Pokemon Splice (RPG Maker XP)

The definition of the word splice is to combine or fuse together two entities hoping it will turn into something favorable. That’s where Pokemon Splice fits in because the roster of Pokemon you have is a mixture of two Pokemon forming something entirely different.

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This is a fan-made game using RPG Maker XP, and it looks good. It has a ton of features to boot, along with the classic Pokemon elements that you would want from the games. We’ll take a look at what makes Splice interesting from the get-go.

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Pokemon Splice Details and More


There isn’t much revealed with the story but the fact that you start off as an assistant to Professor Cypress.

You start your adventure until you make a choice whether to join the Quantech Co. for mechanical research or the Biogress Foundation to help with natural research. Your choice branches out the story from here on in.


We already mentioned it, but you get to have a branching story which is different depending on which side you choose to join. There’s some replay value there which is good but don’t worry too much about making wrong decisions.

There are also five Types added to the game, such as Wind, Gas, Sound, Wood, and Abnormal. Some of these Types are present in other hacks and fan games as well. The Pokemon in the game really look like they are fusions of two Pokemon.

Being a fan-made game, the game also has updated graphics and some good music available. Ice Fishing is also available in the game for more intricate activities.

Pokemon Splice Information

Pokemon splice

Pokemon Splice
Creator: Thundaga
Language: English
Source: Link
Discord: Link

Feature List

  • Explore the Region of Saelio
  • Several Fakemon (fused Pokemon) are available
  • Several Forms available
  • Physical and Special split
  • Branching story
  • Ice Fishing


Pokemon splice screenshots

Download Pokemon Splice


Made Using:
RPG Maker XP

Original Game Jam Team:

The development of this entire game was streamed on twitch!
It was a blast getting feedback and ideas from the Pokémon fangame community! You guy’s rock!

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