Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheats


Pokemon The Last Fire Red is definitely a Pokemon ROM hack that you would want to play. It was made with a lot of care and attention you’ll surely get your time’s worth with this game, considering that it’s free. On the other hand, cheats are also popularly requested, so we introduce to you our collection of Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheats.

You have Pokemon that go up to Generation VIII, and that’s not something that most ROM hacks have. However, we’re not here to talk about the game in general, but rather more on the Pokemon The Last Fire Red cheats that hopefully can give you full assistance as you play the game.

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That’s right, the game is fun, but it wouldn’t be a problem if you used cheat codes for the sake of fun. Always remember to enter the cheat as either a Game Shark (Action Replay) type or Code Breaker.

Please note: Make sure as well that the cheats are turned on, and we’ll include other instructions. Don’t turn on too many cheats at the same time because it may glitch the game or crash it.

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Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheats List

Walk Through Walls
Last firered  walk through walls cheat

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

We’ll start our list of the Last FireRed cheats with a classic and that is after you input the code, you can walk through walls and other terrains. Be careful, you may get stuck in some areas.

Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon

4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
90B4977C C0151DC2

Input the code and it will allow you to catch the enemy trainer’s Pokemon. Press the L and R button first before you throw the Poke Ball and the battle will end once the Pokemon is captured regardless of how many Pokemon the enemy has left.


Input the code by changing the YYYY into the respective codes to the area that you want to go.
WARNING: Considering this is a ROM hack, some locations may not be there or would even function properly and you may bypass some story elements causing the game to glitch out.


Location Codes
0003- Pallet Town
0103 – Viridian City
0203 – Pewter City
0303 – Cerulean City
0403 – Lavender Town
0503 – Vermilion City
0603 – Celedon City
0703 – Fuchsia City
0803 – Cinnabar Island
0903 – Indigo Plateau
0A03 – Saffron City
0B03 – Neo-Saffron City
0C03 – Island 1
0D03 – Island 2
0E03 – Island 3
0F03 – Island 4
1003 – Island 5
1103 – Island 6
1203 – Island 7
1303 – Route 1
1403 – Route 2
1503 – Route 3
1603- Route 4
1703- Route 5
1803- Route 6
1903- Route 7
1a03- Route 8
1b03- Route 9
1c03- Route 10
1d03- Route 11
1e03- Route 12
1f03- Route 13
2003- Route 14
2103- Route 15
2203- Route 16
2303- Route 17
2403- Route 18
2503- Route 19
2603- Route 20
2703- Route 21
2803- Neo Route 21
2903- Route 22
2A03- Route 23
2B03- Route 24
2C03- Route 25

Unlock All Badges
Unlock all badges last firered cheats

EFCE867D 5403D40D

Input the code and you can unlock all 8 Badges.

One Hit Kill

C833D1A0 02FA7205

Input the code and any damaging move you do on the enemy Pokemon will instantly knock them out. Moves that deal no damage will not knock out the enemy however.

Poke Mart Items Cost 1
Poke mart items cost 1 last firered cheat

3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA
Input the code and all items sold in any Poke Mart will cost only 1.

Max Stats
Max stats last firered cheat

Input the code corresponding to the placement of your Pokemon in the party. This will max out all of their stats.

1st Pokemon

2nd Pokemon

3rd Pokemon

4th Pokemon

5th Pokemon

6th Pokemon

Unlimited Money
Unlimited money last firered cheat

Input the code and you’ll have unlimited money.

Code Breaker
820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F

Game Shark
29C78059 96542194

Unlimited EXP


Input the code and you’ll get an unlimited amount of EXP. Turn off the cheat when you don’t want to get any more EXP.

Unlimited PP
Unlimited pp last firered cheat

42023C08 6363
00000002 0002

Input the code and you can have unlimited PP for all of the moves of your Pokemon in battle.

Unlimited Master Balls
Unlimited master balls last firered cheat

820257C4 0001

Input the code and go to any Item PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of Master Balls. This is one of the most sought out Last FireRed cheats that players would want.

Unlimited Rare Candies
Unlimited rare candies last firered cheat

820257C4 0044

Input the code and go to any Item PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of Rare Candies.

Unlimited Healing Items
Unlimited healing items last firered cheat

Input the code and change the YYYY into the corresponding Healing Item that you want. Head to any Item PC and withdraw your items in an unlimited manner.

