Pokemon Mega Power Cheats

Need some Pokemon Mega Power cheats to spice up your gaming experience? You need to check our collections of working cheat codes for Pokemon Mega Power found below. These are tried and tested codes, so that means it will work for you.

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The codes include the most useful cheats such as Walk through walls, Rare candy, Master ball, Wild Pokemon modifier, Legendary, Mega Evolution, and Primal Reversion.

Pokemon mega power

The cheats listed below works best on My Boy GBA emulator for Android. However, it could also work for other popular Pokemon game emulators such as Visual Boy Advance for Windows, GBA4iOS for iOS, VBA-M for Mac.

Cheating sometimes could lead you to problems such as; giving you a bad egg, freezing or crashing your game without saving your progress, causing random restarts and glitches. These are the common issues resulting from cheating, but there is a way to avoid it.

To avoid common issues:

  • Be sure to save your current progress/state before activating any cheats
  • Disable the cheat after use
  • Limit the use of cheats, do not activate more than two cheats at once
  • Do not save the game when you notice irregularities

Working Pokemon Mega Power Cheat Codes

Note: You will notice that the master code for Wild Pokemon Modifier, Mega/Primal Reversion Evolution, and Legendary/Mythical Pokemon are similar. If you already applied and activated the master code to use any of the said cheats, there is no need to reapply again if you want to use the other one.

Walk Through Walls
Mega power walk through walls cheat


Cheat code:
7881A409 E2026E0C
8E883EFF 92E9660D

No Random Battles

Cheat code:
B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Infinite EXP (Gain 9999 EXP)
Mega power infinite exp cheat

How to use: Enter cheat code, walk on the wild and battle any Pokemon. You will instantly receive 9999 exp after winning the match. Your Pokemon will level up multiple times. To stop leveling up, go to the menu and disable the cheat.

Cheat code:

Catch/Steal Trainer’s Pokemon

Cheat code:
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
E151C402 8A229A83
8E883EFF 92E9660D

IMPORTANT: Press L+R before throwing the Pokeball to catch a trainer’s Pokemon and to avoid getting a bad egg.

Unlimited Rare Candy
Pokemon mega power rare candy


Cheat code:

Infinite Cash
Mega power infinite money cash cheat


Cheat code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Shiny Pokemon Encounter
Mega power shiny pokemon cheat


Cheat code:
F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Masterball in Pokemart
Mega power master ball cheat


Cheat code:
958D8046 A7151D70
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Masterball in PC

