Pokemon Blazing Emerald Cheats


Pokemon Blazing Emerald is a ROM hack of Emerald. This is one of those ROM hacks that try to make Emerald a bit harder, challenging, and have something. However, no matter what the challenge, you can always rely on some good Pokemon Blazing Emerald cheats at your disposal.

When using the cheats, make sure that they are entered as Game Shark (Action Replay) or Code Breaker. Make sure as well that they are turned on so that the cheats will work. Don’t use a lot of cheats at once. Try turning on a couple of them, and you can turn them off or remove the ones that you don’t need for now.

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Anyway, here are some of those cheats that you can use.

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List of Pokemon Blazing Emerald Cheats

Walk Through Walls (Game Shark)
Pokemon blazing emerald walk through wa cheats

7881A409 E2026E0C
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Input the code and you’ll be able to walk through walls, water, and other terrains. Be careful not to get stuck in some areas.

Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon (Game Shark)

B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
E151C402 8A229A83
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Input the code and before you throw the Poke Ball on the enemy trainer’s Pokemon, press L and R at the same time. Once that’s done, you can catch their Pokemon and end the battle. This is probably one of the Pokemon Blazing Emerald cheats that you may not think of using, but it’s there.

Encounter Wild Shiny Pokemon (Game Shark)
Encounter wild shiny pokemon blazing emerald cheats

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Input the code and you’ll always encounter a Shiny Wild Pokemon. Turn off the cheat before you catch it to avoid the name glitch.

No Wild Pokemon Battles (Game Shark)

B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Input the code and you won’t have any wild Pokemon encounters.

Max Stats (Game Shark)
Max stats pokemon blazing emerald cheats

Input the code of the stat that you want to max out. You can also input all of them separately without any problems. This code will only work for the first Pokemon in your party but you can switch the other Pokemon into the first slot to max their stats as well.

35A039FD B90C0C5B = Max HP
973FBE3F EDC8200D = Max Attack
979050AE 6F56B497 = Max Defense
E9B89F9D C73B5749 = Max SP Attack
DBC9F375 30D76D78 = Max SP Defense
35B2E18D FC573426 = Max Speed

9999 EXP (Game Shark)
9999 exp pokemon blazing emerald cheats


Input the code and you’ll always get 9999 EXP after every Pokemon you knock out.

Unlimited Money (Game Shark)
Unlimited money pokemon blazing emerald cheats

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Input the code and check your status to see if the cheat worked. If your money didn’t change, then close the menu and check your status again until you have a lot of money or it looks glitched out. This is definitely one of the more useful Pokemon Blazing Emerald cheats that you would want to use.

Unlimited Rare Candies (Game Shark)
Unlimited rare candies pokemon blazing emerald cheats


Input the code and go to any Item PC. Then you can withdraw an unlimited number of rare candies.

Unlimited Master Balls (Game Shark)
Unlimited master balls pokemon blazing emerald cheats

128898B6 EDA43037

Input the code and go to any Item PC. Then you can withdraw an unlimited number of Master Balls.

Unlimited Poke Balls (Game Shark)
Unlimited poke balls pokemon blazing emerald cheats


Input the code and you’ll be able to use all the types of pokeballs alls in your bag without running out.

Unlimited PP (Game Shark)
Unlimited pp pokemon blazing emerald cheats


Input the code and you’ll have unlimited PP on all of your moves, and they’ll never run out.

Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier (Game Shark)

Just input the code of the gender that you want and you’ll encounter it.

Female Code
7F06853C D823D089
0A694B5A 43A6964F

Male Code
7F06853C D823D089
7980105E FC3721D0

Verified Shared Cheats

Pokeballs, hold items, potions, misc items, (Shared by LuNaTHiCc)

How To Use: Replace The YYY With The Item Modifier ID
820051B4 0YYY
Example: Use 820051B4 0047 To Get PP Max
Where To Get The Item: Go To The Mart And Buy The First Item In The List.