820257C4 YYYY

Healing Item Codes

000D = Potion
000E = Antidote
000F = Burn Heal
0010 = Ice Heal
0011 = Awakening
0012 = Parlyz Heal
0013 = Full Restore
0014 = Max Potion
0015 = Hyper Potion
0016 = Super Potion
0017 = Full Heal
0018 = Revive
0019 = Max Revive

Unlimited Misc Items
Unlimited misc items last firered cheat

Input the code and change the YYYY into the corresponding Misc Item that you want. Head to any Item PC and withdraw your items in an unlimited manner.

820257C4 YYYY

Misc Item Code

00B3 = Bright Powder
00B4 = White Herb
00B5 = Macho Brace
00B6 = Exp Share
00B7 = Quick C law
00B8 = Soothe Bell
00B9 = Mental Herb
00BA = C hoice Band
00BB = King’s Rock
00BC = Silver Powder
00BD = Amulet C oin
00BE = C leanse Tag
00BF = Soul Dew
00C 0 = Deep Sea Tooth
00C 1 = Deep Sea Scale
00C 2 = Smoke Ball
00C 3 = Everstone
00C 4 = Focus Band
00C 5 = Lucky Egg
00C 6 = Scope Lens
00C 7 = Metal C oat
00C 8 = Leftovers
00C 9 = Dragon Scale
00C A = Light Ball
00C B = Soft Sand
00C C = Hard Stone
00C D = Miracle Seed
00C E = Black Glasses
00C F = Black Belt
00D0 = Magnet
00D1 = Mystic Water
00D2 = Sharp Beak
00D3 = Poison Barb
00D4 = Nevermelt Ice
00D5 = Spell Tag
00D6 = Twisted Spoon
00D7 = C harcoal
00D8 = Dragon Fang
00D9 = Silk Scarf
00DA = Up-Grade
00DB = Shell Bell
00DC = Sea Incense
00DD = Lax Incense
00DE = Lucky Punch
00DF = Metal Powder
00E0 = Thick C lub
00E1 = Stick
00FE = Red Scarf
00FF = Blue Scarf
0100 = Pink Scarf
0101 = Green Scarf
0102 = Yellow Scarf
0103 = Mach Bike
0104 = C oin C ase
0105 = ItemFinder
0106 = Old Rod
0107 = Good Rod
0108 = Super Rod
0109 = S.S. Ticket
010A = C ontest Pass
010C = Wailmer Pail
010D = Devon’s Goods
010E = Soot Sack
010F = Basement Key
0110 = Acro Bike
0111 = PokeBlock C ase
0112 = Letter
0113 = Eon Ticket
0114 = Red Orb
0115 = Blue Orb
0116 = Scanner
0117 = Go-Goggles
0118 = Meteorite
0119 = Rm.1 Key
011A = Rm.2 Key
011B = Rm.4 Key
011C = Rm.6 Key
011D = Storage Key
011E = Root Fossil
011F = C law Fossil
0120 = Devon Scope
001A = Fresh Water
001B = Soda Pop
001C = Lemonade
001D = MooMoo Milk
001E = Energy Powder
001F = Energy Root
0020 = Heal Powder
0021 = Revival Herb
0022 = Ether
0023 = Max Ether
0024 = Elixer
0025 = Max Elixer
0026 = Lava C ookie
0027 = Blue Flute
0028 = Yellow Flute
0029 = Red Flute
002A = Black Flute
002B = White Flute
002C = Berry Juice
002D = Sacred Ash
002E = Shoal Salt
002F = Shoal Shell
0030 = Red Shard
0031 = Blue Shard
0032 = Yellow Shard
0033 = Green Shard
003F = HP Up
0040 = Protein
0041 = Iron
0042 = C arbos
0043 = C alcium
0044 = Rare C andy
0045 = PP Up
0046 = Zinc
0047 = PP Max
0049 = Guard Spec
004A = Dire Hit
004B = X Attack
004C = X Defend
004D = X Speed
004E = X Accuracy
004F = X Special
0050 = Poke Doll
0051 = Fluffy Tail
0053 = Super Repel
0054 = Max Repel
0055 = Escape Rope
0056 = Repel
005D = Sun Stone
005E = Moon Stone
005F = Fire Stone
0060 = Thunder Stone
0061 = Water Stone
0062 = Leaf Stone
0067 = Tiny Mushroom
0068 = Big Mushroom
006A = Pearl
006B = Big Pearl
006C = Stardust
006D = Star Piece
006E = Nugget
006F = Heart Scale
0079 = Orange Mail
007A = Harbor Mail
007B = Glitter Mail
007C = Mech Mail
007D = Wood Mail
007E = Wave Mail
007F = Bead Mail
0080 = Shadow Mail
0081 = Tropic Mail
0082 = Dream Mail
0083 = Fab Mail
0084 = Retro Mail

Unlimited Berries
Unlimited berries last firered cheat

Input the code and change the YYYY into the corresponding Berries that you want. Head to any Item PC and withdraw your items in an unlimited manner.