Cheat code:
82005274 0155

Wild Pokemon Level Modifier
Mega power pokemon level modifier


B749822B CE9BFAC1 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Cheat codes:
65B97174 4A8FBA5C Level 1
C1AEDD79 5939EF0C Level 2
4CDE397B EFF6E457 Level 3
86CB4F01 FB39B8BA Level 4
EDBF0C4A FA18FA9F Level 5
2C79FE38 E30F38FE Level 6
A1EA0A38 A5E9063B Level 7
04756825 0807C6A1 Level 8
717DA41F 3FD37B40 Level 9
076F8D1D EE3C0CD9 Level 10
B69C8450 473A2A6A Level 11
B3401E47 CF42C6B5 Level 12
46657519 7800204C Level 13
6E6EAE73 5F46BEDD Level 14
A48D6017 E245D5ED Level 15
E9D7E085 67756459 Level 16
61F31742 495EF9E6 Level 17
8C48D400 C701EBD6 Level 18
5D38792B D1EC3503 Level 19
B717825B 7A66F6A1 Level 20
C90DB070 BE358A19 Level 21
BFA8DF8D 806599B4 Level 22
E5125084 0C4E73CE Level 23
308CCC86 A32374F3 Level 24
8478EB4A 57D82CBB Level 25
2E3B86B4 1A2623D7 Level 26
792D8658 E6CD2F14 Level 27
DAABA89A CD8FD51E Level 28
E4E4CA17 0386E75A Level 29
640BC06E 716F7457 Level 30
D7C48346 0C094A48 Level 31
EF3658F0 6036495C Level 32
7E63F78B FD346BBC Level 33
80548C01 6804F508 Level 34
4376B266 5BEABEF3 Level 35
31A2B5C3 9B086C90 Level 36
FB3D5638 6665FC5A Level 37
A983268B A4800A5D Level 38
EF5C2FD1 979F146D Level 39
0DD48BFF CA04B434 Level 40
0E183E24 7565CD99 Level 41
405D137B A9EA697E Level 42
338BB970 618C9289 Level 43
3D4129AD 3F389E0B Level 44
78937EED BD8501FC Level 45
843AEF6E EB4896DD Level 46
E3E9EC3B ADD8FA82 Level 47
9C2970FF 7954A215 Level 48
22A2A040 8618D6B6 Level 49
93C37C9C 0419D3FE Level 50
2B297F54 9510DB40 Level 51
A04A94AF 6479DACA Level 52
56571931 747837C4 Level 53
569B7C43 6157E073 Level 54
0ED659B3 0A74B037 Level 55
1D6FDAFA E4DAF9FC Level 56
06F84E22 833CC1F1 Level 57
F7503B2F 6481CAD7 Level 58
DAC5A494 F20312CD Level 59
9B96A548 FC6BDEF8 Level 60
A81962BA EA98B8D5 Level 61
42A11A06 BFA9A866 Level 62
E9681BC1 6F8839C3 Level 63
6310815F 4890EAB8 Level 64
C2ACED85 878CBAEA Level 65
EC997ADC 4D78B881 Level 66
55149812 50A4CD21 Level 67
BAEE7273 E708BFA6 Level 68
BAC64E2F D1147153 Level 69
92CEFA5B 8F95C77D Level 70
64AA1C21 0FBF4CC8 Level 71
175BA46E 035419E1 Level 72
CB688E20 CC46D8CF Level 73
7602A075 72B4D087 Level 74
8457FCFF 96956D3E Level 75
7775D0C5 B930F262 Level 76
B3CC9F71 DDB7ACAD Level 77
0850AF9F 31D9D9A1 Level 78
0BB7C094 5CDC5554 Level 79
E5114176 8B9F8080 Level 80
45D3BD95 F1377F94 Level 81
8BAF13F3 34CF7392 Level 82
5DA165FA 4525BB59 Level 83
1ADA323F DED65B38 Level 84
5F443F91 FE6F4146 Level 85
E2C9E71B AA334D46 Level 86
B345CB03 F2C1D3AD Level 87
2A8ECD89 717B74BA Level 88
2F01B8D7 4C7A2A4D Level 89
C6D0207B 40494F80 Level 90
C273D55A EDAA426E Level 91
A9ACF54E 19FDC0F3 Level 92
0D59D962 9B361B64 Level 93
1F7214E8 96ECA8E0 Level 94
A6A1B407 393CE546 Level 95
A4B46892 A6FD7E0B Level 96
5BCCF641 1F14428F Level 97
9C45DC79 486E2DAE Level 98
3F175042 05B8A08D Level 99
68770050 678B8139 Level 100

Wild Pokemon Modifier
Mega power wild pokemon modifier


Mastercode (Important)
00006FA7 000A
1006AF88 0007

Enter code: 83007CF6 YYYY and replace YYYY with your chosen Pokemon ID.