Poké Balls:

001 = Master Ball
002 = Ultra Ball
003 = Great Ball
004 = Poké Ball
005 = Safari Ball
006 = Net Ball
007 = Dive Ball
008 = Nest Ball
009 = Repeat Ball
00A = Timer Ball
00B = Luxury Ball
00C = Premier Ball
0E2 = Level Ball
0E3 = Lure Ball
0E4 = Moon Ball
0E5 = Friend Ball
0E6 = Love Ball
0E7 = Heavy Ball
0E8 = Fast Ball
0E9 = Polka Ball
0EA = Dusk Ball
0EB = Quick Ball
0EC = Lime Ball
0ED = Luster Ball
0EF = Dream Ball
0F0 = Battle Ball

Hold Items:

035 = Mystery Box
038 = Hexed Egg
039 = King’s Rock
03A = Choice Scarf
0B3 = Brightpowder
0B4 = White Herb
0B5 = Macho Brace
0B6 = Exp Share
0B7 = Quick Claw
0B8 = Soothe Bell
0B9 = Mental Herb
0BA = Choice Band
0BB = Choice Specs
0BC = Silverpowder
0BD = Amulet Coin
0BE = Cleanse Tag
0BF = Soul Dew
0C0 = Deep Sea Tooth
0C1 = Deep Sea Scale
0C2 = Smoke Ball
0C3 = Everstone
0C4 = Focus Band
0C5 = Lucky Egg
0C6 = Scope Lens
0C7 = Metal Coat
0C8 = Leftovers
0C9 = Dragon Scale
0CA = Light Ball
0CB = Soft Sand
0CC = Hard Stone
0CD = Miracle Seed
0CE = Black Glasses
0CF = Black Belt
0D0 = Magnet
0D1 = Mystic Water
0D2 = Sharp Beak
0D3 = Poison Barb
0D4 = Nevermeltice
0D5 = Spell Tag
0D6 = Twistedspoon
0D7 = Charcoal
0D8 = Dragon Fang
0D9 = Silk Scarf
0DA = Up=Grade
0DB = Shell Bell
0DC = Sea Incense
0DD = Lax Incense
0DE = Lucky Punch
0DF = Metal Powder
0E0 = Thick Club
0E1 = Boss Claw
0F1 = Hailstone
0F2 = Enigma Orb
0F3 = Charred Idol
0F4 = Everlite
0F5 = Expert Belt
0F6 = Wide Lens
0F7 = Zoom Lens
0F8 = Air Balloon
0F9 = Power Herb
0FA = Crystal Tail
0FB = Cursed Sash
0FC = Waystone
0FE = Red Scarf
0FF = Blue Scarf
100 = Pink Scarf
101 = Green Scarf
102 = Yellow Scarf
114 = Red Orb (Either A Key Item/Hold Item)
115 = Blue Orb (Either A Key Item/Hold Item)


00D = Potion
00E = Antidote
00F = Burn Heal
010 = Ice Heal
011 = Awakening
012 = Paralyz heal
013 = Full Restore
014 = Max Potion
015 = Hyper Potion
016 = Super Potion

Misc Items:

017 = Full Heal
018 = Revive
019 = Max Revive
01A = Fresh Water
01B = Soda Pop
01C = Lemonade
01D = MooMoo Milk
01E = Energy Powder
01F = Energy Root
020 = Heal Powder
021 = Revival Herb
022 = Ether
023 = Max Ether
024 = Elixir
025 = Max Elixir
026 = Lava Cookie
027 = Blue Flute
028 = Yellow Flute
029 = Red Flute
02A = Black Flute
02B = White Flute
02C = Berry Juice
02D = Sacred Ash
02E = Shoal Salt
02F = Shoal Shell
030 = Red Shard
031 = Blue Shard
032 = Yellow Shard
033 = Green Shard
03F = HP0
040 = Pro0
041 = Ir0
042 = Carb0
043 = Calc0
044 = Rare Candy
045 = PP Up
046 = Zinc
047 = PP Max
049 = Guard Spec
04A = Dire Hit
04B = X Attack
04C = X Defend
04D = X Speed
04E = X Accuracy
04F = X Special
050 = Poke Doll
051 = Fluffy Tail
053 = Fire Stone
054 = Max Repel
055 = Escape Rope
056 = Repel
05D = Sun Stone
05E = Moon Stone
05F = Fire Stone
060 = Thunder Stone
061 = Water Stone
062 = Leaf Stone
067 = Tiny Mushroom
068 = Big Mushroom
06A = Pearl
06B = Big Pearl
06C = Stardust
06D = Star Piece
06E = Nugget
06F = Heart Scale
070 = HP Up
071 = Protein
072 = Iron
073 = Carbos
074 = Calcium
075 = Zinc
077 = Luster Powder
078 = Razor Fang
079 = Orange Mail
07A = Harbor Mail
07B = Glitter Mail
07C = Mech Mail
07D = Wood Mail
07E = Wave Mail
07F = Bead Mail
080 = Shadow Mail
081 = Tropic Mail
082 = Dream Mail
083 = Fab Mail
084 = Retro Mail