820257C4 YYYY

Berry Code

0085 = Cheri Berry
0086 = Chesto Berry
0087 = Pecha Berry
0088 = Rawst Berry
0089 = Aspear Berry
008A = Leppa Berry
008B = Oran Berry
008C = Persim Berry
008D = Lum Berry
008E = Sitrus Berry
008F = Figy Berry
0090 = Wiki Berry
0091 = Mago Berry
0092 = Aguav Berry
0093 = Iapapa Berry
0094 = Razz Berry
0095 = Bluk Berry
0096 = Nanab Berry
0097 = Wepear Berry
0098 = Pinap Berry
0099 = Pomeg Berry
009A = Kelpsy Berry
009B = Qualot Berry
009C = Hondew Berry
009D = Grepa Berry
009E = Tamato Berry
009F = C ornn Berry
00A0 = Magost Berry
00A1 = Rabuta Berry
00A2 = Nomel Berry
00A3 = Spelon Berry
00A4 = Pamtre Berry
00A5 = Watmel Berry
00A6 = Durin Berry
00A7 = Belue Berry
00A8 = Liechi Berry
00A9 = Ganlon Berry
00AA = Salac Berry
00AB = Petaya Berry
00AC = Apicot Berry
00AD = Lansat Berry
00AE = Starf Berry
00AF = Enigma Berry

Unlimited TM/HM
Unlimited tm/hm last firered cheat

Input the code and change the YYYY into the corresponding TM/HM that you want. Head to any Item PC and withdraw your TM/HM in an unlimited manner.

820257C4 YYYY

TM/HM Code

0121 = TM01 Focus Punch
0122 = TM02 Dragon Claw
0123 = TM03 Water Pulse
0124 = TM04 Calm Mind
0125 = TM05 Roar
0126 = TM06 Toxic
0127 = TM07 Hail
0128 = TM08 Bulk Up
0129 = TM09 Bullet Seed
012A = TM10 Hidden Power
012B = TM11 Sunny Day
012C = TM12 Taunt
012D = TM13 Ice Beam
012E = TM14 Blizzard
012F = TM15 Hyper Beam
0130 = TM16 Light Screen
0131 = TM17 Protect
0132 = TM18 Rain Dance
0133 = TM19 Giga Drain
0134 = TM20 Safeguard
0135 = TM21 Frustration
0136 = TM22 Solar Beam
0137 = TM23 Iron Tail
0138 = TM24 Thunderbolt
0139 = TM25 Thunder
013A = TM26 Earthquake
013B = TM27 Return
013C = TM28 Dig
013D = TM29 Psychic
013E = TM30 Shadow Ball
013F = TM31 Brick Break
0140 = TM32 Double Team
0141 = TM33 Reflect
0142 = TM34 Shock Wave
0143 = TM35 Flamethrower
0144 = TM36 Sludge Bomb
0145 = TM37 Sandstorm
0146 = TM38 Fire Blast
0147 = TM39 Rock Tomb
0148 = TM40 Aerial Ace
0149 = TM41 Torment
014A = TM42 Facade
014B = TM43 Secret Power
014C = TM44 Rest
014D = TM45 Attract
014E = TM46 Thief
014F = TM47 Steel Wing
0150 = TM48 Skill Swap
0151 = TM49 Snatch
0152 = TM50 Overheat
0153 = HM01 Cut
0154 = HM02 Fly
0155 = HM03 Surf
0156 = HM04 Strength
0157 = HM05 Flash
0158 = HM06 Rock Smash
0159 = HM07 Waterfall
015A = HM08 Dive

Wild Pokemon Nature Modifier

Input the First Code followed by the specific Nature Code of the Pokemon that you want. Then, just capture the Pokemon and it will have the Nature that you want.

