Fire Pokemon Strength and Weakness

The Fire-type Pokemon can be considered as one of the staples in the series. You can take out some of the other types but not the Fire-type. Pokemon of this type uses fire and heat-based moves to deal damage to their enemies.

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Dealing with Fire Type Pokemon – Strength/Weakness, Strategies, and Battling Guide

Fire pokemon strength and weakness

It has always been one of the starting Pokemon types to choose from in any of the games. That being said, there is the Fire Pokemon strength and weakness that you should know about.

General Strengths of Fire-type Pokemon

The stats of Fire-type Pokemon can be a bit well-rounded. It is ranked as number 3 when it comes to the Sp. Attack. That is pretty much it as most of its other stats are ranked in the middle from 6 to 8. A lot of Fire-type moves are purely offensive-based and can be able to inflict Burn or BRN status to enemy Pokemon.

Fire-type are effective against Bug, Grass, Steel, and Ice-types so keep that in mind.

One other good thing is that Fire-types, release less damage to the same Fire-types as well. Fire-types are also resistant to Fairy-types.

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General Weaknesses of Fire-type Pokemon

We mentioned that the stats of Fire-types are in the middle like HP, Attack, Sp. Defense and Speed. They rank around sixth to eighth place, and its weakest stat is Defence which is around 15. Fire-type Pokemon are weak to Ground, Rock, and Water-types.

Then again, despite those types, they can still be susceptible to the BRN status which can cause damage over time. Fire-types are not so effective against Dragon-types as well.

You should also be careful when using Fire-type moves on enemies that are under Freeze or FRZ status. That’s because they can be thawed out, and the FRZ status will be removed.

Utilizing Dual-type Fire-type Pokemon

Fire-type like other types can have a dual-type status. These Pokemon can have added strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their combination. Here are some of the best and worst Fire-type combinations that you can use and avoid.

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  • Fire/Water-type can be good because Fire-types and Water-types are resistant to Fire-types. This means that the Pokemon can receive 75% less damage from Fire and Water attacks. Unfortunately, there is only one Pokemon of this type as of now.
  • Fire/Rock and Fire/Dragon-types are also resistant to Fire-type attacks, so they pretty much get the 75% damage reduction as well.
  • Unfortunately, due to the Fire-type’s natural resistance to Fire-type moves, any other dual-type status with fire means that it is automatically resistant to Fire moves.
  • There are also no other dual Fire-type combinations that can bombard significant damage due to the resistance of Fire along with the different type strengths mixed with Fire.

Tips when using Fire-types in battle

  • If you have a strong Fire-type, you can use it as your front Pokemon whenever you’re trying to traverse through an area where random encounters can happen and you don’t plan on using any kind of Repel.
  • Fire-type moves are mostly offensive and damaged-based in nature. This means that there very little varieties when it comes to these moves. You can’t use them for buffing or doing some kind of fancy play.
  • The tactical advantage of using Fire-type moves can be when you want to inflict BRN. Speaking of BRN, that can be a useful thing to do when you’re fighting against a tough opponent. The BRN can do damage over time and very few trainers use a Burn Heal.
  • In the start of the game as well, choosing a Fire-type starter can be ideal when you want to deal tremendous amounts of damage as the Fire-type is rank third in the SP. Attack category before you can access the stronger ones later on.
  • Now that you’ve encountered the Fire Pokemon strength and weakness you should know that your Fire Pokemon can learn moves other than Fire and they are resistant to it as well.

In closing, Fire-types are excellent in dishing out Sp. Attack damages earlier on. You can get better Pokemon to deal with stronger Sp. Attack or you can just get a stronger Fire-type later on.

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