0001 = Bulbasaur
0002 = Ivysaur
0003 = Venusaur
0004 = Charmander
0005 = Charmeleon
0006 = Charizard
0007 = Squirtle
0008 = Wartortle
0009 = Blastoise
000a = Caterpie
000b = Metapod
000c = Butterfree
000d = Weedle
000e = Kakuna
000f = Beedrill
0010 = Pidgey
0011 = Pidgeotto
0012 = Pidgeot
0013 = Minccino
0014 = Cinccino
0015 = Cutiefly
0016 = Ribombee
0017 = Salandit
0018 = Salazzle
0019 = Pikachu
001a = Raichu
001b = Drilbur
001c = Excadrill
0025 = Vulpix
0026 = Ninetales
0027 = Jigglypuff
0028 = Wigglytuff
0029 = Zubat
002a = Golbat
002b = Flabébé
002c = Floette
002d = Florges
002e = Morelull
002f = Shiinotic
0032 = Bunnelby
0033 = Diggersby
0034 = Meowth
0035 = Persian
0038 = Pancham
0039 = Pangoro
003a = Growlithe
003b = Arcanine
003f = Abra
0040 = Kadabra
0041 = Alakazam
0042 = Timburr
0043 = Gurburr
0044 = Conkeldurr
0045 = Fletchling
0046 = Fletchinde
0047 = Talonflame
0048 = Tentacool
0049 = Tentacruel
004a = Geodude
004b = Graveler
004c = Golem
004d = Litleo
004e = Pyroar
004f = Slowpoke
0050 = Slowbro
0051 = Magnemite
0052 = Magneton
0053 = Magnezone
0054 = Skiddo
0055 = Gogoat
0056 = Seel
0058 = Skorupi
0059 = Drapion
005c = Gastly
005d = Haunter
005e = Gengar
005f = Onix
0060 = Espurr
0061 = Meowstic
0062 = Binacle
0063 = Barbaracle
0064 = Helioptile
0065 = Heliolisk
0066 = Exeggcute
0067 = Exeggutor
006c = Spiritomb
006d = Mienfoo
006e = Mienshao
006f = Rhyhorn
0070 = Rhydon
0071 = Audino
0072 = Tangela
0073 = Kangaskhan
0074 = Horsea
0075 = Seadra
0076 = Goldeen
0077 = Seaking
007a = Gallade
007b = Scyther
007f = Pinsir
0080 = Sylveon
0081 = Magikarp
0082 = Gyarados
0083 = Lapras
0084 = Ditto
0085 = Eevee
0086 = Vaporeon
0087 = Jolteon
0088 = Flareon
0089 = Carbink
008c = Skrelp
008d = Dragalge
008e = Aerodactyl
008f = Buzzwole
0093 = Goomy
0094 = Sliggoo
0095 = Goodra
0098 = Rowlet
0099 = Dartrix
009a = Decidueye
009b = Litten
009c = Torracat
009d = Incineroar
009e = Popplio
009f = Brionne
00a0 = Primarina
00a1 = Yungoos
00a2 = Gumshoos
00a3 = Starly
00a4 = Staravia
00a5 = Staraptor
00a6 = Furfrou
00a7 = Cottonee
00a8 = Whimsicott
00a9 = Crobat
00aa = Chinchou
00ab = Lanturn
00ac = Pichu
00ae = Igglybuff
00b3 = Mareep
00b4 = Flaaffy
00b5 = Ampharos
00b6 = Tangrowth
00b7 = Marill
00b8 = Azumarill
00b9 = Dusknoir
00bb = Gible
00bc = Gabite
00bd = Garchomp
00be = Chatot
00bf = Pansage
00c0 = Simisage
00c1 = Celesteela
00c2 = Panpour
00c3 = Simipour
00c4 = Espeon
00c5 = Umbreon
00c6 = Kartana
00c7 = Slowking
00c9 = Unown
00cc = Ferroseed
00cd = Ferrothorn
00ce = Weavile
00cf = Togedemaru
00d0 = Steelix
00d1 = Snubbull
00d2 = Granbull
00d4 = Scizor
00d6 = Heracross
00d7 = Sneasel
00d8 = Mudbray
00d9 = Mudsdale
00da = Pansear
00db = Simisear
00dc = Vanillite
00dd = Vanillish
00de = Vanilluxe
00e2 = Dhelmise
00e3 = Skarmory
00e4 = Houndour
00e5 = Houndoom
00e6 = Kingdra
00e7 = Zorua
00e8 = Zoroark
00e9 = Klefki
00eb = Smeargle
00ee = Hawlucha
00f1 = Froslass
00f2 = Audino
00f6 = Larvitar
00f7 = Pupitar
00f8 = Tyranitar
0116 = Grovyle
0117 = Sceptile
0118 = Torchic
0119 = Combusken
011a = Blaziken
011b = Mudkip
011c = Marshtomp
011d = Swampert
011e = Purrloin
011f = Liepard
0120 = Buneary
0121 = Lopunny
0122 = Scatterbug
0123 = Spewpa
0124 = Vivilion
0125 = Combee
0126 = Vespiquen
0127 = Lotad
0128 = Lombre
0129 = Ludicolo
012a = Bounsweet
012b = Steenee
012c = Tsareena
012d = Nincada
012e = Ninjask
012f = Shedinja
0130 = Snover
0131 = Abomasnow
0132 = Shroomish
0133 = Breloom
0134 = Spinda
0135 = Spritzee
0136 = Aromatisse
0137 = Dewiper
0138 = Araquanid
0139 = Wailmer
013a = Wailord
013b = Skitty
013c = Delcatty
013d = Pheromosa
013e = Golett
013f = Golurk
0142 = Sableye
0143 = Glaceon
0144 = Leafeon
0145 = Luvdisc
0146 = Corphish
0147 = Crawdaunt
0148 = Feebas
0149 = Milotic
014a = Carvanha
014b = Sharpedo
014c = Trapinch
014d = Vibrava
014e = Flygon
014f = Riolu
0150 = Lucario
0151 = Electrike
0152 = Manectric
0153 = Numel
0154 = Camerupt
0155 = Spheal
0156 = Sealeo
0157 = Walrein
0158 = Cacnea
0159 = Cacturne
015a = Snorunt
015b = Glalie
015e = Azurill
015f = Spoink
0160 = Grumpig
0163 = Mawile
0164 = Meditite
0165 = Medicham
0166 = Swablu
0167 = Altaria
0169 = Duskull
016a = Dusclops
016c = Slakoth
016d = Vigoroth
016e = Slaking
016f = Clauncher
0170 = Clawitzer
0171 = Tropius
0172 = Whismur
0173 = Loudred
0174 = Exploud
0178 = Absol
0179 = Shuppet
017a = Banette
017e = Aron
017f = Lairon
0180 = Aggron
0181 = Castform
0186 = Tyrunt
0187 = Tyrantrum
0188 = Ralts
0189 = Kirlia
018a = Gardevoir
018b = Bagon
018c = Shelgon
018d = Salamence
018e = Beldum
018f = Metang
0190 = Metagross
0191 = Nihilego
0192 = Xurkitree
0193 = Guzzlord

Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion Pokemon
Mega power mega and primal reversion


00006FA7 000A

1006AF88 0007

Enter code: 83007CF6 YYYY and replace YYYY with your chosen Pokemon ID.

0023 = Mega Sharpedo
0024 = Mega Camerupt
0030 = Mega Beedrill
0031 = Mega Pidgeot
003c = Mega Lucario
003d = Mega Mawile
003e = Mega Manectric
0036 = Mewtwo X
0037 = Mewtwo Y
0057 = Mega Glalie
005a = Mega Tyranitar
005b = Mega Venusaur
006a = Mega Aggron
006b = Mega Abomasnow
0078 = Charizard Y
0079 = Mega Garchomp
007c = Mega Heracross
007e = Mega Diancie
008a = Mega Rhyperior
008b = Mega Rayquazza
00ad = Mega Gallade
00b0 = Mega Hoopa
00ba = Mega Metagross
00c8 = Mega Kangaskhan
00ca = Mega Lopunny
00d3 = Mega Sableye
015c = Mega Scizor
015d = Mega Absol
00df = Mega Latias
00e0 = Mega Latios
00e1 = Mega Salamence
00ea = Mega Slowbro
00ec = Mega Pinsir
00ed = Mega Medicham
0161 = Mega Aerodactyl
0162 = Mega Alakazam
0168 = Mega Altaria
016b = Mega Ampharos
00ef = Mega Sceptile
00f0 = Mega Swampert
0175 = Mega Banette
0176 = Mega Blastoise
0177 = Mega Blaziken
0194 = Kyogre P
0195 = Groudon P
017b = Charizard X
017c = Mega Gardevoir
017d = Mega Gengar
0182 = Mega Gyarados
0183 = Mega Houndoom
0184 = Mega Amaura
0185 = Mega Aurorus

