Pokemon Ancestral X

We’ve covered a lot of ROM hacks for Gameboy systems, GBA, and even the NDS. This one is a hack for a 3DS game that uses Pokemon X as the base. Introducing Pokemon Ancestral X.

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There haven’t been many 3DS ROM hacks being made, but we have some fan-made games that you can check out here.

Anyway, if you do have a working emulator for the 3DS and are aching to play a hack of X, then this game is for you. We’ll tackle everything you need to know about this ROM hack and what makes it good for your time to play.

This hack was just recently made, but we still have some of the old ones you can check out here.

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Pokemon Ancestral X Details and More


The story is pretty much the same as Pokemon X and Y. You may already know what to do and where to go if you’ve played those games already.


The creator of this hack has stated that this is a difficulty hack made for Nuzlocking. Whether you Nuzlocke or not is up to you, but the game is going to be very hard, so it’s best to get that out of the way first.

All Pokemon have been balanced and tuned just right for this hack. All 721 of them are also available, which is until Gen 6. ORAS Mega Evolutions have also been added to this hack.

Several Rare Items, like Rare Candies and others have been made available for purchase.

Pokemon Ancestral X Information

Pokemon ancestral x

Pokemon Ancestral X
Creator: Axyn
Game Base: Pokemon X
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • 721 Pokemon up to Gen 6 are available
  • Added other Mega Evolutions from ORAS
  • Move Relearner and Move Deleter are made available
  • Can buy Rare Candies from Poke Marts
  • Game has been adjusted for balance
  • Some TMs have been changed
  • Game is very hard or harder than usual



Download Pokemon Ancestral X

NOTE: The download link will send you directly to where the programmer has made the files available. This also includes instructions on how to patch the file and everything else you need to know since this is for a 3DS emulator.


Kaphotics & SciresM: For pk3DS and all of the various tools encompassed within.
gdkchan: For SPICA, Ohana3DS, which were invaluable tools in getting the ORAS megas into the game.
hello007: For SPICA Improvements & other various auxiliary tools.
hzla: For creating the framework for the Showdown Calculator and providing assistance in getting it set up.
Maël Hörz: For HxD, another fantastic tool, which made hex editing simple.
XLuma, the EXR Team, and Friends: For feedback & support.
Mr. Stebanzo, hooley, Bob, SaberTB, & Kai: For helping me with bits of design, feedback, and support.
Mushrium: For their wonderful title screen art, banner art, and discord icon.

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