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Are you looking for overall hints, guides, and tips in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire versions? If yes, start reading our guide to strategize your gameplay experience and create the best storyline of your Pokémon adventure!

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In this page, we featured the various tips and hints that will help you throughout your journey. Learn where to level up your Pokémon quickly, check our techniques in capturing Pokémon, consider the useful and popular items, and explore the mysteries and hidden spots of the Hoenn Region!

The Starters at the Littleroot Town

Pokemon ruby/sapphire starters

At first, you will obtain a level 5 starter Pokémon from Professor Birch after saving him from a wild Poochyena. At the start of the game, you should decide which Pokémon to choose either Torchic, Mudkip, or Treecko. If you will be asking which among these starters is the best? Well, it’s really depending on your preferences and combat skills as a player.

Torchic is initially a fire-type element with a tendency to evolve as a fire-fighting type Pokémon once it changed into a Combusken and Blaziken. Some players love fire types as their starters since it is convenient to use to defeat grass, bug, and ice type Pokémon.

If you are rooting for a water type starter, you may choose Mudkip. Aside from its water abilities, Mudkip may evolve soon into a Marshstomp and Swampert. Thus, it becomes a water and ground element type which can deal huge damage to fire, rock, and ground types.

A grass-type starter is commonly a rare choice among the players. Usually, a fire or water-type starter is the most picked in the game. If you’re looking for a cool grass-type Pokémon, I will recommend Treecko.

Although Treecko will not acquire a dual element upon evolution in the Ruby and Sapphire series, it’s special ability stands out among the grass-type Pokémon. It can greatly deal massive damage to water, rock, and ground types.

The Leveling Guide

Best Leveling Spots

As you go on with your adventure, you will encounter different Pokémon along the way. It is difficult to track all the areas where you can level up your Pokémon. Here is the summary of the locations and experience points to level up your party:

LevelLocation Pokémon
(High Exp)
5-10Petalburg WoodsSlakoth, Shroomish, Cascoon, Silcoon30 to 60
11-20Route 116Skitty50 to 140
Route 114Zangoose100 to 400
21-30Ocean Current & Water Routes Tentacool, Pelipper, Wailmer, Wailord100 to 400 & up
31-40Mt. PyreDuskull, Shuppet, Vulpix, Meditite200 to 400 & up
Route 118 to 119Electrike, Manectric, Linoone, Kecleon, Tropius 400 to 600 & up
Cave of Origins Golbat, Mawile 200 to 800 & up
Meteor Falls (Golbat’s hideout) 1F 2R & B1F 1RGolbat, Lunatone, Solrock 750 to 980
41-50Victory Road Golbat, Loudred, Hariyama, Lairon400 to 1000 & up
51-100Sky Pillar Golbat, Mawile, Claydol, Dusclops, Altaria700 to 1000 & up
Pokémon League Elite four & champion’s Pokémon 1000 & up

Oftentimes, the players used repel to avoid getting contact with wild Pokémon. Not all areas may provide the best experience points, and it may be time-consuming to battle all the Pokémon that will suddenly appear from any grass, caves, or water areas.

It’s challenging to find a page wherein it tells you where to level up your party. Usually, the players are asking via forum or community page. That’s why we come up with a list which includes levels, locations, Pokémon, and experience points so that you will no longer wonder where to go.

Where to find the Exp Share and Lucky Egg?

The Exp Share and Lucky Egg allow the selected Pokémon to receive experience points even if it does not participate in the battles. For Exp share, it normally allocates 50% of the experience points while Lucky egg allocates around 150% experience points.

These items are essential to level up your party fairly and squarely. It helps the weak ones to catch up with the strong Pokémon. Now, where to get the exp share and lucky egg? Here is our quick guide:

Exp Share – Take Mr. Stone letter to Steven in Dewford Town to obtain the Exp Share.

Lucky Egg – Capture a Chansey in the Safari Zone using the FireRed or LeafGreen version. Trade Chansey from FireRed or LeafGreen to your Ruby or Sapphire version.

The Day Care Center

The Day Care Center is a convenient way to level up your Pokémon even if you don’t always carry it in your party. You may also obtain eggs and increase your Pokédex data if you breed two similar Pokémon with different genders.

As we all know, Ditto is a useful Pokémon for breeding at the Day Care Center since it can be a substitute for any Pokémon. However, you will need to capture Ditto using the FireRed or LeafGreen version then trade it to your Ruby or Sapphire version.

Catching the Rare Pokémon

a) Where to find Groudon or Kyogre?

Groudon is the legendary Pokémon in Ruby version whereas its counterpart is Kyrogre in the Sapphire version. Before you complete your eight badges, you will first encounter Groudon or Kyogre at the Cave of Origins.

You can find Groudon or Kyogre’s lair at the upper part of the Pokémon gym in Sootopolis City. You will need to carry Ultraballs or Masterballs to capture this Pokémon.

b) Where to find the three Legendary Golems?

Some players called these Pokémon as the three Regis. If you notice, there are three mysterious caves surrounded by six rocks in Route 111, 105, and 120. You must activate the inner chamber before you can open these caves.

