Pokemon Fire Red Shiny Cheat with Gameshark Code


It’s not easy to find shiny Pokemon in Fire Red, also in almost all versions of Pokemon, but with the help of cheats, you can meet or catch shiny Pokemon. Cheating in a game is meant just for extra fun, so enjoy it and have fun cheating Fire Red. You can then turn the cheat off if you want.

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This Fire Red Shiny Pokemon Cheat code will turn all wild Pokemon into shiny. You can freely catch your desired shiny Pokemon as you want, but warning don’t activate too many cheats at once, or your game may crash.

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Bugs and Fixes

Gender and Nature Problem

The shiny cheat is a buggy cheat, and when using it, you will notice that the Pokemon has only one gender and, at the same time, the same nature. To fix this, you need to restart your game.

Glitchy Pokemon Name

Having a weird Pokemon name to a captured Pokemon is another common bug for the shiny cheat. The fix for this problem is a lot easier, disable the cheat before catching the Pokemon.

Pokemon fire red shiny pokemon encounter

Pokemon Fire Red: Shiny Pokemon Encounter Gameshark Code Cheat

Use the code below and enter it in your emulator, and this cheat is referred to as Action Replay codes.

In most cases, you can leave the cheat type settings “Auto detect” in your emulator

Shiny Cheat for Pokemon FireRed

39584B19 D80CC66A
CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB
198DF179 5413C867
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
D5AFFB37 6855972C
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251

If the cheat codes above don’t work on your ROM, you can give this alternative cheat code a try
1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

The code above fully works for Fire Red US v1.0 ROM; I haven’t tested this on NonUS Fire Red ROM. Feel free to comment if you have tried this on another version.

See the cheat in action; I created a video for Fire Red Shiny Pokemon Cheat video here.

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How do you make your party pokemon shiny? ( a pokemon that you are using) or make a marking pokemon code (where you mark your pokemon on bills pc)

im trying to get the same answer

How do you make your pokemon that us on your party shiny??

I put the second cheat and it worked, but it always comes with the same nature (Hardy) what should I do?

Hi Poke Coder Your Cheats Is Awesome
And I Enjoyed It

Hey can you tell me that if you have any Pokemon spawn cheat code which is in the master Dex of Pokemon fire Red

i just get ????????? as a Pokemon or it Crashes

Heya, does this also work for fossil pokemon?

how do you make stater pokemon shiny

Pokemon shiny charm cheat for fire red plss

The Shiny Charm didn’t exist until Generation 5.

why cant the shiny be male

is there a cheat code for fire red infinite money? v1.1

whats the shiny cheat for the John GBAC emulator

Is there a shiny cheat for japanese region

Hi,I have a doubt I use pokèmon fire red v1.0 modded ROM which is called Pokèmon mega evolution v-2 I tried resetting it several times but it never changed the gender and the nature it is always female and always has lonly nature.please help Quickly

Works but I’m also using a rom hack called Moemon MegaFireRed. Turns on and off, I’m using Action Replay v3 as the type and Pizza Boy emulator

pls make a code for the version 1.1 version, if not is it possible to trade between the the two versions?

At first it worked as I used it to get a shiny Gible then I disabled it and then later on I enabled it to get a shiny ralts it didn’t work I tried erasing the other codes and re-coding it again but I still didn’t work.

my pokemon turned into nidorino

a question mark appears. that is all that happens.help.

It doesn’t work don’t recommend it…if I put the code it says This code is invalid! And it’s not great…

Does it work on starters?

The shiny code kinda works but everytime i catch a pokemon it’s always a female and it’s nature the same. I also reset the game so it’s nature or gender changes but nope dosen’t work and went reaches level 10 it disobeys me.It’s is it because i’m using the squrriel ver, the Ver(USA) R1.0 i play used the code but all the pokemon are males and the nature smae

For some reason, even though I’m using the V1.0 ROM for Fire red, USA version, it still makes the wild shinnies female with a serious nature. I’ve looked literally everywhere on how to fix it, any suggestions?

Hey its a bit late but Shiny’s WILL obey you after the second badge. I also had this issue and after the first badge it still wont obey. Im now 2 badges in and i can use them. Its probally because the game thinks its a trade pokemon after you catch it.

The codes get in the game but
doesnt make wild pokemon shiny

Please erase this comment and consider this one alone.
when I didn’t see the first comment appear I assumed it didn’t go through but saw that it did when I submitted this second one.

I’ve just started the ROM Pokemon Stigma which is platformed on Fire Red and have tried both codes offered here to get a shiny starter. – The first one works but gives me a shiny Nidorino rather than the Gible I chose which doesn’t make sense even considering that under my circumstances it’s standing in for another Pokemon. It’s profile lists it as #039 but #39 is Jigglypuff. – The second does give me a shiny Gible but: 1. It’s exclusively female and bashful nature. I reset the game at least 5 times and this didn’t change. That’s not normal.… Read more »

hi I used your code and my game is now messed up…the shiny cheat works but it doesn’t want to turn the hell off now even when disabled cheats is on and I remove them and when I have them unclick and when I have zero cheats in my list..no cheats are even on my cheat list yet every pokemon I encounter I get shinies even during battles and the worst part is when a catch them I can’t give them moves or look at them thur summary..otherwise I get the pink screen of death and my game freezes and… Read more »

The first code worked just fine for me. The only two exceptions are:
1. ALL the shiny’s are the same nature
2. ALL disobey after lvl 10
My question is, has anyone had this issue and will the alt code do the same?
I am using Fire Red V1.0

im having the same sorta thing but all my pokemon are docile nature and male ????

