Pokemon Emerald Legendary Cheats


No doubt, encountering a legendary Pokemon is one of the most amazing and exciting events in your gaming experience when playing your favorite Pokemon game. You can’t encounter these legendary even with pure hard work, and that’s why Pokemon Emerald Legendary cheats come so handy.

In this post, I will try to help you encounter your favorite Legendary Pokemon for your Pokemon Emerald. Finding these Pokemon in their specific locations is sometimes frustrating, though much more rewarding if you prefer a lot easier way than using cheats is your best option.

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Now, see below the Pokemon Emerald legendary cheats, apply the cheat in your GBA emulator, and enjoy seeing the Pokemon your choice in the game. You can also easily catch any of these Pokemon using a master ball cheat and level up using a rare candy cheat for Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon emerald legendary pokemon cheat

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Pokemon Emerald Legendary Pokemon Codes

Pokemon Emerald Legendary Pokemon Codes

Master codes (Add this first as separate cheat)
00006FA7 000A
1006AF88 0007

83007CF6 0191

83007CF6 0197

83007CF6 0194

83007CF6 0196

83007CF6 019A

83007CF6 00FA

83007CF6 00F3

83007CF6 00F5

83007CF6 0095

83007CF6 0091

83007CF6 0097

83007CF6 0192

83007CF6 0193

83007CF6 0198

83007CF6 0195

83007CF6 0199

83007CF6 00F9

83007CF6 00FB

83007CF6 00F4

83007CF6 0090

83007CF6 0092

83007CF6 0096

83007CF6 008E


With these powerful Pokemon Emerald cheats at your disposal, you’ll have a guaranteed advantage and endless fun.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s important to use cheats responsibly and to save your game progress before enabling any codes. Happy hunting!

If you’re having issues with the cheat, check out this guide How to Fix Not Working and Glitchy Cheats for Pokemon GBA Games.

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Does the pokemon from the cheat spawn in one place?

How do you find the second master code

Use the 2nd master code it will work

It doesn’t show the cheat type that’s why it’s not working

why wont the legednary cheat code work

It doesn’t show that cheat type

It’s not working even if I follow the instructions

How type cheat?

It works but when I encounter Jirachi it has the name of other pokemon (only in battle) and after I catch it the game crashed. I managed to catch it one time without the game crashing. It’s pokedex entry was fine but when I went to the pc to put her in my party the game crashed. Is there any way to prevent this?

Dude, disable the cheat after encountering it. then catch it. it wont crash.same happened to me.

is there a cheat to get rayquaza

where is the pokemon??

I cant find legendary pokemon🙁

use the mas cheat then name of pokemon then when you go to encounter it should stop you just turn off the master code ok then you encounter the legendary

Do you have Mega stone cheat for pokemon emerald trashman pls i really need it

After Typing the Master Code and Latios Code my game froze I tried restarting the game but its still frozen what should i do? btw i’m playing pokemon emerald in Fire Gba

I don’t have any other cheats other than latios also i deleted all the cheats but still no avail

Hey if your game freezes after going into a grass with the latios cheat go to your cheat bar thing and turn off the latios cheat and wait like 1 second and the latios pops up
You’re welcome

Is it possible to get Giratina?

It isn’t because pokemon emerald was created before pokemon platinum meaning that giratina isn’t in the game

Is thier no way to get Giratina??

i do the master sheet and the legendary code, but just find wild pokemon that you usually find on the route! what do i do?

Why if I turn on the cheat why it just gonna hacker will turn of

Where I can find mew.

You can’t find it normally. It’s only in japanese version of game

It’s on Faraway Island, there’s a cheat to get to it

Hey when I try to catch the legendary it ends up as a bad egg is there anything to help prevent this?

U must touch L and R to not get bad egg

When i types groudon cheat it will automatically hack &switch -off

Yes same happened dude I used kayogre’s hydro pump and groudon got one shot and I couldn’t catch it so I searched for legendary cheats and got this and after entering game I typed the cheat and same thing happened

Hey i dont know how to use teleport cheat . Can anyone tell me please

Thank you guy all this cheat work

Hi the cheat is not working. I am using gba4ios and I have pokemon emerald (trashman) and ios 12. every time i use it crashes.

It’s popping up but then my game restarts

Do you need both master codes? Or is it just one big code?.

Do I enter both codes?

I did the master code separately from the code and it asked what cheat type and
even if I do all of the cheat types it will say that its invalid, (I’m playing on John GBA)


What if the codes don’t work I’m playing Pokémon emerald and I got a gba emulator

how i find a legendary pokemon

The master code will not work none of them will im using my boy emulator



Where i can find a legendary Pokémon?

I did but I only encountered the usual wild pokemon not the legendary pokemon