First Code

Nature Code

D0E34D66 5796A7D3 = Hardy
D73BC50A 5F47AA0E = Lonely
E485844D 2F24038C = Brave
5EB8DEEE 692ED298 = Adamant
83286B46 6479AA98 = Naughty
35EB915F 08F33974 = Bold
A58F6F1B BFB13FEF = Docile
34027F23 7E7E1599 = Relaxed
CDA2AB99 F89D5BB9 = Impish
D593BF29 E18AAAE5 = Lax
1BC372C9 06B4D17F = Timid
D4950A99 D729D80A = Hasty
93F04759 F95753D9 = Serious
E9EC2CBF A7EDD4A7 = Jolly
56F744B0 37E16732 = Naive
E1EB2109 4480C28D = Modest
A2461E51 304137B6 = Mild
0456554B 66D3AAF9 = Quiet
B05B4CCD A0A1505B = Bashful
909149AB 2DE8726A = Rash
31F62F82 D9A0C100 = Calm
9A41D845 41B93FE6 = Gentle
D47DA721 6C3B9FFC = Sassy
1A15BF1E E72650E4 = Careful
5A7B2626 21ECD183 = Quirky

Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier

Input the code of the gender of the Pokemon that you want to capture.

Female Code
EB34F751 A96B854D
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Male Code
EB34F751 A96B854D
141BB87C 83D7018F

Shared Cheats

Shiny Pokemon Encounter, (Shared by Aarav)

1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Pokemart items cost 0, (Shared by Razel)

82003884 02C6

G-Max Factor, (Shared by Razel)

82003884 003B

G-Max Factor, (Shared by Ally)

TM01 Focus Punch 820257C40121
TM02 Dragon Claw 820257C40122
TM03 Water Pulse 820257C40123
TM04 Calm Mind 820257C40124
TM05 Roar 820257C40125
TM06 Toxic 820257C40126
TM07 Hail 820257C40127
TM08 Bulk Up 820257C40128
TM09 Bullet Seed 820257C40129
TM10 Hidden Power 820257C4012A
TM11 Sunny Day 820257C4012B
TM12 Taunt 820257C4012C
TM13 Ice Beam 820257C4012D
TM14 Blizzard 820257C4012E
TM15 Hyper Beam 820257C4012F
TM16 Light Screen 820257C40130
TM17 Protect 820257C40131
TM18 Rain Dance 820257C40132
TM19 Giga Drain 820257C40133
TM20 Safeguard 820257C40134
TM21 Frustration 820257C40135
TM22 Solar Beam 820257C40136
TM23 Iron Tail 820257C40137
TM24 Thunderbolt 820257C40138
TM25 Thunder 820257C40139
TM26 Earthquake 820257C4013A
TM27 Return 820257C4013B
TM28 Dig 820257C4013C
TM29 Psychic 820257C4013D
TM30 Shadow Ball 820257C4013E
TM31 Brick Break 820257C4013F
TM32 Double Team 820257C40140
TM33 Reflect 820257C40141
TM34 Shock Wave 820257C40142
TM35 Flamethrower 820257C40143
TM36 Sludge Bomb 820257C40144
TM37 Sandstorm 820257C40145
TM38 Fire Blast 820257C40146
TM39 Rock Tomb 820257C40147
TM40 Aerial Ace 820257C40148
TM41 Torment 820257C40149
TM42 Facade 820257C4014A
TM43 Secret Power 820257C4014B
TM44 Rest 820257C4014C
TM45 Attract 820257C4014D
TM46 Thief 820257C4014E
TM47 Steel Wing 820257C4014F
TM48 Skill Swap 820257C40150
TM49 Leech Fang 820257C40151
TM50 Overheat 820257C40152
TM51 Roost 820257C40153
TM52 Focus Blast 820257C40154
TM53 Energy Ball 820257C40155
TM54 False Swipe 820257C40156
TM55 Brine 820257C40157
TM56 Hone Claws 820257C40158
TM57 Charge Beam 820257C40159
TM58 Endure 820257C4015A
TM59 Dragon Pulse 820257C40177
TM60 Drain Punch 820257C40178
TM61 Will-o-wisp 820257C40179
TM62 Silver Wind 820257C4017A
TM63 Venoshock 820257C4017B
TM64 Explosion 820257C4017C
TM65 Shadow Claw 820257C4017D
TM66 Payback 820257C4017E
TM67 Recycle 820257C4017F
TM68 Giga Impact 820257C40180
TM69 Rock Polish 820257C40181
TM70 Flash 820257C40182
TM71 Stone Edge 820257C40183
TM72 Avalanche 820257C40184
TM73 Thunder Wave 820257C40185
TM74 Gyro Ball 820257C40186
TM75 Swords Dance 820257C40187
TM76 Stealth Rock 820257C40188
TM77 Flame Charge 820257C40189
TM78 Low Sweep 820257C4018A
TM79 Dark Pulse 820257C4018B
TM80 Rock Slide 820257C4018C
TM81 X Scissor 820257C4018D
TM82 Sleep Talk 820257C4018E
TM83 Scald 820257C4018F
TM84 Poison Jab 820257C40190
TM85 Dream Eater 820257C40191
TM86 Grass Knot 820257C40192
TM87 Swagger 820257C40193
TM88 Pluck 820257C40194
TM89 U-Turn 820257C40195
TM90 Substitute 820257C40196
TM91 Flash Cannon 820257C40197
TM92 Volt Switch 820257C40198
TM93 Dragon Tail 820257C40199
TM94 Incinerate 820257C4019A
TM95 Struggle Bug 820257C4019B
TM96 Bulldoze 820257C4019C
TM97 Frost Breath 820257C4019D
TM98 Work Up 820257C4019E
TM99 Wild Charge 820257C4019F
TM100 Infestation 820257C401A0
TM101 Power-Up Hit 820257C401A1
TM102 Dazzling Gleam 820257C401A2
TM103 Sludge Wave 820257C401A3
TM104 Psyshock 820257C401A4
TM105 Brutal Swing 820257C401A5
TM106 Smart Strike 820257C401A6
TM107 Acrobatics 820257C401A7
TM108 Snarl 820257C401A8
TM109 Defog 820257C401A9
TM110 Captivate 820257C401AA
TM111 Smack Down 820257C401AB
TM112 Round 820257C401AC
TM113 Echoed Voice 820257C401AD
TM114 Natural Gift 820257C401AE
TM115 Quash 820257C401AF
TM116 Trick Room 820257C401B0
TM117 Fling 820257C401B1
TM118 Aurora Veil 820257C401B2
TM119 Sky Drop 820257C401B3
TM120 Nature Power 820257C401B4

