

Big Malasada
82026E18 0038
82026E1A 03E7

Unlimited Poke Vial Uses
320284C2 0001

No Encounters (makes it so you always have 1 remaining repel step while active)
320283E2 0001

One-Hit Kills (gets weird in double battles, suggest turning off before)
B2024F6A 0002
82024F6A 0001

More EXP
C2024F6A 0001
32024F6C 00EA

The ’00EA’ in EXP cheat can be changed to get more or less exp. Values above ’00EA’ appear to not give any experience fyi.

Cheat Code:
82026E18 0YYY
82026E1A 03E7

How to use the cheat: Copy code above and replace YYY with the item id listed below. Go to your PC and withdraw the items. Make sure to turn off the cheat after using.

Poke Balls:

Master – 001
Ultra – 002
Great – 003
Poke – 004
Safari – 005
Net – 006
Dive – 007
Nest – 008
Repeat – 009
Timer – 00A
Luxury – 00B
Dusk – 00C
Heal – 00D
Quick – 00E
Cherish – 00F
Fast – 010
Level – 011
Lure – 012
Heavy – 013
Love – 014
Friend – 015
Moon – 016
Sport – 017
Park – 018
Dream – 019
Beast – 01A
Premier- 01B

Awakening – 020
Paralyz Heal – 021
Antidote – 01D
Burn Heal – 01E
Ice Heal – 01F
Potion – 01C
Full Restore – 022
Max Potion – 023
Hyper Potion – 024
Super Potion – 025
Full Heal – 026
Revive – 027
Max Revive – 028
Fresh Water – 029
Soda Pop – 02A
Lemonade – 02B
Moomoo Milk – 02C
Energy Powder – 02D
Energy Root – 02E
Heal Powder – 02F
Revival Herb – 030
Ether – 031
Max Ether – 032
Elixir – 033
Max Elixir – 034
Lava Cookie – 035
Berry Juice – 036
Sweet Heart – 037
Big Malasada – 038
Old Gateau – 039
Rare Candy – 040
PP Up – 041
HP Up – 03B
Protein – 03C
Iron – 03D
Carbos – 03E
Calcium – 03F
Zinc – 042
PP Max – 043
Ability Pill – 044
Ability Patch – 045
Sacred Ash – 03A

HP – 283
Attack – 284
Defense – 285
SP Att – 286
SP Def – 287
Swift – 288

Cheat Code:
82026E18 0YYY
82026E1A 03E7

How to use the cheat: Copy code above and replace YYY with the item id listed below. Go to your PC and withdraw the items. Make sure to turn off the cheat after using.

Cheri- 046
Chesto- 047
Pecha- 048
Rawst- 049
Aspear- 04A
Leppa- 04B
Oran- 04C
Persim- 04D
Lum- 04E
Sitrus- 04F
Figy- 050
Wiki- 051
Mago- 052
Aguav- 053
Iapapa- 054
Razz- 055
Bluk- 056
Nanab- 057
Wepear- 058
Pinap- 059
Pomeg- 05A
Kelpsy- 05B
Qualot- 05C
Hondew- 05D
Grepa- 05E
Tamato- 05F
Cornn- 060
Magost- 061
Rabuta- 062
Nomel- 063
Spelon- 064
Pamtre- 065
Watmel- 066
Durin- 067
Belue- 068
Occa- 069
Passho- 06A
Wacan- 06B
Rindo- 06C
Yache- 06D
Chople- 06E
Kebia- 06F
Shuca- 070
Coba- 071
Payapa- 072
Tanga- 073
Charti- 074
Kasib- 075
Haban- 076
Colbur- 077
Babiri- 078
Chilan- 079
Roseli- 07A
Liechi- 07B
Ganlon- 07C
Salac- 07D
Petaya- 07E
Apicot- 07F
Lansat- 080
Starf- 081
Micle- 082
Custap- 083
Jaboca- 084
Rowap- 085
Kee- 086
Maranga- 087
Enigma- 088

EVO/Form Items:
Sun- 089
Dusk- 090
Shiny- 091
Ice- 092
Moon- 08A
Fire- 08B
Thunder- 08C
Water- 08D
Leaf- 08E
Dawn- 08F
Red Nectar- 093
Yellow Nectar- 094
Pink Nectar- 095
Purple Nectar- 096
Sweet Apple- 097
Tart Apple- 098
Cracked Pot- 099
Galarica Twig- 09A
Galarica Wreath- 09B
Strawberry sweet- 09C
Love Sweet- 09D
Berry Sweet- 09E
Clover Sweet- 09F

Cheat Code:
82026E18 0YYY
82026E1A 03E7

How to use the cheat: Copy code above and replace YYY with the item id listed below. Go to your PC and withdraw the items. Make sure to turn off the cheat after using.

