Pokemon Last Fire Red


There are plenty of ROM hacks out there that simply alter the gameplay mechanics of the base ROM. One of those ROM hacks would be Pokemon Last Fire Red — a hack derived from FireRed. This ROM hack still follows the same story of the game, but there are some minor changes and additions.

The game has a ton of features that would be enough to keep you busy, for the most part. There’s nothing wrong with simply hacking a game and not being original. It is always the overall impact of the ROM hack, which is where Last Fire Red can be advantageous and more!

Details on Pokemon Last Fire Red


Just as we mentioned, the story is pretty much FireRed in its original state. There are some minor changes and additions, but you wouldn’t even notice them that much.

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While the story is the same, the features are where this game shines. First of all, the game has a graphical update, making it look like Pokemon Black and White. We’re not just talking about the character sprites but as well as battle animations complete with backgrounds. The UI as well is similar to those games, so that’s a complete visual overhaul.

There are also many updates in terms of Pokemon types, moves, abilities, and more. Don’t forget about the Pokemon roster as well mixed in with some Fakemon. You can also try Hard Mode later when you’ve finished the game and even your first time. The game is complete, so that’s always a good thing.

Pokemon Last Fire Red Game Information

Pokemon last fire red

Pokemon Last Fire Red
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Updated graphics similar to Black and White
  • Battle animations have been updated and battles have backgrounds
  • Large Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 7
  • Several Fakemon included
  • Mega Evolution is available
  • Alola Forms are also available
  • Dynamax in battle
  • Physical and Special split
  • Day and night cycle
  • New items added to the game and overall updated
  • Poke Montures
  • Can play in Hard Mode
  • Run indoors
  • Pokemon Trainer levels will scale with you
  • TMs are reusable
  • Can learn over learned HMs
  • DexNav


Pokemon last fire red screenshots


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how do i turn of hard mode


So, love the game. Playing randomized, I keep encountering a glitch palkia with an altered dialga sprite, no ability and something like 30 BST. What is it? Is it just a placeholder that got included when the game randomized?


Why i just can open pokenav at android My boy


just a lil tip for players in randomizer/hard mode having a legendary increases diffuculty to match the legendary you have so its better to have a regular team plus regular teams have more chance of winning evem without the legend debuff


Amazing! thanks for the tips fireredlover, I’m sure fellow players will find this useful. Keep em’ coming dude.


where can I get a FireRed.gba file to patch this rom


Does anyone have a fix for the following glitch, I load up the game it’s normal. But once I get to the first fight with Gary, I get a black screen and it crashes?

Justin Noyes

does this work with mGBA?


I’m sure it does, give it a try.


What is the 810 pokemon In the game Cuz i caught all 809 pokemons of national dex so plz reply soon……..


I’m not quite sure about that BkQ, sorry.

Justin Noyes

it worked.


Thanks for the feedback Justin.


I am also facing same problem, cannot receive exp or switch pokemon in the party, please tell us if anyone know how to fix this😢🙏

Sato suho

How to wonder trade?


in viridian city


im having trouble getting the game to play after i get my starter and it starts the first battlle with my rival i get black screen with the music still playing. im on a gba with ezflash omega. any help would be great


Hii users…. I can’t defeat Loreili in elite four matchup coz she uses legendaries and she beats my whole lvl 100 team by using just 2 pokemons………is this a sought of glitch….if you know how to beat her…plzz tell me…..i am stuck at one moment ………plzz help me


She beat my team of Zacian Hoopa Zapdos Raikou Galaran Moltres and the Protean Greninja too bro it isn’t a glitch,you have to find a perfect team

random guy

you can change the tides with tms and type advantages i will also suggest using full restores and revives so once your strong pokemon faint you can use a diff pokemon to revive your strong pokemon thats how i beaten 13 pokemon games


Woah woah wait. You guys used Legendaries and couldn’t win? I beat it with Garchomp, Greninja, Slyveon, Crobat, Lucario, and Charizard

Jonathan Gosk

my game froze in the begining of the first trainer battle and i dont know what happened


Do you have any cheats enabled in the game? Cheats can cause such problem, make sure to disable them.


Ugh, literally got to the place to challenge the elite four and got myself softlock cause Lorelei went home to do something at Icefall cave. The problem is that I didn’t know the cave to get the ruby plate which in turn gave me the access to go to Icefall cave disappeared when you leave it, which I’m not sure if it was already a problem for the original rom or not. What made it more frustrating is that I’m pretty sure that the reason I got softlock is that the game had a minor glitch where Sabrina’s gym, the… Read more »


Hi Skycats777, thank you for your input on this game. I’m sure future players will find this information useful.


Hey, I got an issue, after entering Celadon city I got a glitch when I don’t receive exp from trainer battles and cant switch pokémon or take their items in the party menu. Does anyone know how to fix that? 🙂


Facing same issue, please tell us if anyone know how to fix this.


Hey buddy, I dont know if it actually works or not but go inside frontier battle, play any of the battles and when they (that counter man) ask if you want to continue? Select NO. And everything works properly now.
(It works for me, hope it’ll works for you too)✌️

Last edited 2 months ago by Sahil

Where can I find a beldum or metang or metagross?


There is no way to find a Mudkip in this game. I often try to buy me some eggs in the corner and reset the game. and the squirtle wich you can catch after brock carry no item.


you need to buy a few eggs and get lucky


So yeah when i try to team with Lorelei in 4th island i cant do battle and she just says this: “Characters name” thank you. But this is awful… I was raised here on these islands. I had no idea those horrible criminals were loose here. And 3 member of team rocket is still there. I didnt got the fight. And also when i try to enter dotted hole. There is a guy blocking the door. Saying: “I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to get inside. Let me tell you i found this place. Dont look so envious. Will… Read more »


The game stuck’s at battle with game creater. Can someone please explain how to pass through.


I can’t catch a Kyogre or Groudon after defeating the dens because my bag can’t be opened to get my pokeballs 😭🤸


You need to turn the no bag challenge option off in a gym’s challenge menu


it refuses to let me use items when i try to find pokemon


nvm i had to finish a battle -w-


Do I have to trade to get alakazam?


There are link cables u can find them at the route before Lt.Surge


i cant open bag in any battles (wild pokemon also) it shows items cant be used now time what can i do

madajah powell

what’s the length of day? trying to evolve riolu and happiny.

Doberman Vii

Anyone knows where to find drain punch move ??? To teach to my pokemon


Can u please tell me where i can find a Heracross and a metagross

Jb manzano

Is this rom have some fakemons?


Nah it has official pokemoms only


great rom hack loved the anime characters in the game


Thanks for your feedback Sam.

madajah powell

how to access extra options?


What are the level caps for each gym? Cause like it doesn’t tell me on the badges anymore and I’m just confused


There aren’t any level caps

Rai Radiuju

Hey why this game the difficult very hard if i not use hard mode the game still hard?



Dorien King

I’m on the newest update I became champion 2 days ago It wont let me catch wild pokemon or use my items for anything please help me I didnt waste hours of my life for no reason please help

Dorien King

It says that my items cant be used like when you fight the e4 or a legendary trainer.


Go to any gym and disable bag. Happened to me too


I’m fight with loteo AND the disable bag opción Is been on,turn of Thais option in the gyms