HMs, (Shared by Ally)

HM01 Cut 820257C401B5
HM02 Fly 820257C401B6
HM03 Surf 820257C401B7
HM04 Strength 820257C401B8
HM05 Dive 820257C401B9
HM06 Rock Smash 820257C401BA
HM07 Waterfall 820257C401BB
HM08 Rock Climb 820257C401BC

Thanks to Ally for sharing the cheats and akaMecha for the confirmation

Mythical & Dragon Pokemon Encounter (Shared by Poke)

8202404C 04B6 = Zeraora
8202404C 0346= Zygarde complete
8202404C 033B= Diancie

Gold Bottle Cap (Shared by pkmn069 and Anthony Lasalle )

820257C4 0269

Note: Cheat works on Myboy and Visual Boy Advance 2.1.4

Galar Legendary Pokemon Encounter (Shared by Poke)

8202404C 04C1 = Galar articuno
8202404C 04C2 = Galar zapdos
8202404C 04C3 = Galar moltres

Wishing Piece (Shared by Ray)

Instruction: Apply the cheat and withdraw the item from your PC.
820257C4 0058

Mega Stones (Shared by AJ)

Instruction: Replace YYYY with the corresponding mega stone ID. With mega stones from your PC.

820257C4 YYYY

01BE – Venusaurite
01BF – Charizardite X
01C0 – Charizardite Y
01C1 – Blastoisinite
01C2 – Beedrillite
01C3 – Pidgeotite
01C4 – Alakazite
01C5 – Slowbronite
01C6 – Gengarite
01C7 – Kangaskhite
01C8 – Pinsirite
01C9 – Gyaradosite
01CA – Aerodactylite
01CB – Mewtwonite X
01CC – Mewtwonite Y
01CD – Ampharosite
01CE – Steelixite
01CF – Scizorite
01D0 – Heracronite
01D1 – Houndoominite
01D2 – Tyranitarite
01D3 – Sceptilite
01D4 – Blazikenite
01D5 – Swampertite
01D6 – Gardevoirite
01D7 – Sablenite
01D8 – Mawilite
01D9 – Aggronite
01DA – Medichamite
01DB – Manectite
01DC – Sharpedonite
01DD – Cameruptite
01DE – Altarianite
01DF – Banettite
01E0 – Absolite
01E1 – Glalitite
01E2 – Salamencite
01E3 – Metagrossite
01E4 – Latiasite
01E5 – Latiosite
01E6 – Lopunnite
01E7 – Garchompite
01E8 – Lucarionite
01E9 – Abomasite
01EA – Galladite
01EB – Audinite
01EC – Diancite