Hold Items:
Scope Lens- 100
Metal Coat- 101
Soft Sand- 102
Hard Stone- 103
Miracle Seed- 104
Black Glasses- 105
Black Belt- 106
Magnet- 107
Mystic Water- 108
Sharp Beak- 109
Silk Scarf- 110
Poison Barb- 10A
Nevermelt Ice- 10B
Spell Tag- 10C
Twisted Spoon- 10D
Charcoal- 10E
Dragon Fang- 10F
Leftovers- 111
Dragon Scale- 112
Razor Claw- 113
Razor Fang – 114
Shell Bell- 115
Power Bracer- 116
Power Belt- 117
Power Lens- 118
Power Band- 119
Power Anklet- 11A
Power Weight- 11B
Power Herb- 11C
Choice Scarf- 11D
Choice Specs- 11E
Focus Sash- 11F
Wide Lens- 120
Zoom lens- 121
Metronome- 122
Muscle Band- 123
Wise Glasses- 124
Expert Belt- 125
Light Clay- 126
Icy Rock- 127
Smooth rock- 128
Heat Rock- 129
Damp Rock- 12A
Destiny Knot- 12B
Grip Claw- 12C
Life Orb- 12D
Toxic Orb- 12E
Flame Orb- 12F
Sticky Barb- 130
Black Sludge- 131
Iron Ball- 132
Lagging Tail- 133
Shed Shell- 134
Big root- 135
Eviolite- 136
Float Stone- 137
Rocky Helmet- 138
Air Balloon- 139
Red Card- 13A
Ring Target- 13B
Binding Band- 13C
Eject Button- 13D
Absorb Bulb- 13E
Cell Battery- 13F
Luminous Moss- 140
Snowball- 141
Weakness Policy- 142
Assault Vest- 143
Safety Goggles- 144
Adrenaline Orb- 145
Terrain Extender- 146
Protective Pads- 147
Electric Seed- 148
Psychic Seed- 149
Misty Seed- 14A
Grassy Seed- 14B
Bug Gem- 14C
Dark Gem- 14D
Dragon Gem- 14E
Electric Gem- 14F
Fairy Gem- 150
Fighting Gem- 151
Fire Gem- 152
Flying Gem- 153
Ghost Gem- 154
Grass Gem- 155
Ground Gem- 156
Ice Gem- 157
Normal Gem- 158
Poison Gem- 159
Psychic Gem- 15A
Rock Gem- 15B
Steel Gem- 15C
Water Gem- 15D
Throat Spray- 15E
Eject Pack- 15F
Heavy Duty boots- 160
Blunder Policy- 161
Room Service- 162
Utility Umbrella- 163
Rusted Sword- 164
Rusted Shield- 165
Insect Plate- 166
Dread Plate- 167
Draco Plate- 168
Zap Plate- 169
Pixie Plate- 16A
Fist Plate- 16B
Flame Plate- 16C
Sky Plate- 16D
Spooky Plate- 16E
Meadow Plate- 16F
Earth Plate- 170
Icicle Plate- 171
Toxic Plate- 172
Mind Plate- 173
Stone Plate- 174
Iron Plate- 175
Splash Plate- 176
Soul Dew- 177
DeepSeaTooth- 178
DeepSeaScale- 179
Lucky Punch- 17A
Metal Powder- 17B
Thick Club- 17C
Leek- 17D
Light Ball- 17E
Quick Powder- 17F
Adamant Orb- 180
Lustrous Orb- 181
Griseous Orb- 182
Douse Drive- 183
Shock Drive- 184
Burn Drive- 185
Chill Drive- 186
Sea Incense- 187
Lax Incense- 188
Odd Incense- 189
Rock Incense- 18A
Full incense- 18B
Wave Incense- 18C
Rose Incense- 18D
Luck Incense- 18E
Pure Incense- 18F
Training Band- 190

Sylvally Memory:
Bug- 29D
Dark- 29E
Dragon- 29F
Electric- 2A0
Fairy- 2A1
Fighting- 2A2
Fire- 2A3
Flying- 2A4
Ghost- 2A5
Grass- 2A6
Ground- 2A7
Ice- 2A8
Poison- 2A9
Psychic- 2AA
Rock- 2AB
Steel- 2AC
Water- 2AD

Cheat Code:
82026E18 0YYY
82026E1A 03E7

How to use the cheat: Copy code above and replace YYY with the item id listed below. Go to your PC and withdraw the items. Make sure to turn off the cheat after using.

Z-ring- 2C2
Normal- 2C3
Fighting- 2C4
Flying- 2C5
Poison- 2C6
Ground- 2C7
Rock- 2C8
Bug- 2C9
Ghost- 2CA
Steel- 2CB
Fire- 2CC
Water- 2CD
Grass- 2CE
Electric- 2CF
Psychic- 2D0
Ice- 2D1
Dragon- 2D2
Dark- 2D3
Fairy- 2D4
A-Raichu- 2D5
Decicueye- 2D6
Eevee- 2D7
Incineroar- 2D8
Kommo-o- 2D9
Lunala- 2DA
Lycanroc- 2DB
Marshadow- 2DC
Mew- 2DD
Mimikyu- 2DE
Pikachu- 2DF
Pikachu2- 2E0
Primarina- 2E1
Snorlax- 2E2
Solgaleo- 2E3
Tapu-z- 2E4
Necrozma- 2E5

Cut- 1FE
Fly- 1FF
Surf- 200
Strength- 201
Flash- 202
Rock Smash- 203
Waterfall- 204
Dive- 205
TM1- 19A
TM2- 19B
TM3- 19C
TM4- 19D
TM5- 19E
TM6- 19F
TM7- 1A0
TM8- 1A1
TM9- 1A2
TM10- 1A3
TM11- 1A4
TM12- 1A5
TM13- 1A6
TM14- 1A7
TM15- 1A8
TM16- 1A9
TM17- 1AA
TM18- 1AB
TM19- 1AC
TM20- 1AD
TM21- 1AE
TM22- 1AF
TM23- 1B0
TM24- 1B1
TM25- 1B2
TM26- 1B3
TM27- 1B4
TM28- 1B5
TM29- 1B6
TM30- 1B7
TM31- 1B8
TM32- 1B9
TM33- 1BA
TM34- 1BB
TM35- 1BC
TM36- 1BD
TM37- 1BE
TM38- 1BF
TM39- 1C0
TM40- 1C1
TM41- 1C2
TM42- 1C3
TM43- 1C4
TM44- 1C5
TM45- 1C6
TM46- 1C7
TM47- 1C8
TM48- 1C9
TM49- 1CA
TM50- 1CB
TM51- 1CC
TM52- 1CD
TM53- 1CE
TM54- 1CF
TM55- 1D0
TM56- 1D1
TM57- 1D2
TM58- 1D3
TM59- 1D4
TM60- 1D5
TM61- 1D6
TM62- 1D7
TM63- 1D8
TM64- 1D9
TM65- 1DA
TM66- 1DB
TM67- 1DC
TM68- 1DD
TM69- 1DE
TM70- 1DF
TM71- 1E0
TM72- 1E1
TM73- 1E2
TM74- 1E3
TM75- 1E4
TM76- 1E5
TM77- 1E6
TM78- 1E7
TM79- 1E8
TM80- 1E9
TM81- 1EA
TM82- 1EB
TM83- 1EC
TM84- 1ED
TM85- 1EE
TM86- 1EF
TM87- 1F0
TM88- 1F1
TM89- 1F2
TM90- 1F3
TM91- 1F4
TM92- 1F5
TM93- 1F6
TM94- 1F7
TM95- 1F8
TM96- 1F9
TM97- 1FA
TM98- 1FB
TM99- 1FC
TM100- 1FD

Cheat Code:
82026E18 0YYY
82026E1A 03E7

How to use the cheat: Copy code above and replace YYY with the item id listed below. Go to your PC and withdraw the items. Make sure to turn off the cheat after using.

