How To Breed A Perfect IV Pokemon In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Many people would love to have a Perfect IV Pokemon. The Individual Value or IV didn’t matter as much back then, but in the newer games, people are breeding like crazy. A lot of people know how to breed a Perfect IV Pokemon in Sword and Shield, but many are still don’t.

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That’s what we’re focusing on, which is how you can get that Perfect IV in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The task is complicated and long but we got you covered. There could be other ways to get Perfect IV like Hyper Training, but for now, we’ll focus on the breeding aspect. We’ll give you all the information needed to get that Perfect IV Pokemon on your roster. That way, you can compete online against other people who may have Perfect Pokemon.

Steps on how to breed a Perfect IV Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Step 1: Accessing the Battle Tower

Battle tower sword shield

Before you can start breeding these Pokemon, you need to access the Battle Tower. This can only happen when you finish the game first. After the credits roll, you can decide to go to the Rose Tower which is now the Battle Tower. Your goal here is to get 10 BP, so just muster your way into beating the right amount of trainers to get that 10BP.

Step 2: Getting the Destiny Knot and Everstone

When you get the 10BP, you need to head to the Hammerlocke. Once you’re at the Hammerlocke, you must buy a Destiny Knot which costs 10 BP. The Everstone can be obtained in Turffield and if you played the game’s story, you could have already gotten it beforehand.

The Destiny Knot and Everstone are very important items in this process. The good thing is that you don’t consume these items before and after you do the breeding process. You only need one but we’ll get more into these later.

Step 3: Catching a Ditto with Perfect IVs

Ditto perfect ivs

This is the tricky part of the game which is to have several Dittos with Perfect IVs for each stat. The first thing that you can do is you can trade a Ditto with Perfect IVs from other games like Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, and Sun/Moon or Ultra Sun/Moon. The way to find these Dittos in Sword and Shield is to go to the Den Raid located in the Bridge Field near the Pokemon Nursery.

You need to have the Den Raid colored purple to ensure that it is a high-level raid. Even before you start the raid, you can see if the Pokemon is a Ditto based on the silhouette. Make sure that the background is gold because it guarantees that you can get a Ditto with a four, five, and if you’re lucky enough, you can get a Ditto with six perfect IVs.

In the chance that you don’t get a six perfect IV Ditto which is most of the time, you can catch multiple Dittos with different IVs that have a perfect rating for all six stats. This allows you to do multiple breeds to make sure you get that Pokemon with an IV lineup under the perfect category.

Step 4: Catching a Ditto with the desired Nature

Knowing how to breed Perfect IV Pokemon in Sword and Shield takes a long time doesn’t it because we’re not done yet. Now, you need to have a Ditto with the desired Nature that you want on your Pokemon that you plan on breeding. You have to do the research on which Nature will fit the Pokemon that you plan on breeding.

The goal is to just have the number of Dittos with the specific Nature that you want. However, if the Pokemon that you currently have that will be used for breeding already has the Nature that you need, then you don’t need to catch other Dittos. You can just catch them later on if you plan on breeding another Pokemon. You can catch Dittos for desired Natures in the Lake of Outrage but it will take time.

Step 5: Into the breeding process

You now have the necessary things to start the breeding process. For the sake of this example, let’s say you plan on breeding a Perfect IV Inteleon.

Process 1: Breeding a Ditto with six Perfect IV stats and a Pokemon with the desired Nature

  1. This step is the easiest and the first thing that you can do is to go to any Pokemon Nursery.
  2. Leave the Ditto with six Perfect IVs and Inteleon in the Pokemon Nursery. Give the Ditto the Destiny Knot because it will pass on the IVs to the child. The Inteleon should have the Everstone because it will pass down the Nature to the child.
  3. Just wait for the breeding process to be completed and you’ll hatch the Eggs and one or more of them could be a Sobble (Inteleon’s first form) with all Perfect IVs and the Nature that you need.
  4. Just level it up and evolved the Sobble until it becomes an Inteleon and you’re pretty much done.

Process 2: Breeding without a Perfect six IV Ditto

  1. Head to any Pokemon Nursery
  2. Choose the Ditto that has the stats that you want. Let’s say for this example you have a Ditto with Perfect Speed, Attack, Special Attack, and HP.
  3. Give the Ditto the Destiny Knot and give the Inteleon the Everstone.
  4. Wait for the Eggs to hatch and you’ll probably get a Sobble with Perfect Speed, Attack, Special Attack, and HP.
  5. Now, find another Ditto that you have that has Perfect IVs for Defense and Special Defense because that’s what your Sobble is lacking. It doesn’t matter if the new Ditto has other perfect stats because you want the Defense and Special Defense.
  6. Change the Ditto to the new Ditto with Defense and Special Defense. Change the Sobble as well to the one that you get with the perfect Speed, Attack, Special Attack, and HP.
  7. Give the Ditto again the Destiny Knot and the Sobble with the Everstone assuming it has the desired Nature that you want.
  8. Wait for the Eggs to hatch and you’ll get a new Sobble with all of six of its stats under Perfect.
  9. There are some cases where players don’t bother increase an IV to become perfect. If the Pokemon excels in Special Attacks, then players don’t need to perfect the Attack stat. In the case of Inteleon, it is a balanced Pokemon in terms of offense so having perfect Attack and Special Attack on it can be ideal.

Process 3: Breeding a Pokemon without the desired Nature

  1. In case you did Process 1 and 2 correctly and you now have a perfect stat Sobble, but not having the right nature, this is what you can do.
  2. Swap out the Ditto and put the Ditto with the desired Nature. In this case, Timid is the best Nature for Inteleon so find a Ditto with the Timid Nature assuming you caught it earlier.
  3. Give the Ditto the Everstone so it passes the Nature down to the child and the Destiny Knot to the Sobble to pass down the perfect IV stats.
  4. Wait for the Eggs to hatch and finally you will have a Sobble with all six stats under perfect and the right Nature.
  5. Level it up and evolve it until it becomes an Inteleon and you’re good to go.

In Closing

The process when it comes to how to breed a Perfect IV Pokemon in Sword and Shield can take long. That’s why you can only do it after you finish the game. This is a good thing that you can do after the game has ended and keeps you busy trying to breed multiple Pokemon with perfect IVs.

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