10 Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases


The Nintendo Switch system is a real rock star game console, with the device’s futuristic features and superb gaming functions, there’s no surprise why it sold over 7.6 million units worldwide in a span six months.

Nintendo switch console

However, as with every handheld devices, Nintendo Switch isn’t safe with accidental dropping and bumping incidents especially as you carry it with you without appropriate protection. The more you carry your Nintendo Switch with you the riskier it can get, we don’t want that to happen that’s why a carrying case with exceptional quality materials is a must for protection purposes.

10 Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases

Listed below is the list of 10 recommended and durable carrying cases for your Nintendo Switch. Without using a case to protect your Switch the more vulnerable becomes, so pick your best carry case below.

10. BENGOO Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Before $19.99, Now $16.99

Switch carrying case free screen protector

BENGOO Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch is not an ordinary case, but it’s like an all in one case that protects not only your Nintendo Switch but also of your accessories. Lightweight and easy to carry plus comes with a Tempered Glass Screen Protector that can be easily installed, impact-resistant and anti-fingerprint.

The considerate mesh pocket design of the case offers spacious rooms for your game cards, AC Adapter, HDMI cable, Joy-Con, and earphones. It’s a total protection package.

The regular price was $19.99, but now it is only $16.99; it’s a whopping $3.00 (15%) saving for you.

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9. Switch Case, Kupton Carrying Case – $15.99

Best nintendo switch carry case kupton

A unique and compact design, high-quality materials, sturdy with extra spaces for your Nintendo Switch accessories – that’s the carry case for Switch from Kupton.

The mesh pocket has a zipper with enlarges storage space for accessories such as HDMI cable, Joy-Con controllers, 10 game cartridges, and more. It comes with carrying hand strap for easy and convenient carrying.

Unlike other cases, this product has a super-soft, microfiber interior to ensure the safety of your Switch system and accessories from bumps, drops, and scratches.

You can buy Kupton Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories on Amazon for only $15.99.

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8. PowerA Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag – $39.99

Elegant looking powera switch carry case bag

If you seek elegance with a complete carrying of your Nintendo Switch system, consider checking out PowerA Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag.

The bag is officially licensed by the Nintendo Switch team so you can assure the quality, security and complete portability of the product for your Switch and its accessories.

You can put almost all of your Switch accessories in this bag at ease. It has a 2-in-1 design with a removable internal case for carrying the Nintendo switch and adjustable shoulder strap. Carry your Nintendo Switch anywhere you want and let this high-quality bag take care of your system – this is a must-have for every Nintendo Switch gamers.

The product is sold for only $39.99 on Amazon.

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7. Nintendo Switch Carry-All Case – $12.99

Nintendo switch carry all case

Another high-quality carrying case for your Switch system at an affordable price, Nintendo Switch Carry-All Case is only $12.99. Comes with semi-hard structured exterior construction for enhanced protection of your Nintendo Switch and accessories.

An ideal carry case for travelers because of its lightweight design with soft, microfiber interior and elastic straps to securely hold your system.

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6. amCase Hard Carrying Case – $12.99

Switch carry case from amcase

amCase Hard Carrying Case has unique stylish black design, it secures your Nintendo Switch with its hard and premium quality made materials – perfectly protects your system from accidental drops and bumps.

A thin-looking case yet comes with 14 game cartridge holders with zipper and has enough storage for Joy-Con controllers and charger. The product is sold for only $12.99 on Amazon.

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5. HORI Tough Pouch (Black) for Nintendo Switch – $17.85

Nintendo switch carry pouch

It’s another high-quality carry case for Nintendo switch officially licensed by Nintendo. You can’t go wrong purchasing Nintendo licensed products; the items are genuine, five-star quality and perfectly fits for your console.

HORI Tough Pouch holds your Switch, game cards, and accessories while protecting them from scratches and bumps with its soft interior. Not only that, you can easily carry this case or even put in your bag for convenience while traveling. Get this item for $17.85.

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4. i-Kawachi Premium Nintendo Switch Carrying case – $9.99

Switch carry case from i-kawachi

When purchasing stuff online we tend to look first the price and next the quality of the product. Good news, as a smart shopper and living in a frugal lifestyle, the i-Kawachi premium travel carrying case for Nintendo Switch suits your needs at the price that you can surely afford.

The case is only $9.99 with dimensions of 10.3 x 5.3 x 1.9 inches that can hold your switch, game cards, Micro SD Cards, JoyCons, gamepads, earphones all at once while provides maximum protection.

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3. Hard Carry Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console Accessories From Ortz – $11.99

Ortz nintendo switch carry case

Third to the last in the list is the Hard Carry Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console Accessories From Ortz. The product got excellent customer ratings from Amazon and not to mention, the price is reasonable and currently sold for only $11.99.

If you have over 25 games, Micro SD Cards and need to secure them, you need this high class protective portable hard carry case pouch. The case can hold up to 29 game cards and two Micro SD cards while protecting your other accessories such as Joy-Con, charging cable, earphone. The slim, lightweight yet tough materials provide maximum security for your Nintendo Systems anywhere you go without hassle.

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2. ButterFox Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case – $13.99

Nintendo switch carry case from butterfox

A case with a good design is attractive; If you want to have your Switch system a good fashion look but don’t want to pay a premium price, you need to get this carrying case from ButterFox.

With this case, holding 19 game cartridges, 2 Micro SD Cards and accessories is a piece of cake. The case got a new design that has fixed minor issues from its previous design. Available in three colors, Black, Red/Black, and Blue/Black. The unrivaled material ensures complete protection of your Switch and its accessories from drops, scratches, and bumps. Get this for only $13.99.

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1. Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch – was $24.99, now $19.79

Best carry case for nintendo switch orzly

The last and the best Nintendo Switch carrying case is the case from Orzly. The pouch will not only give you comfort while carrying your Switch system but also gives you ease as you travel along anywhere you go.

It comes with four color choices; black, midnight blue, pink, and red. The previous price was $24.99, now it’s only $19.79. That’s a steal of $5.20 (21% OFF).

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A case is a must accessory for every Nintendo Switch users to shield their device from unexpected accidents. Consider the suggestions above and pick your best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases. Although the need for cases is optional, you still need one to prolong the lifespan of your Switch.

Now that Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon Sword/Shield is now available for Nintendo Switch, you definitely need a case to protect your console from certain circumstances.

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