Odd Keystone- 206
Gracidea- 207
Mach Bike- 209
CoinCase- 20A
DOWSN Machine- 20B
Old Rod- 20C
Good Rod- 20D
Super Rod- 20E
SS Ticket- 20F
Contest Pass- 210
Wailmer Pail- 211
Devon Parts- 212
Soot Sack- 213
Basement Key- 214
Acro Bike- 215
PokeBlock Case- 216
Steven’s Letter- 217
EON Ticket- 218
EXP Charm- 219
Scanner- 21B
Go-Googles- 21C
Meteorite- 21D
Rm1 key ship- 21E
Rm2 key ship- 21F
Rm4 key ship- 220
Rm6 key ship- 221
Storage key ship- 222
Devon Scope- 223
Magma Stone- 224
Lunar Wing- 225
Shiny Charm- 226
Oval Charm- 227
Magma Emblem- 228
Old Sea Map- 229
Mystic Ticket- 22A
Aurora Ticket- 22B
Powder Jar- 22C
Poke Vial- 230
Catching Charm- 231
Rotom Catalog- 232
Reins of unity- 233
Iceroot carrot- 234
Shaderoot Carrot- 235
Wooden Crown- 236

Mega Stones:
Mega Bracelet- 208
Abomasnowite- 23D
Absolite- 23E
Aerodactylite- 23F
Aggronite- 240
Alakazite- 241
Altariaite- 242
Ampharosite- 243
Audinite- 244
Banetteite- 245
Beedrillite- 246
Blastoisinite- 247
Blazikenite- 248
Cameruptite- 249
CharizarditeX- 24A
CharizarditeY- 24B
Diancite- 24C
Galladite- 24D
Garchompite- 24E
Gardevoirite- 24F
Gengarite- 250
Glalilite- 251
Gyaradosite- 252
Heracronite- 253
Houndoomite- 254
Kangaskhanite- 255
Latiasite- 256
Latiosite- 257
Lopunnite- 258
Lucarionite- 259
Manectite- 25A
Mawilite- 25B
Medichamite- 25C
Metagrossite- 25D
MewtwoniteX- 25E
MewtwoniteY- 25F
Pidgeotite- 260
Pinsirite- 261
Sablenite- 262
Salamencite- 263
Sceptilite- 264
Scizorite- 265
Sharpedonite- 266
Slowbronite- 267
Steelixite- 268
Swampertite- 269
Tyranitarite- 26A
Venusaurite- 26B
Miloticite- 26C
RedOrb- 26D
BlueOrb- 26E
Flygonite- 26F
Butterfreenite- 270
Laprasite- 271
Machampite- 272
Kinglerite- 273
Kingdrannite- 274

999 Bottle Caps (For IVs)
82026E18 00C4
82026E1A 03E7

999 Oran berry
82026E18 004C
82026E1A 03E7

We want to say a big thank you to all fellow Pokemon Inclement Emerald players who shared these cheats and helped us check them.

Your help means a lot to the Pokemon community, and it’s great to see people working together to make gaming more fun. Thanks for your generosity and willingness to contribute to the community.

We hope to see more helpful contributions from you all in the future.

In Closing

The cheats for Pokemon Inclement Emerald are now pouring, thanks to the dedicated community that has assisted us collect the working codes for the game.

Let’s continue the mission of providing valuable cheats and tips to fellow gamers worldwide.

Updates are expected to come soon, and hopefully for more working cheats.

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176 thoughts on “Pokemon Inclement Emerald Cheats”

  1. HEALING ITEMS code 839922 YYYY allows you to heal and use max revives also being able to buy all healing items by putting in a specific code 0001=potion 0002=super potion 0003= hyper potion 0004=Max potion 0005=Full Restore 0006= Revive 0007= Max Revive can you please add code poke coders

    • Hi Chris, Thank you for your contribution, and I very much appreciate your hard work compiling these codes. Let’s hear feedback from other readers about this.

      – Can anyone help us verify if these PC Item codes working? I appreciate your feedback.

      • Yep! Haven’t checked through ALL of them, and it kinda seems that the Lucky Egg wasn’t added🙃, but from the consumables, berries, balls and most of the Tms, they’ve been working perfectly fine!

        Thanks Chris!

      • Hello Kiven, the information from the PDF has been added in the list above. Please check the codes shared by CWittyFromGCity.

  2. I use OpenEmu for all my rom hacks, and none of the codes seem to be working. Any suggestions other than just switching systems?

  3. The *999 masterball codebreaker cheat does work i had tested a minute ago and it works *999 master ball cheat confirmed and works!

  4. A question. Is there a cheat to find Pokemons of an exact type? like I want to find fairy-type pokemon and I put the cheat and when I go through the grass I find a fairy-type Pokémon

  5. I found this Wall Through Walls cheat from another website and I want to know if someone knows how it works, because when I tried it, it did nothing.

    Here is the code: 7881A409 E2026E0C
    C56CFACA DC167904

    • This code unfortunately doesn’t work. This is actually a cheat for vanilla Pokemon Emerald Version and none of the cheats work for Inclement.

  6. This Is One Hit Kill code, but i removed the bug…
    B2024F6A 0001
    82024F6A 0002
    Note: The mon on right will faint, leaving only the mon of the left alive!
    Caution!!!!! Use this code only in Battle, peharps…it will corrupt your save…
    All Credits For Nihilism (the original creator of this code)

    • I needed this for getting through the Victory Road trainers. They’re too hard to beat, even without the EVs and IVs.

  7. BOOOOYYS, and girls ig.

    The vanilla items are arranged in the order of item codes of fire red.

    Which means that Max Ether, which has ID of 0032 in Inclement Emerald, and 0023 in Fire red, is exactly 10 items away (or so I think tho there can only be 8 digits and they technically differ in the tens order or whatever. I’m not a coder.) from Full Restore.

    Therefore the full restore code is 0022 for Inclement Emerald.

    No need to thank me. Lord Jon probably already figured it out but didn’t say it.

    Anyways this is the Full Restore Code:

    82026E18 0022
    82026E1A 03E7

    And this is the PP Max Code:

    82026E18 0032
    82026E1A 03E7

    Works for me. I tried it in Myboy on my (Android) phone.

  8. Confirmed codes posted by Midnight and Joe work in version 1.13 of Inclement Emerald (latest as of this writing).

    Here are some new ones too I’ve made while playing.

    Unlimited Poke Vial Uses
    320284C2 0001

    No Encounters” (makes it so you always have 1 remaining repel step while active)
    320283E2 0001

    The list of ID’s posted by Joe can be used in the XXXX space below to change Item Type in that slot. ‘Valid’ quantities for YYYY are between 0001-03E7 in hex (1 – 999).

    I would suggest using ‘900’ (384 in hex) instead of 999 so you don’t get the same item in multiple slots if you happen to pick up some of that item normally later on in game.

