Pokemon GS Chronicles


One of the most popularly played Pokemon ROM hacks till today is Pokemon GS Chronicles. Though the future update of the game is still questionable at the moment, it is still playable and fun. It is an interesting ROM hack of FireRed which takes the concept of Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The story is somewhat the same but at the same time different.

The game comes by default in a .BPS format which you can easily patch with any of the available patchers with no added cost.

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The game has some bugs at the moment, but nothing too serious. GS Chronicles is still being developed with the help of the community. The good thing is that you can always try it today.

Details on Pokemon GS Chronicles


The story is inspired by the Generation II games, namely Gold, Silver, and Crystal. When we say inspired, it doesn’t mean that it follows the story point per point. You could say that there are elements to it, such as taking place in Johto and having the usual point of being a Pokemon Master when it’s all over.


The graphics of the game are updated, so it looks like HeartGold and SoulSilver. Pretty much everything is changed, so it doesn’t look anything like FireRed, so that alone is already a good improvement. There are some graphical bugs in some cases, although it doesn’t really affect the gameplay.

The Pokemon roster is only up to Gen 4, which is around 494. The items, moves, and other things are all updated similarly to Gen 8. Another notable feature is the day-to-night cycle which was a mechanic back in the Gen 2 games.

Pokemon locations are also swapped and will appear depending on the time of day. The game has enough content for you to go around.

Pokemon GS Chronicles Game Information

Pokemon gs chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles
Creator: Overlord Kaktus and Ruki Studios
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
For patching, use: 1636 – pokemon fire red (u)(squirrels)
Discord: Link
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Experience new plot points in the game
  • Pokemon roster from Gen 4 rounding off to 494
  • Mega Evolution is also included
  • Dynamax and Gigantamax are available
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Different Pokemon will appear depending on if it is day or night
  • Move Tutors in every Poke Center
  • Updated types like Fairy
  • PokeRides are introduced, which replaces the outside HM mechanics




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal! Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Download Pokemon GS Chronicles

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I beat Claire before I went back to Goldenrod for the story and now I can’t progress. I already have the sunset bell but i cant go farther than that. It’s as if I didn’t actually beat it but i have the badge. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Can this be played on the powkiddy v90?

How to download it

Hi there, here’s a guide we created to help you on patching in order to play this game https://www.pokemoncoders.com/apply-ips-ups-patch-play-rom-hack/. Hope this helps.

i just eveoled my starter and its bugged out. no spirt, dex entry or anhything use it in battle and everything goes pixel

my riolu wont evolve and i cant find the friendship checker so does anyone know where it is

Same. Riolu was evolving too early so I stopped it from evolving. Now it won’t evolve at all. Used rare candy code to see when it evolve and it doesn’t. Have to catch a new one

are there any follow pokemon

which version i need to have to apply the bps on?

How do you play this game on macOS computer

You need an emulator for it to work. Here’s a guide we created for that, see here Visual Boy Advance For Mac Alternative Emulators.

I am stuck between gym 7 and 8. When I go back to Goldenrod I cant see anybody but will battle in the tower and receive the key. When I go to the 8th gym the leader isnt there, any help?

I ran into a bug where I after reaching the Pokemon league, I can’t leave. As soon as I try to leave (either to the Elite Four or back to Victory Road), the game goes black and crashes the emulator. Anyone else run into this?

For some reason my starter won’t obey me. I just got my first gym badge and it’s only at level 14. This happen to anyone else?

I can’t face the champion, each time I reload save, I go into the final room and it wont let me seak to anybody there haha, anyone else finding this issue?

You become the champion after beating the elite 4 i think the game takes place if lance was never there to take the champion spot

Does this version end after beating the pokemon league?

My copy doesn’t have a day/night cycle?

Mine also like that…But after is turn On The Real Time Clock on my emulator… Its working perfectlt

Where can i find the mega stone for charizard, metagross, and dragonite?

What are the shiny odds on this romhack?

1/8000+ (there are 2 shiny pokemon from storyline)

What are the shiny odds on this romhack? I want my party full of shiny pokemons without a cheat.

We have no information regarding the shiny odds for this game, but having your party full of shinies sounds very cool.

Hello, Wonder trade doesn’t work, could you tell me why? Do you know why? I am brazilian

Hi love the game but a have a problem I have the old ember but can’t get aerodactyl the guy on the ruins won’t revive the old ember but all of the other fossils work, can anyone tell me how to get him

Where is the bug contest and can i fina a Heracross plz tell

How to get to Lugia ?

Can you go to kanto in this game?

hey for some reason my game keeps freezing when i try to leave the pokemon center in mahongany town. i just beat the gym

Do you have any cheats enabled that you forgot to turn off? Cheats could lead to such problems most of the time.

no ive been playing through the game without any cheats.

Good for you pal. But cheats are created for extra fun, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. 😀

it bugs sometimes, i recommend reopen ur save file


Can anyone help me find Spheal? I am currently at ice path but cant find it in there

Where can I find scyther?

Bug catching contest

I’m stuck in the town with the two towers, everytime I try to leave the Pokémon center the game freezes, I put in a lot of time and don’t want to start over. Is there a way to fix this?

Is there any way to play this on iOS?

Yeah there is if you get a subscription to the build store and download GBA4IOS you can download the rom here to IOS

If you get a subscription to GBA4IOS on the buildstore you can download the rom to it and start playing no problem the subscription is like $20 a month

Okay can someone pls help mee… how are the odds for a shiny in Gs Chronicles And CAN I reset For a shiny starter ?!? Pls help thank you

where is the move tutor? it’s not in the pokémon center

They are where the online place would be the lady in the middle slot is the remember and the one on the right is the deleter

They are up in the online section middle is the deteriorating the one on the right is the deleter hence why there are only 2 available

Dude, this Romhack is from gen 1-8?

