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Pokemon Jupiter is a ROM hack of Ruby. This is an interesting one because this hack was created all the way back in 2009. The latest updates about it were somewhere around the mid-2010s’. It’s an intriguing hack because some think that it is incomplete and some bugs have not been fixed. Then again, the important thing is that it is playable.

The character you play as is Ivan from the Golden Sun games. There are elements from those games incorporated in Jupiter but it is still a Pokemon game never the less. Speaking of the Pokemon, the game has a mixture of random Pokemon from different Generations and a plethora of Fakemons that you can catch, train, evolve, and use in battle.

Details on Pokemon Jupiter


Despite elements of Pokemon Jupiter being based on the Golden Sun games, the story is a bit unique. Your character Ivan and Charon reside in the Mynoan Civilization. A great calamity is headed to the Mynoan Civilization and Ivan along with Charon escapes to the Pokemon World. They are separated and Ivan meets up with a young trainer named Rachel. After saving her, he receives his own Pokemon and must traverse through the Pokemon World to find Charon and fight some Gym Leaders along the way.


The Pokemon roster is made up of those from Generation I as well as randomly picked ones from other Gens. A lot of the Pokemon that make up the roster are Fakemons with very interesting designs. The game also has unique musical tracks and altered sprites for some of the characters and Pokemon. The gameplay is the same and it has a lot of influences from the Golden Sun games. In fact, if you played them, you may see some interesting characters making their appearance in Pokemon Jupiter.

Pokemon Jupiter Game Information

Pokemon jupiter cover

Pokemon Jupiter
Creator: Corvus of the Black Night
Game Base: Ruby
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Elements from the Golden Sun games are present
  • A mixture of miscellaneous Pokemon different Gens and Fakemons
  • An array of unique musical tracks and weird sound effects
  • There is a Telepathy feature that allows you to converse with some Pokemon in the field


Pokemon jupiter screenshots

Pokemon Jupiter Download

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