How to get Stardust in Pokémon Go?

Figuring out how to get stardust in Pokémon Go? First, let me ask you this, do you still remember the year when the Pokémon Go had started? If you will look back in the year 2016, it’s the 6th of July to be exact, this is the beginning of the new era of the Pokémon series. The gameplay becomes popular across the world and people are interactively playing the game in real time!

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In the classic Pokémon series, evolution is associated with rare candies. You may find around 10 or more if you will explore the entire map, visit towns, sneak through caves, and use your dowsing machine to detect and reveal the hidden items. Rare candies are the fastest way to power and level up a Pokémon. That’s why some players used to mass reproduce or apply cheat codes to own multiple rare candies.

Pokemon go stardust

In the modern series, the evolution of the Pokémon is now using two items simultaneously namely candies and stardust. The Niantic developers innovate this new feature to trigger excitement and challenge among the players. If you’re thinking how to get stardust in Pokémon Go to evolve your Pikachu? We will show you how!

What is a Stardust?

Stardust refers to the value that you exchange to power and level up the Pokémon. It may also be used in trading Pokémon from a player. Powering and leveling up the Pokémon is very crucial in this modern gameplay. In this way, the player will be able to enjoy the battles among various players, raid bosses, and challenge the Gym leaders for badges.

What’s more special with this item? You can trade a million stardust in exchange for a legendary or shiny Pokémon. However, it takes a million hours to get stardust, so you’ll need to know the different tricks to obtain it fast. Now, let’s start gathering some stardust by following the ideas below.

How to get the stardust?

1. Capturing and Hatching Multiple Pokémon

Base Level Stage

A base level Pokémon means the first phase evolution of the Pokémon. Let’s say Gastly. You must capture as much as 25 Gastly to collect the enough candies and stardust. The amount of stardust varies depending upon the level and max cp. It normally ranges around 100 stardust per catch.

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Some Pokémon trainers advised the players to get as much as base level Pokémon because they have usually an easy catch rate. For example, Gastly has a 40% catch rate. Keep in mind that you must capture multiple Gastly to gather candies and stardust. You cannot use other Pokémon’ candies or Stardust and that’s the challenge.

Evolution Stage

Usually, 2nd evolution stages are complicated because it lowers the chances of getting the Pokémon. To continue the above example, Gastly can be evolved into a Haunter using 25 candies and random stardust amounts. When the Gastly turned into a Haunter, the catch rate will be reduced to 16% and you’ll need to collect at least 100 rare candies and random stardust from Haunter species. In this phase, you’ll normally get around 200 stardust per catch.

Evolution Stage

For the final stage, this is the difficult phase among the Pokémon evolutions. It is super rare and there is only a minimal chance that you may encounter this Pokémon for as low as 8%. Usually, you had to trigger the boss raid event first so that the 3rd Evolution Pokémon will be available on the map.

Based on the given example, you must at least collect 100 candies and random stardust from Haunter before you can evolve it into Gengar. In the final stage, you will normally obtain around 300 stardust per catch.

Daily Catch Bonus

Don’t miss the day without participating in the daily catch bonus. You’ll be getting around 600 stardust’s which are worth to try for.

Weekly Catch Bonus

Of course, typical gameplays do have daily and weekly bonus activities. If you can participate daily, you’ll be lucky enough to complete the 7-day challenge without even noticing. Good luck to your got to catch them all journey and grab 3,000 stardust’s bonuses!

Weather-Boost Catches

Some Pokémon are affected by the current weather or environment. Let’s say lightning for electric type Pokémon or rainy days for water types. Weather boost catches do not only improve the max cp of the Pokémon but also increases the chances of obtaining stardust’s. You may consider this summary below:

Pokemon go stardust 6

Base level – 125 per catch

2nd Evolution – 350 per catch

3rd Evolution – 625 per catch

Egg-Hatched Catches

Egg hatch catches are also common among the Pokémon trainers. However, you’ll need to make several steps to hatch the egg using the incubator. Let’s say for Gastly, it needs 5 km to get hatched from an egg. To know more about the egg hatched catches, here’s the simple guide:

Pokemon go stardust 5

Less than 5km walk – 400 to 800 stardust per egg hatched

5 km walk – 800 to 1,600 stardust per egg hatched

10 km walk – 1,600 to 3,200 stardust per egg hatched

Checking Spawn Locations

Determining the spawn locations are the best spots to consider in farming for stardust’s. You can able to catch as many Pokémon as possible if you’ll go to their populated area.

Stardust pokemon go 6

2. Stardust’s from Gym Locations

Unfortunately, there are no available stardust’s to be obtained from defeating the Gym Leaders. However, you can still get some stardust’s if you’ll feed the Pokémon in the Gym Area.

a. 20 stardust for every friendly Pokémon fed

b. 2,000 stardust for every 10 friendly Pokémon Fed within 30 minutes

3. Reward from Boss Raid Battles

Typically, around 500 stardust’s rewards will be claimed upon beating up the Bosses among the Raid Battles. It will also give the chances to make these Bosses available in the map once you have defeated them.

4. Gifts from the Pokémon Go Bonuses

By opening some gifts, you can get 0 to 300 stardust’s randomly for every gift that you’ll open. Aim for at least 20 gifts to 100 maximum every day and you’ll do the math.

5. Purchase Pokémon Go Plus

Get your Wristband tracker and purchase Pokémon Go plus among the leading online stores. It contains the wristband device which allows you to connect and link your catches to the smartphone. It helps you to catch the Pokémon easily by just tapping on the button.

Stardust pokemon go 4

6. Boost the Stardust’s Collectibles Using Star pieces

Star pieces work like the incense among luring and capturing Pokémon. It boosts the Stardust at 1.5 times for about 30 minutes. You may use the star pieces whenever you’re hunting some certain Pokémon for their stardust’s. Just look again and back read the foregoing information.

7. Join the Community Event

Involve yourself in community events to meet more friends, capture rare Pokémon, and get the chance to collect stardust’s and candies. Community events resemble like the Safari Zone competitions wherein you’ll have to catch the rarest species from the rest of the contenders.

By now, you’ll know…

Did you learn so many things with our insights? We hope we were able to guide you properly with the gathering and finding stardust’s items. You can always visit our site for your references.

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