Fast Egg Hatch (Shared by Lmao)

820285C6 00FE

Note: Egg will hatch within 5 or more steps.
Cheat verified by Bekki and Lyra marie

Wild Pokemon Modifier (Shared by: Lol eat my pocket)

Instruction: Enter code and change Y with the pokemon id from Pokedex

8202404C 000Y

Example: Enter code 8202404C 0006 to encounter Charizard.

In Closing

These are currently the only available Pokemon Last Fire Red cheats that you can use. Unfortunately, there are no Pokemon, and Legendary modifier cheats at the moment since the ROM hack has a ton of Pokemon from multiple Generations. But there are some shared by our readers; I recommend checking them.

On the bright side, the important ones are there, such as unlimited Master Balls, Rare Candies, Item Modifiers, and more. You may not even need to use all of them, and for the ones that you’ll use, you’ll just end up turning them off when you no longer need them.

Make sure to turn on the cheats and not use a lot of them at the same time. This is just to prevent the cheats from overlapping against each other, causing the game to glitch out or even crash.

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Tested Pokémon The Last Fire Red/Unbound Item Cheats (Just Activate the cheat and check your Pc) Enjoy;) 82025804 YYYY 0001 = Master Ball 0002 = Ultra Ball 0003 = Great Ball 0004 = Poke Ball 0005 = Safari Ball 0006 = Net Ball 0007 = Dive Ball 0008 = Nest Ball 0009 = Repeat Ball 000A = Timer Ball 000B = Luxury Ball 000C = Premier Ball 000D = Potion 000E = Antidote 000F = Burn Heal 0010 = Ice Heal 0011 = Awakening 0012 = Parlyz Heal 0013 = Full Restore 0014 = Max Potion 0015 = Hyper Potion… Read more »

Hi Pwilsonlf3, thanks for these codes. These will surely be useful. Let’s ask for feedback from fellow players regarding the codes before adding them to the official list above.

– Can anyone confirm if any of the cheats work? Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Sorry for crosspromoting but I’ve noticed a lot of cheats shared between Last Fire Red and Radical Red, so folks looking for cheats might want to check to see if the equivalent in the Radical Red list works. An example I’ve tested are the encounter modifier codes in the comments section though the listed Glastrier, Spectrier, Calyrex_Ice and Calyrex_Shadow codes do not work. Not sure if it’s a thing where some stuff got rearranged in the codes so infact actually elsewhere in the list replacing something else but if that’s the case I have not found them. Also haven’t tested… Read more »

Hi Ardi, no problem, and thanks for sharing that information.

does anyone have crowned zazamenta cheat code

Can someone pleased kindly have a crowned zazamenta cheat code.

8202404C 04B5

oh sh** here go again cj gta san andreas.

Anyone know a bottle caps cheat?

820257C4 0268

Please add z rings cheat codes

Can I have cheat for red ord

Is there a cheat code for infinite steps in the safari zone?

Can someone tell the working codes to get a MEWTWO? The regular one not the armoured mewtwo…

8E883EFF 92E9660D

100% Catch rate for pokemon

Works with every pokemon

Thanks for this Cappy.

– Any “The Last Fire Red” players can verify this cheat?

No the cheat doesn’t work both of them 🙁

it only works on v4.0.2 Shaqral

It works but to make it work just enable it when you start the battle

It only works on v4.0.3

Cheat code for wishing piece 820257C4 0058

Anyone can verify this cheat working?

It’s work.

Thanks Zharf.