085 – Cheri Berry
086 – Chesto Berry
087 – Pecha Berry
088 – Rawst Berry
089 – Aspear Berry
08A – Leppa Berry
08B – Oran Berry
08C – Persim Berry
08D – Lum Berry
08E – Sitrus Berry
08F – Figy Berry
090 – Wiki Berry
091 – Mago Berry
092 – Aguav Berry
093 – Iapapa Berry
094 – Razz Berry
095 – Bluk Berry
096 – Nanab Berry
097 – Wepear Berry
098 – Pinap Berry
099 – Pomeg Berry
09A – Kelpsy Berry
09B – Qualot Berry
09C – Hondew Berry
09D – Grepa Berry
09E – Tamato Berry
09F – Cornn Berry
0A0 – Magost Berry
0A1 – Rabuta Berry
0A2 – Nomel Berry
0A3 – Spelon Berry
0A4 – Pamtre Berry
0A5 – Watmel Berry
0A6 – Durin Berry
0A7 – Belue Berry
0A8 – Liechi Berry
0A9 – Ganlon Berry
0AA – Salac Berry
0AB – Petaya Berry
0AC – Apicot Berry
0AD – Lansat Berry
0AE – Starf Berry
0AF – Enigma Berry

Key Items:

034 = Stat Scanner
036 = Silver Wing
037 = Rainbow Wing
103 = Mach Bike
104 = Coin Case
105 = ItemFinder
106 = Old Rod
107 = Good Rod
108 = Super Rod
109 = S.S. Ticket
10A = Contest Pass
10C = Wailmer Pail
10D = Devon Goods
10E = Soot Sack
10F = Basement Key
110 = Acro Bike
111 = PokéBlock Case
112 = Letter
113 = Eon Ticket
114 = Red Orb (Either A Key Item/Hold Item)
115 = Blue Orb (Either A Key Item/Hold Item)
116 = Dream Orb
117 = Go-Goggles
118 = Meteorite
119 = Room 1 Key
11A = Room 2 Key
11B = Room 4 Key
11C = Room 6 Key
11D = Storage Key
11E = Root Fossil
11F = Claw Fossil
120 = Devon Scope
15B = Casino Cart
15D = Oak’s Parcel
15E = Poké Flute
15F = Secret Key
160 = Bike Voucher
161 = Gold Teeth
162 = Old Amber
163 = Star Chart
164 = Ancient Glyph
165 = Helix Fossil
166 = Dome Fossil
167 = Silph Scope
168 = Bicycle
169 = Town Map
16A = VS Seeker
16B = Fame Checker
16C = TM Case
16D = Berry Pouch
16E = Teachy TV
16F = GS Ball
170 = Inverse Gizmo
171 = Tea
172 = Mystic Ticket
173 = Aurora Ticket
174 = Powder Jar
175 = Shining Gem
176 = Mooncaller
177 = Magma Emblem
178 = Old Sea Map


121 = TM01 – Trick Room
122 = TM02 – Dragon Claw
123 = TM03 – Scald
124 = TM04 – Calm Mind
125 = TM05 – Roar
126 = TM06 – Toxic
127 = TM07 – Hail
128 = TM08 – Pursuit
129 = TM09 – Bullet Seed
12A = TM10 – Hidden Power
12B = TM11 – Sunny Day
12C = TM12 – Veiled Sky
12D = TM13 – Ice Beam
12E = TM14 – Blizzard
12F = TM15 – Hyper Beam
130 = TM16 – Light Screen
131 = TM17 – Protect
132 = TM18 – Rain Dance
133 = TM19 – Energy Ball
134 = TM20 – Freeze-Dry
135 = TM21 – Will-O-Wisp
136 = TM22 – Solarbeam
137 = TM23 – Iron Tail
138 = TM24 – Thunderbolt
139 = TM25 – Thunder
13A = TM26 – Earthquake
13B = TM27 – Return
13C = TM28 – Dig
13D = TM29 – Psychic
13E = TM30 – Shadow Ball
13F = TM31 – Brick Break
140 = TM32 – Shimmer Shot
142 = TM33 – Reflect
143 = TM34 – Shock Wave
144 = TM35 – Flamethrower
145 = TM38 – Fire Blast
146 = TM37 – Sandstorm
147 = TM36 – Rock Tomb
148 = TM40 – Brave Bird
149 = TM41 – Giga Impact
14A = TM42 – Facade
14B = TM43 – Secret Power
14C = TM44 – Rest
14D = TM45 – Attract
14E = TM46 – Thief
14F = TM47 – Steel Wing
150 = TM48 – X-Scissor
151 = TM49 – Cataclysm
152 = TM50 – Overheat
153 = HM01 – Cut
154 = HM02 – Fly
155 = HM03 – Surf
156 = HM04 – Strength
157 = HM05 – Flash
158 = HM06 – Rock Smash
159 = HM07 – Waterfall
15A = HM08 – Dive

Unknown Item:

076 = Ginseng?