    82026E14 XXXX – PC First Slot Item Type
    82026E16 YYYY – PC First Slot Item Quantity
    82026E18 XXXX – PC Second Slot Item Type
    82026E1A YYYY – PC Second Slot Item Quantity

  9. Kind of wish of stat cheats, maybe separated instead of maxing all like unbound. or maybe we can manipulate iv and ev like pokemon black 2 cheats

    • Same, also wish there was a wild pokemon modifier, cuz i wanted a marshadow and arceus, and possibly necrozma, to fuse it with my lunala

      • They have implemented level caps. It makes it so that after a certain level, the Pokemon will gain only a single exp point after battles. Rare candies give you a whole level so they don’t count as a single exp point. So, when a rare candy is used on a Pokemon which has already hit the level cap, it will say something like ,” It does not have any effect”. So yeah, the cheat is fine but the rare candies are not.

      • Well it because you need to beat the first gym leader to surpass the level restrictions and if you play in normal mode you need to beat the first 4 gym leader before you can level up your pokemon without level restrictions. Didn’t the professor already told you that in the beginning though?

  10. 82026E18 0040
    82026E1A 03E7

    working rare candy cheat
    82026E18 0001
    82026E1A 03E7

    working masterball cheat
    82026E18 0043
    82026E1A 03E7

    work pp max cheat
    82026E18 0044
    82026E1A 03E7

    working abilitycapsule cheat
    82026E18 0045
    82026E1A 03E7

    working abilitypatch cheat

    I think it will help all

  11. Codebreaker Code for Infinite Money

    Tested on mGBA 0.9.2, Inclement Emerald 1.10.2

    82026E0C FFFF
    82026E0E 000F

    Should give you a little over 999,999 money.

    Feedback appreciated.

  12. Alright guys I’ve done it. The change item code for inclement emerald.

    The item will take the position of the first item in your PC.

    Codebreaker code:

    82026E18 XXXX
    82026E1A 03E7

    XXXX is any of the item IDs I’ve posted previously.

    For example, 82026E18 0040 for Rare candies.

    Feedback is appreciated.

    • Thanks for coming here kaiser. Actually you don’t need to know how to code. We already have a list of existing codes used as based and we test them on different rom hacks. If you’re willing to help us collect codes, I would like to invite you to join our Discord server.

  13. Here is a list of every item ID in the game, parsed using the source files available from the game’s GitHub repository, updated for the most recent patch.

    Some of these items are unused, some are placeholders. Trying to make use of these placeholders may break your save if you haven’t backed up. This is from BLUE_ORB down according to comments from the mod author.

    Poké Balls:

     MASTER BALL: 0001
     ULTRA BALL: 0002
     GREAT BALL: 0003
     POKE BALL: 0004
     SAFARI BALL: 0005
     NET BALL: 0006
     DIVE BALL: 0007
     NEST BALL: 0008
     REPEAT BALL: 0009
     TIMER BALL: 000a
     LUXURY BALL: 000b
     DUSK BALL: 000c
     HEAL BALL: 000d
     QUICK BALL: 000e
     CHERISH BALL: 000f
     FAST BALL: 0010
     LEVEL BALL: 0011
     LURE BALL: 0012
     HEAVY BALL: 0013
     LOVE BALL: 0014
     FRIEND BALL: 0015
     MOON BALL: 0016
     SPORT BALL: 0017
     PARK BALL: 0018
     DREAM BALL: 0019
     BEAST BALL: 001a
     PREMIER BALL: 001b

    Medicine Items:

     POTION: 001c
     ANTIDOTE: 001d
     BURN HEAL: 001e
     ICE HEAL: 001f
     AWAKENING: 0020
     PARALYZE HEAL: 0021
     FULL RESTORE: 0022
     MAX POTION: 0023
     HYPER POTION: 0024
     SUPER POTION: 0025
     FULL HEAL: 0026
     REVIVE: 0027
     MAX REVIVE: 0028
     FRESH WATER: 0029
     SODA POP: 002a
     LEMONADE: 002b
     MOOMOO MILK: 002c
     ENERGY POWDER: 002d
     ENERGY ROOT: 002e
     HEAL POWDER: 002f
     REVIVAL HERB: 0030
     ETHER: 0031
     MAX ETHER: 0032
     ELIXIR: 0033
     MAX ELIXIR: 0034
     LAVA COOKIE: 0035
     BERRY JUICE: 0036
     SWEET HEART: 0037
     BIG MALASADA: 0038
     OLD GATEAU: 0039
     SACRED ASH: 003a
     HP UP: 003b
     PROTEIN: 003c
     IRON: 003d
     CARBOS: 003e
     CALCIUM: 003f
     RARE CANDY: 0040
     PP UP: 0041
     ZINC: 0042
     PP MAX: 0043
     ABILITY PATCH: 0045

     CHERI BERRY: 0046
     CHESTO BERRY: 0047
     PECHA BERRY: 0048
     RAWST BERRY: 0049
     ASPEAR BERRY: 004a
     LEPPA BERRY: 004b
     ORAN BERRY: 004c
     PERSIM BERRY: 004d
     LUM BERRY: 004e
     SITRUS BERRY: 004f
     FIGY BERRY: 0050
     WIKI BERRY: 0051
     MAGO BERRY: 0052
     AGUAV BERRY: 0053
     IAPAPA BERRY: 0054
     RAZZ BERRY: 0055
     BLUK BERRY: 0056
     NANAB BERRY: 0057
     WEPEAR BERRY: 0058
     PINAP BERRY: 0059
     POMEG BERRY: 005a
     KELPSY BERRY: 005b
     QUALOT BERRY: 005c
     HONDEW BERRY: 005d
     GREPA BERRY: 005e
     TAMATO BERRY: 005f
     CORNN BERRY: 0060
     MAGOST BERRY: 0061
     RABUTA BERRY: 0062
     NOMEL BERRY: 0063
     SPELON BERRY: 0064
     PAMTRE BERRY: 0065
     WATMEL BERRY: 0066
     DURIN BERRY: 0067
     BELUE BERRY: 0068
     OCCA BERRY: 0069
     PASSHO BERRY: 006a
     WACAN BERRY: 006b
     RINDO BERRY: 006c
     YACHE BERRY: 006d
     CHOPLE BERRY: 006e
     KEBIA BERRY: 006f
     SHUCA BERRY: 0070
     COBA BERRY: 0071
     PAYAPA BERRY: 0072
     TANGA BERRY: 0073
     CHARTI BERRY: 0074
     KASIB BERRY: 0075
     HABAN BERRY: 0076
     COLBUR BERRY: 0077
     BABIRI BERRY: 0078
     CHILAN BERRY: 0079
     ROSELI BERRY: 007a
     LIECHI BERRY: 007b
     GANLON BERRY: 007c
     SALAC BERRY: 007d
     PETAYA BERRY: 007e
     APICOT BERRY: 007f
     LANSAT BERRY: 0080
     STARF BERRY: 0081
     MICLE BERRY: 0082
     CUSTAP BERRY: 0083
     JABOCA BERRY: 0084
     ROWAP BERRY: 0085
     KEE BERRY: 0086
     MARANGA BERRY: 0087
     ENIGMA BERRY: 0088

