Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier Cheat

You probably played Pokemon Emerald numerous times. It is arguably the best of the trio games made of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. That’s because it has a lot more content, and think of it as something more than what the other two games had to offer. However, you probably don’t know about the Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat or even our Pokemon Emerald GameShark codes collection.

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Nature can be essential for some people and can also be a non-factor for some. The key to a Pokemon’s Nature is that you get it randomly.

However, using the cheat will get you the right Nature of the Pokemon that you want. That being said, here are some nice points that you should know regarding the Pokemon’s Nature for Emerald, at least.

Details about the Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat and more

What is a Pokemon’s Nature

To summarize, a Pokemon’s Nature is like its trait. An in-game mechanic determines its stat growth as it levels up. Each Nature has growth and decreases for a specific stat making it a bit balanced. For example, the Relaxed Nature increases Defense but decreases Speed. This means that if you have a Pokemon that has a Relaxed Nature, it will be a bit durable but slow.

Each Nature has its ups and downs, so here is click on the link to find out more about the stats given and taken by specific Nature.

How can a Pokemon’s Nature benefit you

Before you know how to use the Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat, you should know how Nature can benefit you. A regular player wouldn’t care much about a Pokemon’s Nature when they want to play the game. It helps people that are a bit more serious with the game. This is for players that are heavy into PVP, where they need to have strong Pokemon to win most of their battles.

How to get a Pokemon with the Nature that you want

The first way is by sheer random luck. Continue catching the Pokemon you want until you get the one with the Nature you desire. Another way is by breeding your Pokemon. This one isn’t any shorter, but if you know the right combinations, then you can pretty much get the Nature of the Pokemon that you want. Then, finally, cheating in the game is where the Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat can come in.

How to use the Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat

Step 1

Pokemon emerald applying cheat

Access the Cheats and then Cheats List option on your emulator.

Step 2


Choose Game Shark since the cheat is that type.

Step 3


Write whatever you want on the description, but we’ll write Adamant Nature for this example since we will use that code. Put the First Code for the Nature Modifier based on the image, and this is the code.

Step 4


Place the specific Nature Code after which is Adamant in this case. Then press OK to finish the input of the code.

Step 5


Based on the image, if you did everything correctly, that’s how it will appear. Make sure the cheat has the E status to turn it on. Then press OK to finish everything up.

Step 6

Now, fight the Wild Pokemon that you want to have that Nature and capture it.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you have to turn on one code at a time to get the Nature right away.

Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat codes

First Code
6658C989 89518A0F

Specific Nature Code
217A1A8B E666BC3F = Hardy
CD72C719 F2831689 = Lonely
EB200815 63938154 = Brave
C8CE1977 779F1AA5 = Adamant
2AC59EBF 40C4F367 = Naughty
5E7363AA 5D262877 = Bold
2C707820 9C67A3F0 = Docile
471AA96A 79ECA891 = Relaxed
4F71D6E0 699827D5 = Impish
2717EE59 7564BC55 = Lax
71296D0B D469AD70 = Timid
A79D2EF2 F82F5AF7 = Hasty
A8510C52 65C50481 = Serious
5769723D 1DA05C56 = Jolly
ED5B105D B88A30D8 = Naive
CA12F7A9 56873493 = Modest
31D9195E 5DF03DCE = Mild
E7EC9FF0 70029AE9 = Quiet
5C43DDAA 02D3FC98 = Bashful
24775C3B A15419C7 = Rash
D090BDDA 1968867D = Calm
7B499E06 77185F5C = Gentle
EBA4E60F F5F19690 = Sassy
5BFE17AB A5DC524C = Careful
ADF48A64 04D2988F = Quirky

If you can’t get the cheat to work or have a problem checking the codes, here’s our detailed cheat fixing guide.

In Closing

The Pokemon Emerald Nature Modifier cheat can be very beneficial for you when you care enough to combine or give a Pokemon with good Nature. If you’re just playing the game on a single-player level, then you’ll be fine. Plus, cheating can be tricky when you’re actually playing against other players because you’ll have an unfair advantage.

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