John GBA Review for Playing GBA Games on Android Devices

We’re going to be talking about the John GBA emulator. It is an emulator that is exclusive to Android devices. It could also go by the name John GBA Lite, but it’s pretty much the same. That’s why we’re here to put out a John GBA review to give you an idea if you want to get this emulator or not.

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Much like most apps and emulators at the Google play store, there’s a chance that there might be some imitations and copies. That’s just the nature of these things, and John GBA Lite is free, so it doesn’t help that copycats can just capitalize on the name of John since it is a much more renowned emulator.

John GBA is free, so if you’re not sure which one is the real emulator, you can check the reviews. The one with the highest rating and the best reviews will be the emulator that you download. That being said, let’s also take a look at the features and disadvantages you can get when you use this emulator.

John gba review

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John GBA Review Overview


  • Run GBA and GBC ROMs with optimal rendering and smooth emulation.
  • Can even run ZIP files of the ROMs. This means that even if you don’t unzip the file into a .GBA or .GBC file, John GBA can run the file without any problems.
  • Has limited save states for easy saving and easy loading even without saving in-game.
  • Cheats are usable as long as they are the correct ones.
  • Speed and turbo buttons are also available.
  • Touchscreen capabilities like other mobile device emulators.
  • Also has support for Bluetooth controllers where you can edit the control configurations.


  • The emulator is Free.
  • It has the convenience of being able to run ZIP files. You don’t have to unzip or convert them if you download the ROMS directly to your mobile device or phone.
  • Bluetooth controller support also makes things better, like you’re playing on an actual handheld.


  • Copycats exist, so choose the right one because others are bad and may give you a virus.
  • The emulator is free, but John GBA will have ads spawn from time to time.



The MyBoy is one of the other top contenders when it comes to Android GBA emulators. It is also free but can be sprawling with ads. You can purchase the full version for an affordable price. The free version is already good on its own, so that’s a good alternative and should be the number one alternative.

Pizza Boy

Another typical but good enough emulator alternative to the John GBA. It has the basic features and is capable of running GBA and GBC ROMs.


This one is a paid alternative for John GBA. That’s right, this isn’t free, but the price isn’t that high anyway. You don’t get ads, and the features it has are good for you to use on your mobile devices.

In Closing

Overall our John GBA review will leave you wanting to get it. It’s free but just be wary of the ads because they’ll be there most of the time. It has the basic functions of any emulator you want to run on your mobile device. It has smooth frame rates and all the other added features like turbo buttons, save states, and more.

Simply find the right one on the Android Store or App Page and download it. Don’t forget to read the reviews and other customer feedback to see if it’s the right one. Also, check the app page and see if there have been any updates and new features added.

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