Pokemon X And Y Cheats, Hints, and Guides

Pokemon X and Y were released for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013. The games introduced Generation VI, and it was fabulous. However, people want to know what Pokemon X and Y cheats they can use in these games. That’s right, seven years later people are still playing these games. They play it on their 3DS or through emulators.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any cheat codes or at least reliable ones that you can use. This isn’t like the Gameboy, GBA, or DS where there were codes for those games. Don’t worry, though, because we have some nice cheats, hints, tips, and tricks you can use if you are still one of those who are still playing this game today.

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Pokemon X and Y cheats, hints, and guides

Pokemon x and y cheats

Money Making Tips

Earn Money from Battle Chateau

Money is one of those Pokemon X and Y cheats that people will use right away. Head to the Battle Chateau when you have a high rank. The trainers there will give out money for as low as 1,000 up to 20,000 but again provided that your rank gets higher. When you do this, make sure you have the Amulet Coin and Prize Money O Power because they will stack, and you can gain more money after each battle.

Earn Money from Lumiose City

The next way is to head to the restaurants in Lumiose City. You can use low-level Pokemon to challenge the trainers because they will use higher-level Pokemon. If you succeed in the battles, they will reward you with a ton of money. Don’t forget about the Amulet coin and Prize Money O Power as well.

Earn Money by getting Comet Shard

This one is a one-time trick, and this involves you getting the Comet Shard. Find the Old Man in Anistar City and talk to him. He will then ask you to borrow one of your Pokemon that is Level 5 or lower. Give him any Pokemon, and he’ll start to talk. Leave and come back after a couple of days. You’ll find out that the Old Man has passed away, and you will see the Poke Ball where your Level 5 or lower Pokemon is, along with a letter giving you the Comet Shard. Sell the Comet Shard for a great amount of money.

WiFi Healing

You can heal your Pokemon and restore your PP by WiFi battling. What you do is that you try and find a battle on the internet. When you find a battle, your Pokemon will be healed. What you need to do next is cancel the battle, and you’ll be sent back to the part where you search an enemy. It won’t be fun for the opponent that you just abandoned the fight but your Pokemon are healed either way.

Sort of Unlimited Heart Scales

You can use Heart Scales in the game to teach your Pokemon some moves from the Move Relearner. Heart Scales can be obtained in a lot of ways but here’s a nice trick to farm them. It would help if you had a Pokemon with the Thief ability. Head to Route 8 on the Muraille Coast and use the Old Rod. You can encounter Luvdiscs and use the Thief ability on them to steal Heart Scales. They have a 50% chance to hold a Heart Scale, but if you want a good source, this is a good trick.

Good Source of Unlimited Rare Candy

Rare Candies can be one of those Pokemon X and Y cheats that people will use. You can get Rare Candy by trading it with Poke Miles. You can get Poke Miles by using the Street Pass or by using the Wonder Trade system. Here’s the trick, if the person you are trading with is far basically from one country to another, you can get more Poke Miles.

What you can do is keep trading with that person until you get a lot of Poke Miles. Rare Candies can be traded by 500 Poke Miles. If you have the patience and another person to trade with from far away, then you can get a good amount of Rare Candies.

A Nice Place to Hatch Pokemon Eggs

Head to Lumiose City and you’ll notice that the city has a nice shape for your character to run around. Basically, the map allows you to walk around it without being stopped or halted by some obstacles. You can have something on top of the button to let the character walk without holding it on your own.

A Little Help For Your Pokedex

Completing your Pokedex is hard, but here’s one tip you can do. Go to the place where there are three cafes. You can pay 100, 1,000, and 5,000 to enter them. Each of these options will allow you to see some Pokemon. However, the 5,000 option will guarantee to show you one Pokemon that is not in your Pokedex. Be sure to do this when you’re at the point where you’re completing your Pokedex. That’s because you can only use these services once.

Getting Items During Battle

There are things called Natural Objects in X and Y. Basically; they are the background in a battle screen. Think about a tree or a lump of soil. Using specific moves can destroy those Natural Objects revealing an item that you can get. If you want to farm these items, then simply perform a battle and destroy the Natural Objects over and over again. Below is a list of items, locations, moves, and Natural Objects that you can destroy.

Blue TreeRoute 17Air Cutter


Coba Berry, Oran Berry, Passho Berry, Yache Berry
Green TreeRoute 5, 7, 10, 11, 19Air Cutter


Aguav Berry,Babiri Berry, Kebia Berry, Lum Berry, Rawst Berry, Rindo Berry, Tanga Berry
Pink TreeAmbrette Town, Cyllage City, Azure BayAir Cutter


Pecha Berry, Persim Berry, Mago Berry
Purple TreeRoute 5, 7, 10, 11, 19Air Cutter


Chesto Berry, Colbur Berry, Kasib Berry, Payapa Berry, Wiki Berry
Red TreeCyllage City, Azure BayAir Cutter


Cheri Berry, Chople Berry, Figy Berry, Haban Berry, Leppa Berry, Occa Berry
Yellow TreeRoute 8, 13, 19Air Cutter


Aspear BerryCharti Berry, Chilan Berry, Iapapa Berry, Shuca Berry, Sitrus Berry, Wacan Berry
GrassRoute 5, 7, 10, 11, 19Petal

Razor Leaf
White Herb
Power Herb
Mental Herb
StalagmiteVarious CavesMuddy Water

Damp Rock
Smooth Rock
Icy Rock
BoulderVarious Caves & RoutesRock SlideHard Stone
Float Stone
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Leaf Stone
Thunder Stone
Snow PileRoute 17Hyper Voice

Rock Slide
Ice CrystalRoute 17Rock SlideNeverMeltIce
Hardened SandRoute 9
Route 18
Rock SlideFire Stone
Water Stone
Leaf Stone
Thunder Stone
Luminous BoulderGlittering CaveRock SlideLuminous Moss
SandpileRoute 8
Cyllage City
Hyper Voice

Rock Slide
Soft Sand
SandpileRoute 8
Route 13
Route 19
Heat WaveHeat Rock


There are just a few Pokemon X and Y cheats, hints, and pro tips. There should be a couple more of them out there. The secret is that Pokemon games always have some kind of interesting twist to them where you can exploit the game and get ahead. There really isn’t anything wrong when you take advantage of these things.

Pokemon isn’t actually a game that you should feel bad about when you get ahead. It would be great if there were some codes, but the 3DS never had such things, even for the other games. Nevertheless, enjoy your Pokemon X or Y gaming sessions with these tricks.

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