Best 3DS USB Charger Compatible for 3DS, New 3DS XL and more


A charger is very useful especially for most device in this modern age and without it, you can’t make most of your gadgets and other electronic devices you have.

For Nintendo 3DS users, a charger is very important when playing your favorite games. If you need a replacement for your old 3DS charger you must consider getting any of the recommended and best 3DS USB charger below.

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It’s really surprising and frustrating that the new 3DSXL doesn’t include a charger and according to Nintendo this action intends to save cost for consumers who already own a 3DS or DSi system. Do you think this is a valid reason? What if it’s your first time to have a 3DS or you want a new charger instead of using the old one?

Unfortunately, no choice but to buy a new 3DS charger but the good thing is, these are affordable USB chargers and compatible with 3DS, 3DS XL, new 3DS XL, and more.

Best 3DS USB Charger Compatible with 3DS XL, 3DS XL (New), 3DS, etc..

1. PYSICAL(TM) USB Charge Cable

Pysical 3ds usb charger

Use PYSICAL(TM) USB Charge Cable to charge your Nintendo 3DS/DSi/XL/ New 3DS XL from any USB port with ease while playing your game comfortably because its light and compact design.

PYSICAL(TM) USB Charge Cable has amazing customers rating at Amazon which no doubt an obvious proof that it’s a good 3DS USB charger that you can trust. Talking about the price, it is cheap yet the quality of the product is there, see for yourself and check customer reviews for proof.

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2. 6amLifestyle High Speed Premium USB Data Sync Power Charger Charging Cable

3ds usb charger from 6amlifestyle

Third in the list is the data sync and 3DS usb charger cable from 6amLifestyle, with this charger you can charge your Nintendo 3DS while playing without interruption and while lying in bed, sitting on sofa or in car conveniently with its 5FT length cable.

6amLifestyle guarantees lifetime warranty and promises premium performance and durability for the product. Check customer ratings and feedback at Amazon and you will find how amazing this USB charger. Before, the product was sold for $13.99 but now it is offered for only $6.47 and that’s a saving of $7.52 (54%).

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3. tekbotic AltCharge 3DS USB Wall charger + USB cable

Tekbotic 3ds wall usb charger

It’s often convenient to use wall chargers but tekbotic AltCharge 3DS charger is not only a regular 3DS wall charger, but it can also work while charging and playing in the car with its USB cable which makes it even more convenient most of the time.

The tekbotic 3DS charger comes with rubberized coating for prolonged product lifespan plus a 12-Month Warranty just in case you have problems with this item.

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4. Gen USB Charge Cable

Best 3ds usb charger gen

Gen USB Charge Cable is popular not only because of its best quality but also it’s cheaper and affordable. Gen USB Charge Cable supports 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, DSi, DSi XL, NEW 3DS XL only. Plug the cable into any USB supported chargers to begin charging.

Checking the reviews of this 3DS USB cable you will find some negative feedback but it’s not rare to find such comments for every product. However, if you’re not convinced and not satisfied you can check the other recommended 3DS USB charger in the above list.

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When choosing a good 3DS USB charger it is a good rule of thumb to check the quality and durability of the product first and second is the price. Just by checking customer reviews and ratings you can already determine which product is suitable for your needs.

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