     SUN STONE: 0089
     MOON STONE: 008a
     FIRE STONE: 008b
     THUNDER STONE: 008c
     WATER STONE: 008d
     LEAF STONE: 008e
     DAWN STONE: 008f
     DUSK STONE: 0090
     SHINY STONE: 0091
     ICE STONE: 0092
     RED NECTAR: 0093
     YELLOW NECTAR: 0094
     PINK NECTAR: 0095
     PURPLE NECTAR: 0096
     SWEET APPLE: 0097
     TART APPLE: 0098
     CRACKED POT: 0099
     GALARICA CUFF: 009a
     LOVE SWEET: 009d
     BERRY SWEET: 009e
     CLOVER SWEET: 009f
     FLOWER SWEET: 00a0
     STAR SWEET: 00a1
     RIBBON SWEET: 00a2
     BLUE FLUTE: 00a3
     YELLOW FLUTE: 00a4
     RED FLUTE: 00a5

    Misc Items:
     BLACK FLUTE: 00a6
     WHITE FLUTE: 00a7
     SHOAL SALT: 00a8
     SHOAL SHELL: 00a9
     RED SHARD: 00aa
     BLUE SHARD: 00ab
     YELLOW SHARD: 00ac
     GREEN SHARD: 00ad
     ESCAPE ROPE: 00ae
     REPEL: 00af
     SUPER REPEL: 00b0
     MAX REPEL: 00b1
     TINY MUSHROOM: 00b2
     BIG MUSHROOM: 00b3
     BALM MUSHROOM: 00b4
     PEARL: 00b5
     BIG PEARL: 00b6
     PEARL STRING: 00b7
     STARDUST: 00b8
     STAR PIECE: 00b9
     COMET SHARD: 00ba
     NUGGET: 00bb
     BIG NUGGET: 00bc
     RELIC COPPER: 00bd
     RELIC SILVER: 00be
     RELIC GOLD: 00bf
     RELIC VASE: 00c0
     RELIC STATUE: 00c1
     RELIC BAND: 00c2
     HEART SCALE: 00c3
     BOTTLE CAP: 00c4
     GOLD BOTTLE CAP: 00c5
     HONEY: 00c6
     RARE BONE: 00c7
     OVAL STONE: 00c8
     PROTECTOR: 00c9
     ELECTIRIZER: 00ca
     MAGMARIZER: 00cb
     DUBIOUS DISC: 00cc
     REAPER CLOTH: 00cd
     PRISM SCALE: 00ce
     WHIPPED DREAM: 00cf
     SACHET: 00d0
     UPGRADE: 00d1
     RED SCARF: 00d2
     BLUE SCARF: 00d3
     PINK SCARF: 00d4
     GREEN SCARF: 00d5
     YELLOW SCARF: 00d6
     ARMOR FOSSIL: 00d7
     SKULL FOSSIL: 00d8
     HELIX FOSSIL: 00d9
     DOME FOSSIL: 00da
     COVER FOSSIL: 00db
     PLUME FOSSIL: 00dc
     JAW FOSSIL: 00dd
     SAIL FOSSIL: 00de
     ROOT FOSSIL: 00df
     CLAW FOSSIL: 00e0
     OLD AMBER: 00e5

