Pokemon Ruby Master Ball Cheat


Got another cheat from our Pokemon Ruby Cheats collection, Master ball is the best among all types Poke Ball. Using the item, you can catch any wild Pokemon without fail. A Master Ball can be useful, but cannot be easily obtained.

Pokemon Ruby Master Ball Cheat

In Pokemon Ruby, you have to take complicated a mission to have a few Master ball. Completing the task and receiving the master ball might sound a great accomplishment, but it’s inadequate.

As an alternative solution, you need a Pokemon Ruby master ball cheat to obtain an unlimited number of Master ball and to achieve maximum Pokemon catching experience.

Before we proceed and showing you the codes, just a quick reminder; The cheat might not work for Ruby version 1.1. We strongly suggest using a Pokemon GBA Game V1.0 if you decide to use cheats.

The Pokemon Ruby Master Ball Cheat

There are two different versions of the cheat in Pokemon Ruby, the first one will show the master ball in your PC, and the other one will appear the item directly to your bag but immediately disappears once the cheat is disabled.

Ruby Master Ball Cheat (Check Bag)Ruby Master Ball Cheat (Check PC)
For Masterball cheat in bag, masterballs will disappear when you disable the cheat. Use the next alternative master ball cheat if you dislike this.

Depending on your Game Boy Advance emulator, when the cheat type is asked, select the “GameShark V3 (Action Replay)”.


Pokemon Ruby was released in November 2002, that was long ago, but the game is still popular until the present year. Cheating was also famous long before, and the master ball cheat is considered one of the most favorite cheats.

Pokemon gaming has already evolved, plenty of Pokemon games have released. The popularity of Ruby and other Pokemon Game Boy Advance games didn’t fade, and in fact, it evolved as well through Pokemon ROM hacks.

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    • Are you playing on a emulator if so tap your menu and tap cheats then copy and
      paste the code above and wait or speed up a few then done


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