Do you have a code for 1.1?

It always amazes me how people don’t do their research before wanting to hack a game. I feel sorry for you having to repeat yourself telling everyone to use the 1.0 version. I almost feel your regret of creating this awesome website. Thanks for everything. It’s made my game great.

Well I’ve found out that the shiny cheats work on fire red v1. So happens that I’ve also tried to start a new game after I see all male shinies. To my surprise, the gender of shinies depends on your gender as a trainer. Before I use a male trainer. After I restart a new game I use a female trainer. Then there it goes, all female shinies.

Does this work for starter pokemon?

So my ROM version is Pokemon Fire red (U) v1. 1 and I used the codes, I didn’t get a shiny new two as I expected, but I did surprisingly get a bad egg. Is that normal?

IK you need the v1. 0 to make it work but I was just wondering if the bad egg thing was normal? I don’t expect a reply so don’t waste your time the reply above would imply that it is normal, thanks for being chill! I’ll make sure I download proper Roms next time to use your cheats. 🙂

is there any new code for shiny females. The current two only give me shiny males, even with the all female code. ????????????

This is actually false. I have encountered female Clefairy with the second code activated.

So still not sure why certain Pokemon are only male.

Yeah except I have the FIre Red Squirrels version which is supposed to give only shiny males.

. I also tried the codes with the Fire Red Independent version 1 yesterday and neither worked even when applying different previously used master codes. ????????

I also have a shiny Raichu by the way. I can send you a screenshot if you want. ????????


This is with the squirrels version.

***Shiny Female Raichu

I used this shiny cheat in a FireRed rom hack and it only gives me shiny female Pokémon

Do you have or are you working on codes for v1.1?

How do I enter the code into my gameshark? I always end up with too many 0s in the code or too many 0s at the end of the code I’m actually playing on a gba sp

How do I enter the code into my gba/sp gameshark? I always try but I fail

Does this work on OpenEmu?

Neither code works on my emulator

It made all pokemon I caught ” traded ” so it was very difficult to okay the game as they kept going to sleep. And then it just erased the save file at random quite a few times. The cheat works… But just be careful to catch what you want to be shiny

The code works, but all Pokémon encountered using this cheat are Sassy Nature. Is there a possible way to make the Natures of Shiny Pokémon random?

In the 3rd gen games all shiny encounters will be the same nature per run through. If you want to encounter a shiny with a different nature you have to start a new game.

both codes didnt work any solutions

Do i have to type in all of those lines pr just one line of numbers?

I also noticed all the shiny Pokémon caught with the second cheat (idk about the first cheat it didn’t work on my game) they are always Quirky nature. I was hoping to find a Lonely nature shiny Charmander but I think it might be a bug.

Otherwise thanks for the cheat code!

Is there a all female code? cause all of mine are males especially Espeon 🙁 ,,,,,,,

Worked for me : ), but when I catch shiny Pokemon and don’t nickname them, the name it gets looks funny..

So all the shinys i find are male even the ones who are mostly female in other words i cant find shiny female

You need a mastercode

what do we name it as

Didnt work all of them i used my boy

What version must i have?

It’s not on empuradice anymore. Is there any other versions that work?

I’m using gba4ios and it didn’t work

Neither one of these work so I don’t understand how people are saying they worked. I’ve tired both of them, nothing.

It is a US version, Pokemon Fire Red Version (U) (V1.1) I’m also using my boy and continuously tried these two cheats. Nothing.

How do i download it on my boy??

Worked but it had a scrambled name

Actually its not an issue with the rom. He/She forgot to turn off the code during the encounter

Uh I have a problem: The secondary backup code worked, but the name was all scrambled up. Like Arjhg and the A had a ~ over it. Help?

Turn The Cheat Codes Off Before You Catch The Pokemon, That Should Solve It.

It’s not working I tried both

I tried it with a fanmade game made with the same mechanics as FR…but it froze as soon as I encountered a wild Pokemon…

I tried it on the John GBA Lite-GBA emulator app, but it didn’t work ;-;

Working fine on my copy of john GBA lite. Use squriles rom

I’m using John GBA lite and it works just fine, I’m also using a Romhack version of it, so maybe you used the wrong version of the game?

I’m on a Mac running macOS Sierra and using OpenEmu, I enter :



39584B19 D80CC66A+CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB+198DF179 5413C867+73ECB8A0 BDD8B251+D5AFFB37 6855972C+73ECB8A0 BDD8B251

but have no luck