This is a lot of work and time to get these cheats up
Note: some might not work

Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheats – Max Stats ROM Cheats & Codes: First Pokemon 420242DA03E7 000000070002 Second Pokemon 4202433E03E7 000000070002 Third Pokemon 420243A203E7 000000070002 Fourth Pokemon 4202440603E7 000000070002 Fifth Pokemon 4202446A03E7 000000070002 Sixth Pokemon 420244CE03E7 000000070002 Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheats – Unlimited PP 42023C08 6363 00000002 0002 One Hit Kill TLFR ROM Cheats & Codes: 95EDFBBA A5A72A78 C833D1A0 02FA7205 Poke mart Items Cost 1 TLFR ROM Cheats & Codes: 3C25A344 FD8F451C AD86124F 2823D8DA Female Cheats & Codes : EB34F751 A96B854D 78DA95DF 44018CB4 Male Cheats & Codes: EB34F751 A96B854D 141BB87C 83D7018F Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheats –… Read more »

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820257C4 XXXX (Replace XXXX with:) Item Cheats 00B3 = Bright Powder 00B4 = White Herb 00B5 = Macho Brace 00B6 = Exp Share 00B7 = Quick C law 00B8 = Soothe Bell 00B9 = Mental Herb 00BA = C hoice Band 00BB = King’s Rock 00BC = Silver Powder 00BD = Amulet C oin 00BE = C leanse Tag 00BF = Soul Dew 00C 0 = Deep Sea Tooth 00C 1 = Deep Sea Scale 00C 2 = Smoke Ball 00C 3 = Everstone 00C 4 = Focus Band 00C 5 = Lucky Egg 00C 6 = Scope Lens 00C… Read more »

Alll codes are founded by Me Cheat:8202404C XXXX Replace XXXX Kanto Pokemon Bulbasaur 0001 Ivysaur 0002 Venusaur 0003 Charmander 0004 Charmeleon 0005 Charizard 0006 Squirtle 0007 Wartortle 0008 Blastoise 0009 Caterpie 000A Metapod 000B Butterfree 000C Weedle 000D Kakuna 000E Beedrill 000F Pidgey 0100 Pidgeotto 0011 Pidgeot 0012 Rattata 0013 Raticate 0014 Spearow 0015 Fearow 0016 Ekans 0017 Arbok 0018 Pikachu 0019 Raichu 001A Sandshrew 001B Sandslash 001C Nidoran 001D Nidorina 001E Nidoqueen 001F Nidoran 0020 Nidorino 0021 Nidoking 0022 Clefairy 0023 Clefable 0024 Vulpix 0025 Ninetails 0026 Jigglypuff 0027 Wigglytuff 0028 Zubat 0029 Golbat 002A Oddish 002B Gloom 002C… Read more »

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Thanks for a huge share Cappy.

Yep just one minor downside it also changes other trainer’s pokemon depending on the pokemon code you use

Marshadow cheat code does work but i encounter buzzwole

Do you have a cheat code or do you know how I can get a legit blue shellos and gastrodon because when I use the cheat I only get the pink one and the only legit locations are also the pink one


Can u kindly give me the code bc i cant find it

hi i have cheat of all wild pokemon modifier please tell me how to upload it

Does anyone have the encounter code for zarude ?

Uhhh why don’t one shot kill work on trainers I’m struggling in elite four do you infinite hp chat code?

Is there infinite health??? I’m struggling in elite four 🙁

Then you should actually stop relying on cheats

Poipole cheat please and how to evolve

you just need to teach the move dragon pulse And go up a level

Hello is there any cheat for wishing piece i guess

Kings rock and Wise glasses cheat please.

Looking for a Spectrier(Without calyrex) encounter code and possibly Reins of unity item code if possible.

how do i put in the cheat codes

The master ball comment doesn’t work…
Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a cheat for Deino?

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820257C4 00C7=iron coat but it didn’t worked it replaced nidokinite plss help i need iron coat cheat plss for my onix i use myboy for simulator

how can you find zekrom reshiram kyurem here in the well with gigantamx form pokemon?

I don’t know but if you want you can get one with this code 000014D1 000A 8202404C 02B8 Reshiram 02B9 zekrom

Move Modifier Cheat 72023D74 8919 82023D74 8A25 72023D74 8A4B 82023D74 8A65 72023D74 8A31 82023D74 8A65 82024022 YYYY INSTRUCTION! – JUST CHANGE THE LAST NUMBERS. – ENTER BATTLE THEN CHOOSE “RUN” – A BOX WILL APPEAR THEN CHOOSE “YES” Example (Pound) 72023D74 8919 82023D74 8A25 72023D74 8A4B 82023D74 8A65 72023D74 8A31 82023D74 8A65 82024022 0001 Moves Modifier: 001 Pound 002 Karate chop 003 Double slap 004 Comet punch 005 Mega punch 006 Pay day 007 Fire punch 008 Ice punch 009 Thunder punch 00A Scratch 00B Vicegrip 00C Guillotine 00D Razor wind 00E Swords dance 00F Cut 010 Gust 011 Wing… Read more »

Hey PokéCheatResearcher, thanks for sharing pal. I appreciate your help, Keep em’ coming. Let’s hear some feedback from other players with these codes.