    Battle Items:
     GUARD SPEC: 00e6
     DIRE HIT: 00e7
     X ATTACK: 00e8
     X DEFENSE: 00e9
     X SPEED: 00ea
     X ACCURACY: 00eb
     X SP ATK: 00ec
     X SP DEF: 00ed
     POKE DOLL: 00ee
     FLUFFY TAIL: 00ef
     BRIGHT POWDER: 00f0
     WHITE HERB: 00f1
     MACHO BRACE: 00f2
     EXP SHARE: 00f3
     QUICK CLAW: 00f4
     SOOTHE BELL: 00f5
     MENTAL HERB: 00f6
     CHOICE BAND: 00f7
     KINGS ROCK: 00f8
     SILVER POWDER: 00f9
     AMULET COIN: 00fa
     CLEANSE TAG: 00fb
     SMOKE BALL: 00fc
     EVERSTONE: 00fd
     FOCUS BAND: 00fe
     LUCKY EGG: 00ff
     SCOPE LENS: 0100
     METAL COAT: 0101
     SOFT SAND: 0102
     HARD STONE: 0103
     MIRACLE SEED: 0104
     BLACK GLASSES: 0105
     BLACK BELT: 0106
     MAGNET: 0107
     MYSTIC WATER: 0108
     SHARP BEAK: 0109
     POISON BARB: 010a
     NEVER MELT ICE: 010b
     SPELL TAG: 010c
     TWISTED SPOON: 010d
     CHARCOAL: 010e
     DRAGON FANG: 010f
     SILK SCARF: 0110
     LEFTOVERS: 0111
     DRAGON SCALE: 0112
     RAZOR CLAW: 0113
     RAZOR FANG: 0114
     SHELL BELL: 0115
     POWER BRACER: 0116
     POWER BELT: 0117
     POWER LENS: 0118
     POWER BAND: 0119
     POWER ANKLET: 011a
     POWER WEIGHT: 011b
     POWER HERB: 011c
     CHOICE SCARF: 011d
     CHOICE SPECS: 011e
     FOCUS SASH: 011f
     WIDE LENS: 0120
     ZOOM LENS: 0121
     METRONOME: 0122
     MUSCLE BAND: 0123
     WISE GLASSES: 0124
     EXPERT BELT: 0125
     LIGHT CLAY: 0126
     ICY ROCK: 0127
     SMOOTH ROCK: 0128
     HEAT ROCK: 0129
     DAMP ROCK: 012a
     DESTINY KNOT: 012b
     GRIP CLAW: 012c
     LIFE ORB: 012d
     TOXIC ORB: 012e
     FLAME ORB: 012f
     STICKY BARB: 0130
     BLACK SLUDGE: 0131
     IRON BALL: 0132
     LAGGING TAIL: 0133
     SHED SHELL: 0134
     BIG ROOT: 0135
     EVIOLITE: 0136
     FLOAT STONE: 0137
     ROCKY HELMET: 0138
     AIR BALLOON: 0139
     RED CARD: 013a
     RING TARGET: 013b
     BINDING BAND: 013c
     EJECT BUTTON: 013d
     ABSORB BULB: 013e
     CELL BATTERY: 013f
     LUMINOUS MOSS: 0140
     SNOWBALL: 0141
     ASSAULT VEST: 0143
     ELECTRIC SEED: 0148
     PSYCHIC SEED: 0149
     MISTY SEED: 014a
     GRASSY SEED: 014b
     BUG GEM: 014c
     DARK GEM: 014d
     DRAGON GEM: 014e
     ELECTRIC GEM: 014f
     FAIRY GEM: 0150
     FIGHTING GEM: 0151
     FIRE GEM: 0152
     FLYING GEM: 0153
     GHOST GEM: 0154
     GRASS GEM: 0155
     GROUND GEM: 0156
     ICE GEM: 0157
     NORMAL GEM: 0158
     POISON GEM: 0159
     PSYCHIC GEM: 015a
     ROCK GEM: 015b
     STEEL GEM: 015c
     WATER GEM: 015d
     THROAT SPRAY: 015e
     EJECT PACK: 015f
     ROOM SERVICE: 0162
     RUSTED SWORD: 0164
     RUSTED SHIELD: 0165
     INSECT PLATE: 0166
     DREAD PLATE: 0167
     DRACO PLATE: 0168
     ZAP PLATE: 0169
     PIXIE PLATE: 016a
     FIST PLATE: 016b
     FLAME PLATE: 016c
     SKY PLATE: 016d
     SPOOKY PLATE: 016e
     MEADOW PLATE: 016f
     EARTH PLATE: 0170
     ICICLE PLATE: 0171
     TOXIC PLATE: 0172
     MIND PLATE: 0173
     STONE PLATE: 0174
     IRON PLATE: 0175
     SPLASH PLATE: 0176
     SOUL DEW: 0177
     DEEP SEA TOOTH: 0178
     DEEP SEA SCALE: 0179
     LUCKY PUNCH: 017a
     METAL POWDER: 017b
     THICK CLUB: 017c
     LEEK: 017d
     LIGHT BALL: 017e
     QUICK POWDER: 017f
     ADAMANT ORB: 0180
     LUSTROUS ORB: 0181
     GRISEOUS ORB: 0182
     DOUSE DRIVE: 0183
     SHOCK DRIVE: 0184
     BURN DRIVE: 0185
     CHILL DRIVE: 0186
     SEA INCENSE: 0187
     LAX INCENSE: 0188
     ODD INCENSE: 0189
     ROCK INCENSE: 018a
     FULL INCENSE: 018b
     WAVE INCENSE: 018c
     ROSE INCENSE: 018d
     LUCK INCENSE: 018e
     PURE INCENSE: 018f
     TRAINING BAND: 0190
     BATTLE TEMP 2: 0191
     BATTLE TEMP 3: 0192
     BATTLE TEMP 4: 0193
     BATTLE TEMP 5: 0194
     BATTLE TEMP 6: 0195
     BATTLE TEMP 7: 0196
     BATTLE TEMP 8: 0197
     BATTLE TEMP 9: 0198
     BATTLE TEMP 10: 0199

     TM01 FOCUS PUNCH: 019a
     TM02 DRAGON CLAW: 019b
     TM03 WATER PULSE: 019c
     TM04 CALM MIND: 019d
     TM05 ROAR: 019e
     TM06 TOXIC: 019f
     TM07 HAIL: 01a0
     TM08 BULK UP: 01a1
     TM09 BULLET SEED: 01a2
     TM10 HIDDEN POWER: 01a3
     TM11 SUNNY DAY: 01a4
     TM12 TAUNT: 01a5
     TM13 ICE BEAM: 01a6
     TM14 BLIZZARD: 01a7
     TM15 HYPER BEAM: 01a8
     TM16 LIGHT SCREEN: 01a9
     TM17 PROTECT: 01aa
     TM18 RAIN DANCE: 01ab
     TM19 GIGA DRAIN: 01ac
     TM20 SAFEGUARD: 01ad
     TM21 FRUSTRATION: 01ae
     TM22 SOLARBEAM: 01af
     TM23 IRON TAIL: 01b0
     TM24 THUNDERBOLT: 01b1
     TM25 THUNDER: 01b2
     TM26 EARTHQUAKE: 01b3
     TM27 RETURN: 01b4
     TM28 DIG: 01b5
     TM29 PSYCHIC: 01b6
     TM30 SHADOW BALL: 01b7
     TM31 BRICK BREAK: 01b8
     TM32 DOUBLE TEAM: 01b9
     TM33 REFLECT: 01ba
     TM34 SLUDGE WAVE: 01bb
     TM35 FLAMETHROWER: 01bc
     TM36 SLUDGE BOMB: 01bd
     TM37 SANDSTORM: 01be
     TM38 FIRE BLAST: 01bf
     TM39 ROCK TOMB: 01c0
     TM40 AERIAL ACE: 01c1
     TM41 TORMENT: 01c2
     TM42 FACADE: 01c3
     TM43 SECRET POWER: 01c4
     TM44 REST: 01c5
     TM45 ATTRACT: 01c6
     TM46 THIEF: 01c7
     TM47 STEEL WING: 01c8
     TM48 SKILL SWAP: 01c9
     TM49 SLEEP TALK: 01ca
     TM50 OVERHEAT: 01cb
     TM51 ROOST: 01cc
     TM52 FOCUS BLAST: 01cd
     TM53 ENERGY BALL: 01ce
     TM54 PSYSHOCK: 01cf
     TM55 SCALD: 01d0
     TM56 LEECH LIFE: 01d1
     TM57 CHARGE BEAM: 01d2
     TM58 ENDURE: 01d3
     TM59 DRAGON PULSE: 01d4
     TM60 DRAIN PUNCH: 01d5
     TM61 WILL O WISP: 01d6
     TM62 ACROBATICS: 01d7
     TM63 ROCK SLIDE: 01d8
     TM64 EXPLOSION: 01d9
     TM65 SHADOW CLAW: 01da
     TM66 PAYBACK: 01db
     TM67 RECYCLE: 01dc
     TM68 GIGA IMPACT: 01dd
     TM69 ROCK POLISH: 01de
     TM70 AURORA VEIL: 01df
     TM71 STONE EDGE: 01e0
     TM72 VOLT SWITCH: 01e1
     TM73 THUNDER WAVE: 01e2
     TM74 GYRO BALL: 01e3
     TM75 SWORDS DANCE: 01e4
     TM76 STEALTH ROCK: 01e5
     TM77 STRUGGLE BUG: 01e6
     TM78 BULLDOZE: 01e7
     TM79 FREEZE DRY: 01e8
     TM80 VENOSHOCK: 01e9
     TM81 X SCISSOR: 01ea
     TM82 DRAGON TAIL: 01eb
     TM83 FLAME CHARGE: 01ec
     TM84 POISON JAB: 01ed
     TM85 DREAM EATER: 01ee
     TM86 GRASS KNOT: 01ef
     TM87 SMACK DOWN: 01f0
     TM88 LOW SWEEP: 01f1
     TM89 U TURN: 01f2
     TM90 SUBSTITUTE: 01f3
     TM91 FLASH CANNON: 01f4
     TM92 TRICK ROOM: 01f5
     TM93 WILD CHARGE: 01f6
     TM94 SUCKER PUNCH: 01f7
     TM95 SNARL: 01f8
     TM96 AVALANCHE: 01f9
     TM97 DARK PULSE: 01fa
     TM98 FALSE SWIPE: 01fb
     TM99 DAZZLING GLEAM: 01fc
     TM100 CURSE: 01fd
     HM01 CUT: 01fe
     HM02 FLY: 01ff
     HM03 SURF: 0200
     HM04 STRENGTH: 0201
     HM05 FLASH: 0202
     HM06 ROCK SMASH: 0203
     HM07 WATERFALL: 0204
     HM08 DIVE: 0205

