Pokemon Ruby Renev

Pokemon Ruby isn’t always used as a base of most ROM hacks, but we’re going to discuss one today: Pokemon Ruby Renev. This hack does use Ruby as its base, and it uses parts of the story and so much more. Plus, it has many features for you to tinker with.

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Also, take a look at this other Ruby-based and so popular hack called Pokemon Light Platinum.

The file attached below is a UPS file, which you can patch using any version of Ruby. That’s because the programmer didn’t specify any. If you’re unsure how to patch the file, here is a guide to look at when you patch the game.

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Pokemon Ruby Renev Details and More


The story starts the same as Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It’s the usual stuff where you go around catching Pokemon and aiming to be the best Pokemon Trainer around.

That’s part 1 because part 2 takes place in Johto, and part 3 takes place in Kanto. That happens after you end each part of the game as the story’s content continues.


The hack has Pokemon up until Gen 9, although not all of them are there. There are around 700 Pokemon which, includes the Fairy and Crystal-type, but the latter isn’t an official type.

The extensive story allows you to travel through 3 different Regions. There’s also a Physical and Special split, as well as a Day and Night cycle. New evolution methods and a lot of new Moves to boot are also added.

Pokemon Ruby Renev Information

Pokemon ruby renev

Pokemon Ruby Renev
Creator: AtecainCorp.
Game Base: Ruby
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Over 700 Pokemon (Until Gen 9)
  • Fairy and Crystal-Types added
  • Day and Night system
  • Physical and Special split
  • Several Primal forms added
  • Hidden Legendary Pokemon added
  • EXP for Levels increased for leveling up
  • 40 New Moves
  • Fakemon also included


Pokemon ruby renev screenshots

Download Pokemon Ruby Renev


To Chaos Rush – For him greatest Pokemon Resource.
To anonyboy – For Brendan and May ORAS style for GBA.
To Smoogon University and yourself – For their sharing their Sprites which later I remade for GBA needs.
To GoGoJTech – For help me with implement him HGSS patch into my hack.
To ipatix – For help with implement DPPT patch into my hack.
To destinedjagold – For him tutorials about adding new types and moves to Pokemon Ruby.
To PSS thread – For help me implement PSS patch to my hack.
To Alistar – For Hoenn small tree, Rocks, and flower tiles.
To falsefate – For Tree tiles and palletes.
To Tyranitar50 – For help with text corrections.
To Leparagon – For some Primal Pokemon Sprites
To thedarkdragon11 – And other creators in Gen 7 sprite Repository.

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