-Anyone can verify the shared cheats working?

It works on VisualBoyAdvance Emulator

What is the cheat code for zacian and Zaman eta encounter cuz I really need it

8202404C 04CE – Gigantamax Venusaur
8202404C 04CF – Gigantamax Charizard
8202404C 04D0 – Gigantamax Blastoise

Thanks for these PRINCEKEN, let’s ask for feedback from other players with these codes.

-Anyone here can verify these Gigantamax codes working?

Cheat code for catching wild sobble groockey and scorbunny

Ia there is any big mushroom cheat

need because i want to remain move of pokemon

Cheat code Can only buy in Pokemart

Rusty Shield: 82003884 02C7
Rusty Sword: 82003884 02C7

Note: Once you Buy it shows a masterball with 0 price buts its actually the and Rusty Sword or the Shield

Thanks for these Steve.

-Anyone can help verify these cheats? I appreciate your help.

sorry the cheat for rusty sword is 82003884 02C6

Do you have infinite hp cheat? I really need it

How do I use the sword and shield

Anyone tell me fast egg hatch cheat

Try this code boy 820285C6 00FE this code I tested in pokemon unbound and it works well and surely should work in the last fire red

What are the cheat to get the fossils?

We don’t have them yet Dalton, sorry about that.

Is there a level modifier cheat?

Is there any cheatcodes for the rustler sword because I need to evolve my zacian

Sorry, we don’t have them yet. But stay tuned, we don’t stop working to bring you guys the best cheats for these games.

Any level modifier cheat?

hey guys! what pokemon the last fire red latest version did you play.. mine is 4.01.. is there any latest version?.

820257C4 01BE Venausaurite 820257C4 01Bf Charizardite X 820257C4 01c0 Charizardite Y 820257C4 01c1 Blastoisnit 820257C4 01c2 Beedrillite 820257C4 01c3 Pidgeotite 820257C4 01c4 Alakazite 820257C4 01c5 Slowbronite 820257C4 01c6 Gengarite 820257C4 01c7 Kangaskhanit 820257C4 01c8 Pinsirit 820257C4 01c9 Gyaradosite 820257C4 01ca Aerodactylit 820257C4 01cb Mewtwonite X 820257C4 01cc Mewtwonite Y 820257C4 01cd Ampharosite 820257C4 01ce Steelixite 820257C4 01cf Scizorite 820257C4 01d0 Heracronite 820257C4 01d1 Houndoomnit 820257C4 01d2 Tyranitarite 820257C4 01d3 Sceptilite 820257C4 01d4 Blazikenite 820257C4 01d5 Swampertite 820257C4 01d6 Gardevoirite 820257C4 01d7 Sablenite 820257C4 01d8 Mawilite 820257C4 01d9 Aggronite 820257C4 01da Medichamite 820257C4 01db Manectite 820257C4 01dc Sharpedonite 820257C4 01dd Cameruptite… Read more »

Thanks for the share Mizu.

-Anyone here would like to test and share their feedback on these cheats? I appreciate your help.

It is not working pls help


Where is typhlonite? I really need it 🙁

I have this pokemon one of them is given by the cheats. 1.Eternatus 2.Eternatus 3.Zygarde 4.Ash greninja 5.dragapult 6.g max inteleon

What is the code for ash greninja?

Well its simple you just have to go to the wormhole in cerulean city

If anyone wants riolu cheatcode.these are the cheatcode
8202404C 01F4

My dudes
I need life orb cheat

Do you all region pokemon modifier??

cheat to get initials?

Can i have every starter cheats code?

Try the code from the original fireRed

Hey . I need help ! I cannot switch my pokemon place in menu . When I tried , all it shows was Summary and Exit

Is there a Complete pokedex cheat for the last fire red??

Can any one share palkia and dialga cheat?

Is there a cheat for lighting rock dusk form?

Use dusk stone tried it and it’s legit working