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Pokemon Stadium Cheats, Hints, and Tips

Pokemon Stadium is an interesting addition to the franchise. It isn’t available on portable devices and it featured 3D graphics which was a first for the franchise at the time.

The gameplay in terms of the battle system is the same where it is a turn-based system where you have to compete against enemy trainers in several game modes and you would want some Pokemon Stadium cheats.

While the game is decades old already, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t playing the game anymore.

Many people can even appreciate the game because there still copies of the game around and functioning Nintendo 64 units and emulators. That’s why you can use these Pokemon Stadium cheats, hints, and tips to enjoy the game.

Pokemon Stadium cheats

Pokemon Stadium Cheats for Nintendo 64

The GameShark Cheat Codes (Requires Version 3.0 Above)

Here are just a few Game Shark codes that you can use when playing the game. If you’re not using an emulator, your Game Shark should be version 3.0 above. The codes are specific for each player if you want to unlock them.

Player 1 First Pokemon Codes

800AE562 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE586 03E7 = Max HP
800AE584 0063 = Level 99
800AE580 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE581 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE582 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE583 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Player 1 Second Pokemon Codes

800AE5B6 03E7= Infinite HP
810AE5DA 03E7 = Max HP
800AE5D8 0063 = Level 99
800AE5D4 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE5D5 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE5D6 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE5D7 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Player 1 Third Pokemon Codes

800AE60A 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE62E 03E7 = Max HP
800AE62C 0063 = Level 99
800AE628 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE629 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE62A 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE62B 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Player 2 First Pokemon Codess

810AE65E 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE682 03E7 = Max HP
800AE680 0063 = Level 99
800AE67C 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE67D 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE67E 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE67F 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Player 2 Second Pokemon Codes

810AE6B2 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE6D6 03E7 = Max HP
800AE6D4 0063 = Level 99
800AE6D0 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE6D1 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE6D2 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE6D3 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Player 2 Third Pokemon Codes

810AE706 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE72A 03E7 = Max HP
800AE728 0063 = Level 99
800AE724 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE725 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE726 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE727 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Diddy Kong Racing, Keycode Required

Enable Code (Must Be On)
DE000400 0000

81285A10 007F = Infinite HP All Pokémon

Getting a New Title Screen

You simply need to complete the Gym Leader Castle Mode and the other Stadium Modes. The title screen should be different from the one that you always get.

Getting Bonus Stickers

You need to complete both R-1 and R-2 modes along with the Mewtwo battles. When you did all of that, head to the Gallery Mode and you’ll be at the main screen. What you need to do now is to hold L and R at the same time. Move the cursor to Print as L and R and pressed and it will change to Bonus. You will then have access to the Bonus Stickers that you can use.

Getting a Talking Pikachu

This one is easy but can be hard because you need to connect a Gameboy to your N64. The Gameboy should have Pokemon Yellow where you will get the Pikachu there. Only on Pokemon Yellow will you get the Talking Pikachu.

Getting a Surfing Pikachu

Getting a Pikachu that knows Surf can be an interesting thing, but there are a lot of things that go with it.

The first is that you need to enter the R-2 Prime Cup’s Master Ball Division.

The next thing to do is that you need to have a Pikachu from your Gameboy and not a rental one, and it is important that you don’t register your team.

On your three Pokemon team, the Pikachu should be there.

Now, you need to finish the eight battles with the Pikachu on the team.

Finally, and this is the hard part, you shouldn’t use any continues because you’ll cannot get the Surfing Pikachu.

Once you do these correctly, you will be rewarded with the Surfing Pikachu. You can even trade that to your Gameboy games and the Pikachu can use Surf. This is one of the more interesting Pokemon Stadium cheats, hints, and tips that you can use.

Getting an Amnesia Psyduck

This one can be a tall order because you need to beat the game multiple times and register all 151 Pokemon in the Hall of Fame. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry even if you’re using Rental Pokemon as long as you register them. The Amnesia Psyduck will be rewarded to you once you register all 151 Pokemon. The caveat here is that the Amnesia Psyduck’s stats may not be good but you can do all of that again.

Renting Mew

Renting Mew can be easy once you unlock R-2 Mode. It is also available in the Gym Leader Castle and Free Battle Modes.

Battling Mewtwo

In order to battle Mewtwo, you first need to complete the Gym Leader Castle. The next thing that you need to do is to get all the trophies in all of the tournaments in Stadium Mode. You then notice that the map will turn to night. You’ll be able to fight Mewtwo after you completed these things.

Unlocking the Eight Bonus Pokemon

There are eight bonus Pokemon that you can get. These are;

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonchan
  • Eevee
  • Omanyte
  • Kabuto

To unlock them, you just need to complete the Gym Leader Castle along with your Rival and the Elite Four. Once you do, you will be awarded with one of the Pokemon mentioned above. If you want to unlock the other remaining ones, you need to do the process all over again.

Unlocking Kids Club: Hyper CPU Difficulty

To unlock this difficulty, you need to beat three CPU enemies under the Hard difficulty. You need to win the “Who’s the Best?” game five times under Hard as we stated. This will then open up the Hyper difficulty for the CPU. If Hard wasn’t hard enough, Hyper difficulty will really make you sweat. You can use this Pokemon Stadium cheats, hints, and tips to get a bit dazed in the game.

Unlocking R-2 Mode

You need to complete the game first. It is also a requirement to beat Mewtwo and you’ll be able to unlock Round 2 or R-2 Mode.

Unlocking Doduo and Dodrio Modes

First, when you want to unlock Doduo Mode, you need to finish the Poke Cup. When you finish the Poke Cup, the GB Tower will change into the Doduo GB Tower. The Doduo Mode doubles the speed in the game.

When you want to unlock Dodrio Mode, you simply beat the Prime Cup after you’ve completed the Poke Cup. Dodrio Mode greatly increases the speed of the game more than Doduo Mode.

Gameboy Cheating

This one is a bit risky but you are playing against the computer. When you are importing Pokemon from Gameboy games like Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, you can try and use cheats on them. You can cheat on the Gameboy games and buff up your Pokemon before you port them to Pokemon Stadium.

These are just a few of the Pokemon Stadium cheats, hints, and tips that you can use when you want to enjoy and complete your gaming experience with Pokemon Stadium.

Got tips or cheats you want to share? Email tips@pokemoncoders.com

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