Legendary and Mythical Pokemon
Mega power legendary and mythical pokemon cheat


00006FA7 000A

1006AF88 0007

Enter code: 83007CF6 YYYY and replace YYYY with your chosen Pokemon ID.
0090 = Articuno
0091 = Zapdos
0092 = Moltres
0096 = Mewtwo
0097 = Mew
00f3 = Raikou
00f4 = Entei
00f5 = Suicune
00f9 = Lugia
00fa = Ho-oh
00fb = Celebi
0197 = Latias
0196 = Rayquaza
0198 = Latios
0199 = Jirachi
001f = Deoxys
0020 = Darkrai
0068 = Phione
0069 = Manaphy
019a = Keldeo
00cb = Zygarde
007d = Diancie
00af = Hoopa
019b = Volcanion
0021 = Type: Null
0022 = Silvally
0140 = Tapu Koko
0141 = Tapu Bulu
00b1 = Tapu Lele
00b2 = Tapu Fini
001d = Necrozma
001e = Zeraora
00d5 = Marshadow

Teleport Cheats (Shared by: Dasher Gaming)


1st Pokemon Max Stats (Shared by: Dasher Gaming)

35A039FD B90C0C5B = Max HP
973FBE3F EDC8200D = Max Attack
979050AE 6F56B497 = Max Defense
E9B89F9D C73B5749 = Max SP Attack
DBC9F375 30D76D78 = Max SP Defense
35B2E18D FC573426 = Max Speed

Final Thoughts

These are advantageous cheat codes for Pokemon Mega Power that can help you gain more advantages in your game. Although cheating is considered an inappropriate way of playing games; But, it can surely bring more fun to gamers. The GB, GBC, GBA, and NDS gaming platform supports the cheating.

Do the listed cheat work for you? Feel free to leave a comment using the form below, and I would love to hear them.

About PokeCoder

I'm a Pokemon fan since childhood, and I love watching Pokemon movies and TV series. When playing Pokemon games, I use emulators, and I very much enjoy a game when I use a cheat. Join me exploring the world of Pokemon gaming using cheat codes.

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Why have you removed teleport cheats

82005274 0155 Master ball in pc


Cheat codes added in the listing above

1st pokemon max stats cheats:

Cheat codes added in the listing above

is meltan and melmetal here ?

why doesn’t the masterball code work??

Why does the pokemon’s name change when you catches one in shiny pokemon? Even when I change it’s nickname.

Please you a make Arceus cheat code

The mega pokemon and legendary pokemon glich doesn’t work for me iam on my boy and I got the master code right but still it doesn’t work

The mega pokemon and legendary pokemon cheat code*

Yeah Me Too…

what is the cheat for starters of unova/teselia?

I cant get the master code for infinite money to work out it says it’s wrong.

Hay I’m trying to use the rare candy cheat and it’s not working and I don’t know why I’m using the moble type so I do not know if I’m using the right one if not how do I fix that?

Pokemon Fire Red Mega stone

Hey, I’m trying to use the catch other peoples pokemon cheat on OpenEmu, and I’ve tried every variation of the cheat using the +’s.

Does this cheat not work on OpenEmu? I’ve put no plus signs, plus signs in between each 8 character string, plus signs after each 16 character string, and both of those previous ones at the same time. none of them work.

Great thanks for mega evolution cheats

Hey I can’t use any of the codes I’m on a Lg

My boy

What is the master code for wild Pokemon modifier, I can’t use it

Can I get an all item cheat??