Surf at Route 134 and dive to arrive at the Sealed Chamber. You will need to go to the main chamber and use the dig ability. After that, it will lead you to the inner chamber. However, make sure to catch Relicanth and Wailord first before you go to the inner chamber. Position Relicanth as the first Pokémon and Wailord as the last in your party.

Sealed chamber

An earthquake will suddenly occur after you read the mysterious message at the inner chamber. A prompt message will also tell you that there are doors opened in various places. (This pertains to the three mysterious caves.)

Based on my personal experience, it takes time before I can able to catch the golems. That’s why you need a lot of ultra balls and master balls before you go to the three caves.

You must also need to save the game before talking to the golem. In this way, you may re-capture the golem just in case you fail to catch it for the first time. Where can you find the golems? Check out the routes below:


Location: Route 111 Desert Ruins at the Eastern part of Lavaridge Town

Pokémon ruby/sapphire legendary regirock


Location: Route 105 Island Cave at the Northern West part of Dewford Town

Pokémon ruby/sapphire legendary regice


Location: Route 120 Ancient Tomb at the Eastern part of Fortree City 

Pokémon ruby/sapphire legendary registeel

You may also refer to the video above since it also explained where to locate the three Regis.

c) Where to find Rayquaza in Ruby/Sapphire?

Have you been in Sky Pillar? This building is one of the hidden and mysterious places in Ruby and Sapphire. However, you can still search for the location using your PokéNav. It is a place at the right portion of the Pacifidlog Town going to Route 131.

Sky Pillar is the place where you can find a level 70 Rayquaza. You will need to carry several ultra balls or master balls to capture this rare Pokémon.

At the first floor, you may encounter the cracked blocks in which these blocks are very tricky for a walk or biking. If you are using an Acro Bike, it is better to exchange it for a Mach Bike before you go to Sky Pillar. However, it is still tricky on how you will control the Mach Bike and make way for a path.

d) Where to find Latios (Ruby) or Latias (Sapphire)?

After defeating the elite four, you will be transferred automatically in your room. As you go downstairs, you will notice that the TV will soon start broadcasting a news update about a flying Pokémon seen across the Hoenn Region.

Pokemon ruby/sapphire latios and latias

Catching Latias or Latios is a challenging part because you will need to hunt for this Pokémon. Go to all the areas of the Hoenn Map, walk on the grass, visit the caves, or swim in the ocean current.

In my personal experience, I got my Latios when I encountered it while I’m swimming around the ocean current at Route 134 from Slateport City. However, it depends on the player where they can find the Latias or Latios. Some players might capture it in the land area while some in the water area.

e) How to catch Bagon?

Visit the Fallarbor Town and go to the Meteor Falls Cave from this town. This cave connects the Fallarbor Town to Rustboro Town. However, it is easier to go to Bagon’s hideout if you will enter the cave from Fallabor. You may also watch the small clip below to reach Bagon’s spot.

f) How to catch Relicanth?

Fly to the Sootopolis City then surf at the southern part. Use dive and move around the seaweed areas. It takes patience to find this Pokémon since it does not casually appear most of the time.

Ruby/sapphire catching relicanth

g) How to catch Wailord?

From the Mossdeep City, surf at the southern part until you reach Route 129. This route is the only area where you can find the Wailord. Like the Relicanth, it takes time before you can catch a Wailord. As an alternative way, you may also capture a Wailmer and evolve it to Wailord.

Ruby/sapphire catching wailord

Where to find the Hidden Machine (HM) Items?

  • HM01 Cut – Find the cutter’s house located on the left side of the Pokémon Center at Rustboro City.
  • HM02 Fly – You may obtain this HM from your rival after defeating him or her at Route 119.
  • HM03 Surf – After defeating the gym leader at Petalburg city, you may obtain it from Wally’s father at Wally’s house. His house is on the left side of the gym.
  • HM04 Strength – Get it from the Rusturf Tunnel. Use rock smash to help the Karate guy and Wally’s sister to cross the tunnel. The Karate guy will reward you this item.
  • HM05 Flash – Go to the Dewford Town and enter the Granite Cave. Talk to the Hiker at the entrance to get the HM flash.
  • HM06 Rock Smash – Go inside the house right next to the Pokémon Mart at Mauville City. Talk to the scientist, and he will give you the rock smash.
  • HM07 Waterfall – After defeating all the seven gym leaders and Team Aqua at Route 128, you can find it at the Cave of Origins (Groudon/Kyogre’s lair) in Sootopolis City.
  • HM08 Dive – Talk to Steven Stone at the Mossdeep City. You can find his house in the Northwestern part.

Zigzagoon/Linoone Pick-Up Ability

Always carry around 1 or 2 Zigzagoon or Linoone in your party to pick up various items during your journey. This Pokémon has a unique ability to collect items as you go along the way.

You can even gather Rare candies using this Pokémon’s pick-up ability. If you are an item collector, you will probably need 2 or more Zigzagoon or Linoone in your party to maximize the items that you can obtain from various locations. It saves you time in buying potions or Pokéballs from mart since you can able to get these items solely from Zigzagoon or Linoone.

Pokemon ruby/sapphire zigzagoon and linoone

If you think you will still have any other tips or hints to share, please do not hesitate to comment your ideas below to help our fellow players enriched their gaming experience!

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