Some Legendaries Pokemon
CodeBreaker Cheat Code :

8202404C 0410 = Deoxys
8202404C 0431 = Magearna
8202404C 0432 = Poipole
8202404C 0433 = Naganadel
8202404C 0434 = Stakataka
8202404C 0435 = Blacephalon
8202404C 0436 = Zeraora
8202404C 0437 = Dusk Mane Necrozma
8202404C 0438 = Dawn Wings Necrozma
8202404C 0439 = Ultra Necrozma
8202404C 0440 = Masked Pikachu

PS : Need To Rename The Pokemon Names After Catch it

Thanks for the share mate.

-Anyone can confirm these codes? Do they work?

100% never dout his hard word

epic boy 999

this is a good game

does anyone know the shiny odds? cuz i got a shiny dratini from the elder in the dragons den and wanted to know the odds.

The game keeps freezing when anything evolves. Is there a way around this or an updated version coming that fixes it? Really want to play it.

Same. is there a solution for this? thanks for answering

Where do you find a sun stone?

I beat Clair before beating the Radio Tower and now the game will not allow me to advance any further

you have to do the tower before the gym so I think you have to reset to the last save file you had

some type of glitch keeps happening in my game cuz every time my pokemon evolves the game just freezes and there’s nothing I can do about it and its very annoying because id rather not play through the game with stage 1 mons

DId you find out how to fix this issue becasue I finally got this game downloaded just to have the same problem, super frustrating to play to that point just to be stuck and not able to continue.

Same happend to me, is their a way to fix it

Did you find a solution? I have the same problem

Did you find a solution. i still can’t play
when my mudkip evolves the game freezes

I’m stuck, I have all 8 Johto badges, but team rocket still has control of goldenrod. I didn’t mean to skip the Goldenrod rescue but it seems I did. I saw lurker enter the radio tower and the game let me clear the second floor of team rocket but it wont let me go any further. I’m lost and don’t know what to do now.

What do I do with the silver and gold caps?

Is there a way I can play this on my android? I have a Samsung note Galaxy S20.

Yes, you can play this conveniently on your Android device. You need an emulator to do that, I recommend using MyBoy. Another thing you need to know is the patching process. Luckily we have created a guide for it on how you can Patch ips/ups files to play a ROM Hack.

Is this game shiny locked

the game is awesome! some things i experience while playing the game:
My skydive ride doesn’t work anytime i try to use it. I have a togekiss and honchkrow in my party and i have 7 badges, any idea on why this is happening?

Have you tried using the map to fly ? The actual skydive ride also says it’s not time to use it when you try to activate through select but if you use the map and choose a location, you’ll fly there.

Are the trade evolution changed in this rom hack?

Sorry but I have no information for your question as of yet D4rkniSs.

Yes. Each one of those trade evolutions now requires a level up while holding a specific item. For Graveler it’s a Hard Stone, for Alakazam it’s a Twistedspoon etc. There’s a doc on the Discord for this hack that details these.

Spreadsheat with all changed evos and pokemon included
yes they are changed and the details are in here

Thanks for coming here Marley and sharing that valuable link, I appreciate your help. Keep em’ coming..

I have a bit problem on the patch, i patched the game but it crashed my emulator, do you have a link of a pre patched version?? please i really want to play the game

Sorry Zakku but we don’t share pre-patched version here. Also, be sure to follow our rom hack patching guide.

Um, I found a glitch that happened when I turned on the exp thing.My battling pokemon got no exp but all the others got it even my egg got exp it is now at level 10

Thanks for that information, Pokemon Game Tester. Just in case you would like to volunteer as a cheat tester, just let me know or you can join our discord server.

Plz make it easier to catch a freaking aipom I found one early game-Level 2- and i thru 20 pokeballs and did damage and none of them caught

Um A wired glitch I fainted in union cave and then got my pokemon healed at the Elite Four place yeah wired

My contribution, hours of work

Black market underground Goldenrot City, first item 1pc

Master Code
0000295F 000A
10044EC8 0007
83005000 61A1
83005002 0A35

Silver Botle Cap (Exchange hidden Ability)
820257C4 0268
820257C6 0001

Big nugget (get perfect IV)
820257C4 00F5
820257C6 0001

Tested on May 2021
Sorry for my bad english, please leave your comments.

Hi Miguel, thanks for coming and sharing those cheats and I appreciate your hard work finding them. Will test them, just want you to know that we’re on the process of creating cheats for this game so stay tuned for updates.

Let’s make it simple….
Go to market
Then 82003884 0268 to silver bottle cap
82003884 00F5 to big nugget

Cheat to $1
3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA

I don’t really get how this is used. I got it from any PC as stated on another site.
Then OAK just keeps saying it’s not the right time to do use it and nothing happens?

Are we suppose to use the big nugget on a pokemon to make its IVs Max? Or just sell for gold?

what generation are the Pokemon moveset based on? my Nuzleaf learned razer leaf when evolved at level 14 but it only learns razer leaf at level 14 in omega ruby and alpha sapphire

The game is absolutely beautiful! This is the first time i see such a polished and well-made Rom Hack. Are there any cheats yet? I kinda wanna mess around with the game a little.

Yes we do have cheats, see our Pokemon GS Chronicles cheats page.

I absolutely love this game AMAZING. I just started playing and I’m already in love with this game. Amazing looking and well-made

Thanks for coming here Big D and leaving such a useful feedback.