    Key Items: (Careful with these, untested)
     ODD KEYSTONE: 0206
     GRACIDEA: 0207
     MEGA BRACELET: 0208
     MACH BIKE: 0209
     COIN CASE: 020a
     ITEMFINDER: 020b
     OLD ROD: 020c
     GOOD ROD: 020d
     SUPER ROD: 020e
     SS TICKET: 020f
     CONTEST PASS: 0210
     WAILMER PAIL: 0211
     DEVON GOODS: 0212
     SOOT SACK: 0213
     BASEMENT KEY: 0214
     ACRO BIKE: 0215
     LETTER: 0217
     EON TICKET: 0218
     EXP CHARM: 0219
     PRISON BOTTLE: 021a
     SCANNER: 021b
     GO GOGGLES: 021c
     METEORITE: 021d
     ROOM 1 KEY: 021e
     ROOM 2 KEY: 021f
     ROOM 4 KEY: 0220
     ROOM 6 KEY: 0221
     STORAGE KEY: 0222
     DEVON SCOPE: 0223
     MAGMA STONE: 0224
     LUNAR WING: 0225
     SHINY CHARM: 0226
     OVAL CHARM: 0227
     MAGMA EMBLEM: 0228
     OLD SEA MAP: 0229
     MYSTIC TICKET: 022a
     AURORA TICKET: 022b
     POWDER JAR: 022c
     REVEAL GLASS: 022d
     DNA SPLICERS: 022e
     ASTRALIZER: 022f
     POKE VIAL: 0230
     REIGNS OF UNITY: 0233
     WOODEN CROWN: 0236
     RKS SYSTEM: 0237
     KEY TEMP 2: 0238
     KEY TEMP 3: 0239
     KEY TEMP 4: 023a
     KEY TEMP 5: 023b
     KEY TEMP 6: 023c

    Mega Evolution Stones:
     ABOMASITE: 023d
     ABSOLITE: 023e
     AGGRONITE: 0240
     ALAKAZITE: 0241
     ALTARIANITE: 0242
     AMPHAROSITE: 0243
     AUDINITE: 0244
     BANETTITE: 0245
     BEEDRILLITE: 0246
     BLAZIKENITE: 0248
     CAMERUPTITE: 0249
     DIANCITE: 024c
     GALLADITE: 024d
     GARCHOMPITE: 024e
     GENGARITE: 0250
     GLALITITE: 0251
     GYARADOSITE: 0252
     HERACRONITE: 0253
     LATIASITE: 0256
     LATIOSITE: 0257
     LOPUNNITE: 0258
     LUCARIONITE: 0259
     MANECTITE: 025a
     MAWILITE: 025b
     MEDICHAMITE: 025c
     MEWTWONITE X: 025e
     MEWTWONITE Y: 025f
     PIDGEOTITE: 0260
     PINSIRITE: 0261
     SABLENITE: 0262
     SALAMENCITE: 0263
     SCEPTILITE: 0264
     SCIZORITE: 0265
     SLOWBRONITE: 0267
     STEELIXITE: 0268
     SWAMPERTITE: 0269
     VENUSAURITE: 026b
     MILOTICITE: 026c
     RED ORB: 026d
     BLUE ORB: 026e

     FLYGONITE: 026f
     LAPRASITE: 0271
     MACHAMPITE: 0272
     KINGLERITE: 0273
     KINGDRANITE: 0274
     MEGA STONE TEMP 7: 0275
     MEGA STONE TEMP 8: 0276
     MEGA STONE TEMP 9: 0277
     MEGA STONE TEMP 10: 0278
     MEGA STONE TEMP 11: 0279
     MEGA STONE TEMP 12: 027a
     MEGA STONE TEMP 13: 027b
     MEGA STONE TEMP 14: 027c
     MEGA STONE TEMP 15: 027d
     MEGA STONE TEMP 16: 027e
     MEGA STONE TEMP 17: 027f
     MEGA STONE TEMP 18: 0280
     MEGA STONE TEMP 19: 0281
     MEGA STONE TEMP 20: 0282

    Apparently unused in game but might work if you spawn it in:
     SWIFT FEATHER: 0288
     RED APRICORN: 028a
     BLUE APRICORN: 028b
     PINK APRICORN: 028e
     ORANGE MAIL: 0291
     HARBOR MAIL: 0292
     GLITTER MAIL: 0293
     MECH MAIL: 0294
     WOOD MAIL: 0295
     WAVE MAIL: 0296
     BEAD MAIL: 0297
     SHADOW MAIL: 0298
     TROPIC MAIL: 0299
     DREAM MAIL: 029a
     FAB MAIL: 029b
     RETRO MAIL: 029c
     BUG MEMORY: 029d
     DARK MEMORY: 029e
     DRAGON MEMORY: 029f
     FAIRY MEMORY: 02a1
     FIRE MEMORY: 02a3
     FLYING MEMORY: 02a4
     GHOST MEMORY: 02a5
     GRASS MEMORY: 02a6
     GROUND MEMORY: 02a7
     ICE MEMORY: 02a8
     POISON MEMORY: 02a9
     ROCK MEMORY: 02ab
     STEEL MEMORY: 02ac
     WATER MEMORY: 02ad
     OAKS PARCEL: 02ae
     POKE FLUTE: 02af
     SECRET KEY: 02b0
     BIKE VOUCHER: 02b1
     GOLD TEETH: 02b2
     CARD KEY: 02b3
     LIFT KEY: 02b4
     SILPH SCOPE: 02b5
     BICYCLE: 02b6
     TOWN MAP: 02b7
     VS SEEKER: 02b8
     FAME CHECKER: 02b9
     TM CASE: 02ba
     BERRY POUCH: 02bb
     TEACHY TV: 02bc
     TRI PASS: 02bd
     RAINBOW PASS: 02be
     TEA: 02bf
     RUBY: 02c0
     SAPPHIRE: 02c1

