Pokemon Outlaw


Pokemon Outlaw contains a unique story that makes it different from other Pokemon games. In the original FireRed, you are with your mom living in a decent house with plenty of gadgets in your room.

In Pokemon Outlaw, it’s entirely unusual, and the story begins with a 15-year old homeless orphan living with rough and lonely life but eventually will rise to greatness. You can see some changes in the Kanto map, new buildings, and some places added, and some removed.

If you think the story of Pokemon Outlaw is sad, well it’s not, in fact, it is a comedy. The game is full of jokes and funny dialogues that will surely make your day. Some jokes might find you offensive but don’t take it seriously, this is only a game of entertainment, just have some fun.

Game Information

Pokemon Outlaw
Author: Crizzle
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Latest update: May 5th, 2017
Status: Complete
Source: Link


  • Ehh nothing special
  • Different starter Pokemon(I won’t tell you who, play the game to find out.)
  • Tons of funny new dialogue(or offensive boring crap)
  • Slums(poor people/crime areas) in many of Kanto’s major cities.
  • No crappy Mt.Moon or boring Viridian Forest.
  • Major twist in Pokemon League that’s totally awesome. (Won’t tell you what. Play the game, loser).
  • Best parts of FireRed still kept in game but changed to keep it somewhat fresh.
  • Romantic relationship(sort-of).
  • You can use running shoes inside buildings?
  • You’re a true outlaw. You don’t take sides like a coward. You take on the Government, the Police, Team Rocket, Silph Co and powers beyond the comprehension of human intelligence.


Pokemon Outlaw Download

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    • NUPS doesn’t seem to work with either v1.0 or v1.1 for this ups file. However, I tried ROM Patcher JS instead of NUPS, and it worked for v1.0 at least! It will tell you there is a mismatch, but you can just patch it anyways regardless of the message.

  1. I’m using John Gba and it doesn’t work. Is someone else having this problem? The app says that it can’t find any rom, but I have downloaded it 2 two times. I have even tried to open it by myself, but still doesn’t work. I have make sure that the file is in the correct place.

    • Sorry Max but this is a patch file and not a GBA file, you have to patch it yourself to your FireRed rom before you can play the game.

  2. For How to Play, it mentions that the game file may be either IPS or UPS, but only gives instructions on what to do if the file is IPS, and doesn’t bother explaining how to do the same for UPS.


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