Pokemon FireRed Legendary Pokemon Cheats

Encountering legendary Pokémon in Pokemon FireRed can be both exciting and rare. However, the game can become dull and less fun if you don’t know how to find them.

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However, using cheats for Pokemon FireRed to encounter your favorite Legendary Pokemon is interesting. On this page, you are given a chance to meet your favorite legendary Pokemon through cheats and have battled with them as you want.

Just a friendly suggestion, do not ever abuse the cheat as it will make your game confuse and will freeze your whole game, or worst case, it will crash without saving your current progress so be aware.

Note: I cannot guarantee that all of these Pokemon FireRed legendary cheats will work for you, as there are various versions of the Pokemon FireRed ROM available for download online. Currently, I am using the FireRed US ROM V1.0.

Again, if you are using non-US FireRed ROM, I’m not sure if this list will work for you, but I will try my best to find the cheat for your ROM version.

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Remember: Enter the mastercode first before adding the main Pokemon encounter cheat code.

000014D1 000A 1003dae6 0007

Legendary/Mythical PokemonCheat Code
Articuno83007CEE 0090
Zapdos83007CEE 0091
Dratini83007CEE 0093
Dragonair83007CEE 0094
Dragonite83007CEE 0095
Mewtwo83007CEE 0096
Mew (won’t obey)83007CEE 0097
Deoxys83007CEE 019A
Moltres83007CEE 0092
Entei83007CEE 00F4
Lugia83007CEE 00F9
Ho-oh83007CEE 00FA

Warning: To avoid crashing your game, it is advisable not to activate multiple cheats simultaneously. It is best to enable one legendary Pokémon at a time and exercise caution when combining this cheat with others.

If you are looking for more cheats for your FireRed game, check our Pokemon FireRed cheats page, and for extra fun and excitement, I would suggest downloading any of our listed Pokemon ROM Hacks.


Pokemon ROM hacks are awesome games created by Pokemon fans based on original Pokemon games. Rom hacks enhance regular Pokemon ROMs by adding impressive and exciting features that the old GBA ROMs lack.

These aren’t a virus, and the creator of Pokemon ROM seems like it allows this kind of modification.

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I'm a Pokemon fan since childhood, and I love watching Pokemon movies and TV series. When playing Pokemon games, I use emulators, and I very much enjoy a game when I use a cheat. Join me exploring the world of Pokemon gaming using cheat codes.

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these code for registeel and regice needs to be reversed



What about Raikou and Suicune?

Giratina kyurem cheat code ?
Please provide this

Giratina is Gen 4 and Kyurem is Gen 5, they weren’t in Firered.

Can you provide the cheats of

does these work on fire red randomizer

im confused i typed in the master code then typed in the legendarycode and went to tall grasss it didnt work

I use the cheat but i dont know where to find it i have checked my pc

1) Enter the Master Code
2) Enter the Legendary Pokémon Code
3) Go to any Tall grass to catch any pokemon u want..

Is there a cheat of reshiram or the 7 ultra beasts? Pls i need it tho

Meta firered X??

He mean Pokémon ultimate mega fire red

There is a dark Rai cheat code on Pokemon fire red even ultra necrozma solgaleo etc all Pokemons dragapult everything in Pokemon fire red it’s all in yt

The Pokemon Inflamed Red pls

Where the balls is lunala and solgaleo

can you provide cheats for rare candy and master balls

Hi, is there a cheat for Girarina

Why does the cheat says is a unknown cheat?

is there a cheat for darkrai?

Ibhave an app called the p red n blue, can you use this on it?

what legendary pokemon already knows flash I am only 14


Hey,i play pokemon fire red on a androjd device on an app called myboy and i tried the master code cheat but it isn’t working.

I know! The only codes I could use that worked were the infinite exp, rare candies, and masterball cheats!

Ok. This isn’t working I have tried on GBA4iOS do I enter the master Codes in the Same code with each other or with the Pokemon code or separate?

Also my emulator is the only one I can get I just need a fix for this it’s very annoying I can use masterball and rare candies cheats but I’m confused with master code

if you use vba
It will work

This is the best cheat code ????

If I enter the code where do I find the Pokémon

What is vba

Visual boy advance

Hey, thanks for the cheats. However, it seems that there’s a problem with shiny legendaries(I’m also using the shiny pokemon encounter cheat with this). Because even though it spawned the shiny legendary, the name of the pokemon you have captured becomes gibberish. Any idea how I could fix that?

I noticed you had Moltres on the list twice and no Kyogre just wanted to help you out and wanted the Kyogre code lol love your aticles I’ve used multiple for filling my pokedex

I noticed y’all don’t have any legendary beast cheats for the legendary dog Pokemon could you please fix this so it’s easier to find em. I tried finding them the normal way with no luck

This isn’t working for GBA4IOS any different codes. Do I have to be in a certain city or area ??

It’s not working is it supposed to be code breaker and also is it supposed to show up in the wild or what plz send me a tutorial or something



I’m having same problem I need some help I have all codes. I’m using GBA4IOS iPhone 7 I got moltres but that’s it no other code is working


I am a boy and I am only 15 years of age
So, I want to ask you what does master code do???

But this master code is not working in john gba

Not all legendaries are there. Please add these:

However, Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite are not Legendary Pokemon.

Ordering these by natdex number would also be useful

I have my boy free and no matter how I try and enter the master code it won’t let me can anyone help?

Hi you need my boy for it.

Ok so I tried this and dint worn, looked at the comments and said something about downloading 1.0, and I noticed mine said 1.1, well I found this sketchy website with a lot of ads and space was 5.2 so I said, it can’t be that small, but I downloaded anyway. Surprisingly the game worked, but I thought it’s probably just the 1.1 since the 1.0 is so rare, well I tried to cheat, and I was such stories when it worked it was my beginning game since I didn’t have the file for that one. Anyways do you know… Read more »

It won’t work for me because I have to pay for the full version on My Boy

It dint work for me but i went to Google to try and find it and surprisingly the first website worked and I got the paid version

Download it on UC browser

Just go online and look up My boy paid version apk file download and then you will find the one you need

How do u get the legendary Pokemon are they in ur pc or do u catch them in the wild

What if my pokemon fire red version is 1.1??

Could you plz upload your rom in mediafire google drive or something……
I tried many versions….But nothing worked.
Could you plz do this and share the link…….The fire red us rom I mean…..

Thank you the cheats are amazing. Now i have every legendary Pokemon thank you so much

The master code is not working on my emulator.

The meeting pokemon codes aren’t working. Other ones work fine

No man’ it is a good cheats what kind of stupid phone you have