    Z- Crystals
     Z RING: 02c2
     NORMALIUM Z: 02c3
     FIGHTINIUM Z: 02c4
     FLYINIUM Z: 02c5
     POISONIUM Z: 02c6
     GROUNDIUM Z: 02c7
     ROCKIUM Z: 02c8
     BUGINIUM Z: 02c9
     GHOSTIUM Z: 02ca
     STEELIUM Z: 02cb
     FIRIUM Z: 02cc
     WATERIUM Z: 02cd
     GRASSIUM Z: 02ce
     ELECTRIUM Z: 02cf
     PSYCHIUM Z: 02d0
     ICIUM Z: 02d1
     DRAGONIUM Z: 02d2
     DARKINIUM Z: 02d3
     FAIRIUM Z: 02d4
     ALORAICHIUM Z: 02d5
     DECIDIUM Z: 02d6
     EEVIUM Z: 02d7
     INCINIUM Z: 02d8
     KOMMONIUM Z: 02d9
     LUNALIUM Z: 02da
     LYCANIUM Z: 02db
     MARSHADIUM Z: 02dc
     MEWNIUM Z: 02dd
     MIMIKIUM Z: 02de
     PIKANIUM Z: 02df
     PIKASHUNIUM Z: 02e0
     PRIMARIUM Z: 02e1
     SNORLIUM Z: 02e2
     SOLGANIUM Z: 02e3
     TAPUNIUM Z: 02e4

  14. Haven’t figured out how to turn this into a code, but item editing in the PC is possible with the mGBA memory tools, which is the emulator the mod author suggests using with this rom hack. This is also possible with Cheat Engine if you are more comfortable using it.

    Backup your save.

    This, by extension. unlocks other things such as, infinite money, nature changes in Slateport by giving yourself multiple Oran berries and IV/ability changes using bottle caps and ability pills/patches.

    Here’s how you do it.
    Go to your PC, items, withdraw item. At the start of the game you’ll see 10 potions. If you have taken these, simply put some back in.

    Now, in mGBA, go to Tools > Search Memory.
    Change your type to numeric.
    Width to 2 Bytes(16-bit)
    Number type to Decimal
    Search type Equal to value

    Enter the value of potions in your PC and click New Search.
    You will see a list of values in the right hand side box.

    Withdraw one potion from your PC.
    Enter this new number into value and click Search Within.

    After this I had one value left in the right hand side box, you may have more. If you have more than one, repeat the previous step.

    Click on the value and click the button Open in Memory Viewer. You will see a bunch of scary hex values, don’t worry too much about it, worst case scenario you crash your game and start over.

    In this window you should be able to find the hex value of your item amount, you can change this to the hex value of 999, which is 03E7 as we’re working with 2 bytes here. You change this by simply clicking on the “block” of 4 numbers you want to change and write them in.

    Done. Congratulations. You have 999 potions, repeat this hack to have infinite money by selling the potions.

    Now, back to the memory viewer. The 4 numbers directly to the left of the number we found is the item ID. You’ll be able to find this as if you were using potions, you will see 001C. These IDs are **not** the same as the normal game.

    You can change this 001C to 0001 to change the item in your PC from a potion to a Masterball.

    Now all you have to do is find the item IDs for rare candies, oran berries, ability pills and all that fun stuff and you have every cheat you could possibly need except walk through walls. I will respond to this comment with item IDs when I find them myself.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for such detailed information you shared with us. I haven’t tried using a cheat engine before but I see that this method can work.

      • No problem, here’s some item IDs

        0001 – Master Ball
        0040 – Rare candies 
        0041 – PP Up
        0042 – Zinc (great to sell for money)
        0043 – PP Max
        0044 – Ability Pill (swap between normal abilities).
        0045 – Ability Patch – swaps an ability to a hidden ability.
        0046 -> 0088 lots of berries

        004C – Oran Berry (for nature changing)
        005A – Pomeg Berry (great to spam for those happiness evolutions)

        005B – 0088 Didn’t try these

        0089 – sun stone
        008a – moon stone
        008b – fire stone
        008c – thunder stone
        0090 – dusk stone

        0090 -> 00FC Didn’t try these.

        00FD – everstone
        00FE – focus band
        00FF – lucky egg
        0100 – scope lens
        0101 – metal coat
        0102 – soft sand
        0103 – hard stone
        0104 – miracle seed
        0105 – black glasses
        0106 – black belt
        0107 – magnet
        0108 – mystic water
        0109 – sharp beak
        010A – poison barb
        010B – nevermeltice
        010C – spell tag
        010D – twisted spoon
        010E – charcoal
        010F – dragon fang
        0110 – silk scarf
        0111 – leftovers
        0112 – dragon scale
        0113 – razor claw
        0114 – razor fang
        0115 – shell bell
        0116 – power bracer
        0117 – power belt
        0118 – power lens
        0119 – power band
        011A – power anklet
        011B – power weight
        011C – power herb
        011D – choice scarf
        011E – choice specs
        011F – focus sash
        0120 – wide lens
        0121 – zoom lens
        0122 – metronome
        0123 – muscle band
        0124 – wise glasses
        0125 – expert belt
        0126 – light clay
        0127 – icy rock
        0128 – smooth rock
        0129 – heat rock
        012A – damp rock
        012B – destiny knot (good for breeding in this romhack)
        012C – grip claw
        012D – life orb
        012E – toxic orb
        012F – flame orb
        0130 – sticky barb
        0131 – black sludge
        0132 – iron ball
        0133 – lagging tail

        • I found some healing items in the 0020 – 0039 area, though still can’t find Full Restore.

          Also the other EV items (Protein et al) are all in the 003A -003F area.

          Starting to look for some TMs, please post if you find any!

          Also, you mention bottle caps in your original post – were you able to find the hexidecimal for those?