Visual Boy Advance Download (Works with Cheats) Free GBA Emulator for PC


Visual Boy Advance was released quite a while now. I remember when I used this emulator on my old Windows XP computer, and I still have this GBA Emulator until now on my PC. As a Pokemon fan, I can’t forget how impressive Visual Boy Advance is.

Good thing there are still developers of VBA still working on updating this software. There are dozens of GBA emulators available on different platforms, but if you prefer to play Pokemon GBA games on your Windows computer, I would suggest installing Visual Boy Advance.

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We created a review for Visual Boy Advance, and you may want to check it, see Visual Boy Advance (VBA) Review for GBC and GBA Gaming on Windows.

Visual Boy Advance Download

Visual boy advance download

Visual Boy Advance Frequently Asked Questions

Does Visual Boy Advance Work with ROM Hacks?

VBA emulator works perfectly with many ROM hacks, and to make any Pokemon ROM Hacks work on your Windows computer, you may need to use Lunar IPS patcher or follow this guide on How To Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM Hack.

Is it Compatible with Cheats?

I discovered that some VBA versions have issues when it comes to cheating. Perhaps due to the modifications made to the emulator. But this version is your perfect choice if you wish to use cheats in your Pokemon GBA gaming.

Cheats from regular Pokemon GBA games and even rom hacks work perfectly in this Visual Boy Advance version.

Is It Free?

Creating Windows applications is not merely an easy task. But luckily, since when it was available, Visual Boy Advance is free to download for all.

You don’t need to buy software to play Pokemon GBA games because VBA has all you need to enjoy the game; want to explore and enjoy the extra feature of your Pokemon game? Use the cheating feature of VBA.

In my opinion, Visual Boy Advance is the best software for playing Pokemon GBA games on Windows. Almost all the settings and features you need to enjoy your Pokemon gaming are already in the software.

A while ago, I created a video that uses a VBA emulator. If you’re interested in watching the video, you can find it here, Pokemon FireRed Legendary Pokemon Cheat With Gameshark Codes, and to my surprise, the video is quite popular on Youtube.

Most of our readers are Android users; if you’d like to play Pokemon on your device, please follow the article How To Play ROM Hacks on Android.


So that’s it, I hope this article helps you to get started using Visual Boy Advance on your Windows computer. If you have questions, I would love to answer them as fast as I can.

Please send them the comment form below, and don’t forget to follow our social media account for updates.

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I want to download Pokemon Soul Silver GBA file, does anyone have one I could use?

for me its just a white screen and it keeps going from 90%-80%-100%
what is the problem?

Can somebody pls tell me on how to open a gameboy, since the downloaded and extracted files of (even normal not rom hack) pokemon games it won’t appear. Am I doing something wrong?

Can I use this emulator with my iPhone ?

I think mGBA is better in terms of accuracy

pokecoder what do i do after i download visual boy advance download

Why is it just a black screen

You need to download an emulator

how you installed 1m sub circuit board

To everyone with the white screen here is a fix: Go to options emulator save type and u will see a thing that says 64kb and 128kb put the 128kb and then it SHOULD be fixed now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Fox

why is it just a black screen?

wheres the link

Does it work for gba romhacks? because when I try to open glazed and blazed glazed, i get nothing. However, when i try crystal clear it works just fine.

where is link to download it

that what im trying to find out

it just says loading battery for the 2 hours i waited i just downloaded it no cheats no changes real time clock no real tiem clock its just white

it’s still just a white screen

does anyone know how to make a gameshark file for pokemon firered to use with vba windows? I’m on windows 10. im new to this, have mainly used vgbanext android, never could do the windows version. I have very little patience to take too long to do this. if any of yall have a solution, id appreciate it very much.

can it be used on windows 10 touch tab

Agree with other posters. VisualBoyAdvance-SDL.exe file via doesn’t work – it opens for 0.5 seconds in a Command Line-like environment, and then closes.
Tried to run as administrator but failed too. Using Windows 10 Home if that helps anyone.

The application doesn’t open

it doesnt open

yes the application just closes itself 0.5 sec after it opened

also if it only stays open for 0.5 seconds how do u disable the cheats