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Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Codes – Cheats for Nintendo DS

Pump up your Pokemon Diamond gaming experience with Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Codes, the list below shows you the best and working cheat codes for Pokemon Diamond. To use them, you need an emulator that supports action replay, If you are playing this game on PC, check The Best DS Emulators for PC.

If you’re going to play this game on an Android device, the very best Nintendo DS emulator I recommend is DraStic DS Emulator, there are dozens of DS emulator exist on Google Play Store but these can’t beat the capability and features that Drastic is offering. The Drastic free version is enough to enjoy DS gaming but the premium version offers the full usage of the app.

Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Cheat Codes

Playing the game on Mac computers? Straight answer! You only need OpenEmu period.

Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Codes

Walk Through Walls (R+B to enable/L+B to disable)

94000130 FCFD0200
12056C06 00002000
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCFD0100
12056C06 00001C20
D2000000 00000000

100% Catching Rate For All Pokeball

9223C1F4 00002801
1223C1F4 00004280
D2000000 00000000

Maximum Money (Press L+R)

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
000002E4 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

Teach Pokemon Any TM/HM

9206A1B6 0000D001
1206A1B6 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Steal Other Trainer's Pokemon

9223B5FA 00002101
1223B5FA 00002100
D2000000 00000000

Rare candy x999 (press L+R)

*Note: This code may not work for non english ROMS
94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
00000dac 03e70032
D2000000 00000000

Meet Shiny Pokemon

12068ac6 000046c0

Quick EXP Gain (Hold {{ds|R}} at the End of a Battle)

94000130 000002ff
62106fc0 00000000
b2106fc0 00000000
100458dc 00000500
d2000000 00000000

Super EXP Gain (Hold {{ds|R}} at the End of a Battle)

This will level up Pokémon quickly. If at level 40+, use Super EXP Gain.
94000130 000002ff
62106fc0 00000000
b2106fc0 00000000
100458dc 0000270f
d2000000 00000000

All TM's and HM's (Press L+R)

94000130 fcff0000
b21c4e68 00000000
b0000004 00000000
d5000000 005f0148
c0000000 00000064
d6000000 00000bec
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Wild Pokémon Are Shiny

621c4e68 00000000
02066bec 47004800
02066bf0 02000001
e2000000 0000003c
6800480d 490b6840
88011808 9c0d8842
40510c24 20074061
04244041 940d430c
21001c28 f067aa0d
4801fcc9 46c04700
02066bf5 000002e0
021c4e68 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Pokeball Cheat

Dive Ball x999
94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
00000f4c 03e70007
d2000000 00000000

Great Ball x999
94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
00000f4c 03e70003
d2000000 00000000

Ultra Ball x999
94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
00000f4c 03e70002
d2000000 00000000


Some sort of warning, please try not to activate too many cheats at once to avoid messing up the program of the game. Better disable the cheat after use and enable only the one that you need.

Closing Thoughts

Cheating can be fun but sometimes can ruin your game when used improperly, use only at your own risk and have fun. How were the cheats going to you? Let us know your experience by posting your message in the comment form below.

Got tips or cheats you want to share? Email [email protected]

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Like in HG/SS is there a wild pokemon Modifier Cheat?


hay man any legendary pokemon cheats


Hey I need a middle master code for my emulator pls reply

JT Giambattista

What does [[ds|R]] mean what do I press on computer?


I’m using an emulator on my PC and the rare candy won’t work; I’ve tried every code I can find, any tips?


It worked thanks!


Does this work on GBA emulator?

Leo mendez

Can we play it on Android?


How am I supposed to get cheats from my pc to my IDS


can you give me a dowlond for pokemon diamond so i can play it ??


How to stop gain exp, i cant stop it ko

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