Pokemon LeafGreen Legendary Cheats

Legendary Pokemon are unusual Pokemon types; they got excellent skills and abilities. But the problem is that they are very challenging to find and catch. There’s good news, using cheats you can quickly encounter your preferred Legendary Pokemon, are you excited? Continue reading.

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We have 16 Gameshark codes for legendary Pokemon for Leaf Green, the Pokemon that you are about to meet are;

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Mewtwo
  • Mew
  • Ho-oh
  • Lugia
  • Celebi
  • Kyogre
  • Groudon
  • Rayquaza
  • Regirock
  • Registeel
  • Regice
  • Jirachi
  • Deoxys

IMPORTANT: Make it sure to activate the master code first before adding any of the legendary Pokemon codes. Another vital thing to remember is that try not to activate too many cheats at once; doing this may cause various glitches like freezing, crashing, and random restarts.

To encounter the Pokemon, walk on the wild and to catch them you can use Masterball cheat, view Pokemon LeafGreen cheats.

Note: Some of these Pokemon won’t obey, there are ways to make them follow, but it takes a lot of work, and we will cover it in the future posts.

Pokemon LeafGreen Legendary Cheat Codes


ARTICUNO = 83007CEE0090
ZAPDOS = 83007CEE0091
MOLTRES = 83007CEE0092
MEWTWO = 83007CEE0096
MEW (WONT OBEY) = 83007CEE0097
HO-OH = 83007CEE00FA
LUGIA = 83007CEE00F9
KYOGRE = 83007CEE0194
GROUDON = 83007CEE0195
RAYQUAZA = 83007CEE0196
REGIROCK = 83007CEE0191
REGISTEEL = 83007CEE0192
REGICE = 83007CEE0193
JIRACHI = 83007CEE0199

Got a problem activating any of the listed Legendary Pokemon cheats for Pokemon LeafGreen? Feel free to drop your comments in the comment form below.

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