Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer

You’ve probably played Pokemon FireRed a million times. The game is good, but playing it over and over again can be tiring. That’s why some players play ROM hacks of FireRed, and Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer is no exception.

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This ROM hack features all 898 Pokemon and the fact that you can randomize things. You can still play the game normally, and you get to encounter the 898 Pokemon available. There have been numerous versions and updates to this game, but this is the most recent one to date.

Spice up your FireRed 898 Randomizer gaming experience, and take advantage of cheats for a much more fun gaming experience that you’ve never experienced before. See our collection of Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer cheats.

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Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer Details and More


The story is the same as Pokemon FireRed. If you already played the game, then you know what to do, where to go, and what to expect. Just expect that the Pokemon spawning in the different locations are different from FireRed and some are the same.


While you can play this ROM hack normally, the question is why would you? The best feature of this game would be the ability to randomize some things.

Even before you leave your room, you have to choose to randomize the Pokemon that spawns (including Starters), the Abilities that Pokemon can learn, and the Moves that they learn as they level up. You can randomize one of those things or all of them.

This hack has other features like having the Dynamax Feature if you choose to turn it on at the start of the game. You can basically encounter and catch all 898 Pokemon when it is Randomized since the spawns are normal if you’re playing the game regularly.

Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer Information

Pokemon firered 898 randomizer

Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer
Creator: Greenphx
Game Base:FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • 898 Pokemon from all Generations available
  • Can randomize Pokemon Starters (Kanto Starters if not Randomized)
  • Can randomize Pokemon Move Learning Set
  • Can randomize Pokemon Location spawns
  • Can randomize Pokemon Abilities
  • Graphical enhancements
  • Mega Evolution
  • EXP Share
  • Dynamax available




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal! Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Download Pokemon FireRed 898 Randomizer


Complete Fire Red Upgrade and Dynamic Pokemon Expansion are by Skeli789 and ghouslash. Without them it wouldn’t be possible! (https://github.com/Skeli789/Complete-Fire-Red-Upgrade, https://github.com/Skeli789/Dynamic-Pokemon-Expansion)

I used Leon’s Rombase to have item graphics and items functional, as well as a lot of other things (overworld expansion, game freak presents patch, etc). Thanks to him! (www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=409672)

I used Againsts’ Black/White Summary screen patch. Thanks to him! (https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=399121)

I used (I believe) Kiy/usigusom/()/黒インク’s Black/White party select screen patches. Thanks to them, and Lunos for posting them! (https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=414022)

I used a Whackahack forum member’s (I believe its Neon Skylar) Black/White bag patch, thanks to him/her! (https://www.mediafire.com/file/w6u1yqcciulqaxp/parche_mochila.rar/file)

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Taichee is the ultimate writer for Pokémon gaming enthusiasts. With extensive experience, he expertly delves into popular Pokemon game series and ROM hacks for GBC, GBA, and NDS, meticulously testing cheats and sharing general gaming strategies on Pokemoncoders.

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is it possible to find a shiny

What are the shiny odds?

What Pokemon FireRed base version should I use? v1. 1 says says “source ROM checksum mismatch” when I try to patch it. Kindly state the exact version please ty

The majority of Pokemon rom hacks require v1.0 for patching. Try looking for v1.0 and patch it again.

how do you get mega stones?

The randomizer works fine for me, the only issue I’ve ran into is that in some areas it freezes when I interact with something like my bag or the Elevator in silph co., another issue I’ve run into is very minor in that Palkia doesn’t have a sprite or that it has been replaced with a black and white circle with a question mark in it. Apart from those 2 things the ROM works perfectly and is a very enjoyable experience.

Hi Dnalie, thank you for your feedback and for sharing your experience with us playing the game.

How did you fix the problem

Can’t swap typing, which is very disappointing

How do I activate the randomizer

When I open my menu I only see dexnav

tap the left button

wich emulator can you use to play the game

We use Visual Boy Advance on Windows or Myboy on Android.

Old help the file says it’s corrupted

When i downloaded the “FireRed 898 Randomizer” i opened the MyBoy! Paid Version and they said “Unrecognized GBA File”
please help me to fix it thanks for reading this comment i hope you will be notice me 🙂

Hi there, you need to patch the downloaded file to a FireRed v1.0 rom. We don’t share pre-patched files here. You can follow this guide on How To Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM Hack.

Thanks but it’s ok if you make a tutorial on your yt 🙂.

i will fix it later if i can play now the FireRed 898 randomizer.

I’ve been trying to patch this UPS for the past 2 hours now, to pretty much every possible FireRed v1.0 ROM I could possibly find on the Internet and it won’t work for me.

It has to be a specific pokemon Fire Red Rom. You can find the name on the Rom in the original page of the rom hack which is linked in this website.

My game is not downloading can someone please tell me how to download it