Can i atleast have max revive and full restore cheat pls

Lot of u guys asked TM cheat I have it and this is glicth proof
C6511EC5 0F15C8E0
4689920D 5CFF6FFE
10257B84 3365249C
AEA23F29 64EDD481
166577A1 EB80A832

its the all tm code but its only part of it, which will glitch your bag. you need to the whole cheat…

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C6511EC5 0F15C8E0
4689920D 5CFF6FFE
8631B929 014933DF
10257B84 3365249C
AEA23F29 64EDD481
166577A1 EB80A832

Hi now due to the glitch the bag is full able to add any new item, anyways to reverse it?.

me too. cant have any pokeball now full of TMs that can’t be sold nor tossed

This is notglitch proof, you only have part of the cheat. dont lie to people….

Master code it doesn’t work in my gba please help

6th batch cheats

Where to get master Ball I applied the code

The Infinite Cash cheat isn’t working

Use master code then it will work

Is there a mega stone cheat

No u get it from your pc

Pokemon legend dont

Thanks pokemon coders any one wants cheats then come to pokemon coders

Bro the cheats for pokemon s does not work!

Where is the name rater in Pokemon MegaPower?

Mega stone

Pokemon Fire Red Mega stone

give me cheat code for mega stone for this game

do the modified pokemons learn any moves? My incineroar which I used the cheat to get is lvl 35 and learned no new moves.

Whats the code for inceneroar?

The legendary and mega evolution doesnt worl. Keeps on glitching

Unfortunately the Game freezes, crashes or gives BadEggs after I used a Cheat for wild Mega-Pokemons.
So it is impossible to use the Cheats.
I was able to catch 1 or 2 Mega-Pokomen, but the Games was bugged every time.

The Level-Modifier doesn’t work.

The Masterball and Money-Cheat seems to work without problems.

Using myboy mega Evo cheats aren’t working

I am using my boy free and the legendary and mythical pokemon cheat isn’t working I was able to get the mastercode to work by entering them separately but the other code like if i put in
83007CF6 001e or 00d5 it says it isn’t a real cheat so could you please help me.

Thanks for the help

Pokemon all best version

Downlode the paid vertion


All cheats are working properly thanks bro thanks a lot

How to withdraw rarecandy it Is not showing in Pokémon center’s pc

Enter and activate the cheat,the save the game (that in game save),reset it and load your ingame save file

I’ve tried your method and still the rare Candies didn’t show under the Master Balls, what am I doing wrong?

Hi, can someone help me? How can I make infinite cash work?

Just fight 2 with
Wild pokemon then check your trainer card

Can we get more than one mega stone from the system?

Hello bro. A master code not working for me. I play on John gba

John GBA cheats is working perfect but I’m stuck at the first town and don’t know what to do now I can’t go down

I cannot access the storage system in the PC and it shows that it is restricted because I have a mega pokemon
. How to solve this problem and how to get anti mega stone ?

U have anti mega in key items pocket use it on ur mega pokemon then try it

How do I get the mega cheat to work

How to cheat rare candies coz it doesnt work for me the cheat above . Im using android gba emulator

Sir do you know what cheat is working for contest max heart

Hey this Leo every other cheat works and I enjoy them very much but can you reply to and tell me the mega stone cheat code PLEASE

It does work just go to your PC in the in Pokémon Centre and withdraw a item the rare Candie cheat must be on

Same issue here, need a code to put them direct to bag

Why are there no Female Shinies??!!!!

Why are my shinies not names properly?

How to get the hm?

Is there a code for all tms in item bag?


What is the cheat code for mega stones???

I’m using my boy.

How come there’s no cheat code for mega stones in this website??

Because mega stones aren’t a thing, you just look for mega Pokemon and you can catch them them in the wild, with a master ball

The mega pokemon cheats dont work properly, they show wrong pokemon and not the mega pokemon i choose

I agree I’ve also been looking for it they only give me thunder stones

Is there a cheat for max stats ??

