Pokemon Leaf Green: All Pokeball Cheat


This Pokemon LeafGreen All Pokeballs cheat may not work to some Pokemon LeafGreen game versions, such as V1.1. We recommend using V1.0 as this version fully support cheats. I have thoroughly tested this cheat and proved to be working using on recommended Pokemon LeafGreen ROM version. Most of the time, Gameshark codes works best for US v1.0 OM’s, but unfortunately, it’s not easy to find the file these days.

Update: A lot of things happened lately, it turns out the the all Pokeball cheat is buggy. The cheat floods your bag with unusable Pokeball will make no room for new items. Use the cheat at your own risk and think twice before applying it.


All Pokeballs cheat for Pokemon Leaf Green

Have All Pokeballs

See the cheat in action, click here watch this youtube video

Note: After activating the Have All Pokeballs cheat, it is a good idea to delete the cheat codes in your emulator. Don’t worry, the Pokeballs will stay intact and you can freely use it whenever you want.

Be warned: This cheat could give you bad egg when LeafGreen version does not support the cheat. Check your bag or pc after activating the all Pokeball cheat and If you find a bad egg, don’t save the game and avoid using the cheat again.

Got a question regarding activating “All Pokeball” cheat for Pokemon LeafGreen? You can use the comment form below.

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