Can you pls tell me the mega piedra cheat

Thanks pal you’re the best I’m looking for these code

How to mega evolve in pokemon mega with mega stones
When i try to mega evolve pokemons than the game get freeze

Just a question does Pokemon mega have z move???

How do I even enter the codes?

Also, since I’ve been reading your comments, I downloaded the game off aptoide, in which it already has an emulator
comment image

How to get destiny hoopa

Wait there is destiny hoppa AND WHEN?

Thanks for the codes . It really helps.☺☺☺

all the rest of the cheats worked for me exept the wild pokemon modifier or primal or mega or legendary or mythical when i type the mastercode it says it dosent relate to this game or different game cheat same with pokemon code im using vba-m hope you work it out and fix it ;D

Hey thanks for all your hard work. The other cheats work just fine for me. But when I try to use the cheat for Necrozma I get a Nidoran instead. Is there a master Pokemon identifier list you may have? I’m using my boy.

This is cool bro but I want mega stone x cheats plz

Please someone give cheats for nagandel please please I request u ????

How to cheat mega stone

I want a mega stone cheat!!!!!!

Is there any cheat for modifying pokemon gender?

Go go good job brother nice cheats

Okclng yun

Can you add Blacephalon and Stakataka??? They are ultra beast by the way

I am using GBA4iOS on my IPad and most of the codes I tried worked but I can’t get the mythical/legendary Pokémon code or master ball code to work have any suggestions?

Hey pokemoncoder I found a solution for the Pokémon mythical and lengendary Code not working on GBAIOS, since with that emulator didn’t work with I downloaded Delta emulator and the codes worked fine so I think delta be a great option for people on iOS to download and play and not have problem with cheat codes

You can download my boy it is awesome bro

Hey, I copied the infinite cash cheat and I’m on my boy gba emulator, and I went to the store but lo and behold, I didn’t have infinite cash, please solve this.

How to get eevee or eevee egg?

cheat to encounter wild eevee

master code
b749822b ce9bfac1
a86cdba5 19ba49b3

eevee cheat
3f63f9c8 5dcc780c

wh don’t have cheat in tm’s and hm and other items so ????

pokemon mods keep crashing my game how can i fix it?

The code to summon woopa is invalid

You guys are awesome all cheats worked. Huge fan of ur website and YouTube page as well

Exp share?

I want the cheat of mega Stone x and y and the cheat for wild,legendary and primal reversal cheat is also not working when i try to save master code then ir says enter cheat type after i enter it then it says cheat is wrong

I didn’t right this comment but the emulator that I’m using is the John GBA lite ( Android app) and I have the same problem it says that the master code is invalid. So what free gba emulator for Android,do you recommend

You can download my boy it is awesome bro

is there a cheat for EXP?

TM Mod please…

I used the mega pokemon and primal reversion cheat code with the master code and the cheat code and I only ran into all Psyduck

Hi, I’m running GBA4ios emulator and whenever I activate a cheat that requires a master Code, the game resets to the game freak logo in the main menu. I have tried turning all other cheats off except the master Code and the Pokemon modifier but I still get sent to the main menu

You can also download my boy on any website on iOS or Android

the rare candy cheat didn’t work for me, i’m playing the 5.58 beta version, pls help

the rare candy cheat does not work on your home pc….you have to go to the pokemon center to get the rare candies

Turn the Master code off and reset should work after that

Awesome thanks all cheats are working…..Please add Full Pokedex cheat..please

There is, and it also works on Emerald version. Just follow the steps below:

1. Find Mart and enter. In Mega Power, its on Pokemon Center as well.

2. Enter Master Code
D88AE4D 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C

3. Talk to the counter but DON’T buy anything

4. Enter the Code
93cc476A 8C7B6C01
03650473 DF38618E
67C11314 8556956F
BB87C867 94118B68
F6BE2D41 C51B2EF3
FA701EA5 7D896F37
C9ADF3D5 20700D38

Hope this works

Ik how 2 get mega stone y stone x stone and anti stone for this game

you have to help fix that machine that guy tells you to fix. then you can get one

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