In Closing

These are just the Pokemon Blazing Emerald cheats available at the moment. Unfortunately, there aren’t any working items, and Pokemon modifier cheats for the time being. The cheats are probably not working because the developer of the game either disabled them or for some other reason.

Then again, there are enough cheats on this list that will help you in this game. Blazing Emerald is kind of hard, but these cheats may help you get through if you want to. It all boils down to the fact that you want to have fun and not something to do so seriously.

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The cheat for TM 12 DOES work, but fair warning: it puts an invisible egg in your first PC box that crashes the game if you try to view it’s stats (you can easily release it though, and haven’t had any other problems with it so far.)

Thanks for that information Pacifrisk, that is surely useful.

Is there a nature modifier cheat code added for this game as of yet?

Is there a Nature Modifer cheat code for this game as of yet? I tried using nature modifier codes from either Pokemon Emerald itself or Pokemon Glazed/Blazed Glazed but they don’t seem to work out at all.

Perhaps it has to do with the game itself, or which GBA emulator are you using? Sometimes the GBA emulator causes the issue.

Wild pokemon modifier?
I want a low level galarian zapdos, the zapdos from game corner is a 90 level, which is bad for me 😛

fast egg hatch?

can someone tell me nature modifier codes?

Help how can is get male ralts

You can just… Walk on grass?

hey do you guy know mach or acho bike cheat code?

hey does normal emerald cheat work in pokemon blazing emerald?

Yes, it can work, give em’ a try.

I’ve been looking for a 31 iv cheat, has anyone found out how to do it?

Help me, i can’t get key item because the code unlimited pokeball

sorry for ya but no way to delete pokeball so u must to play the game again

Is there a gameshark to get the link Stone?

Who Is Your Favorite Pokemon?


hoennian dreepy

The Rare candy cheat did not work, I put in the right code and nothing happen when i went to the item storage, i use the my boy emulator btw

It should work, check your PC. In some cases, going in and out in the PokeCenter is needed to make it work. Give it a try.

Did you click apply changes?

I’ve found a way to fix inf m balls and r candies, first, you need to turn on the r candy cheat then turn it off as soon as possible, and then the pc will not corrupt as soon as you get the items you just need to toss the items so you won’t have trashes on your pc hope you have a good day 😉

Last edited 9 months ago by Khiel

Wow! such a great share Khiel, thanks for that tips. Any other information you could add?

Can you turn off the cheats?

Watch out with the inf pokeballs they can go to your key items and after you can get any key items

The shiny pokemon cheat turns all the shiny pokemon’s natures to brave. Is there a way to fix it?

Save your game progress and restart your game. Restarting your emulator several times may be needed.

Dear Pokémoncoders, I Have Found The Item Modifier Cheat Code For The ROM Hack! I’m Gladly like to Share It To Those Who Want It. How To Use: Replace The YYY With The Item Modifier ID 820051B4 0YYY Example: Use 820051B4 0047 To Get PP Max Where To Get The Item: Go To The Mart And Buy The First Item In The List. Poké Balls: 001 = Master Ball 002 = Ultra Ball 003 = Great Ball 004 = Poké Ball 005 = Safari Ball 006 = Net Ball 007 = Dive Ball 008 = Nest Ball 009 = Repeat… Read more »

Thanks for the share LuNaTHiCc.

-Anyone can confirm any of the codes working?

It works! But do you have a code for frost stone? Just got a vulpix from wonder trade can’t wait until gym 7 to get one.

Here’s More Item Cheat Codes!

More Items:

Misc Items:
053 = Super Repel
057 = Dawn Stone
058 = Dusk Stone
059 = Shiny Stone
05A = Silver Scale
05B = Murky Claw
063 = Sun Stone
064 = Frost Stone
065 = Magic Cookie
066 = Razor Claw

Key Items:
069 = Mining Kit

Im trying to get the razor fang but it doesnt work

TMs/HMs (Updated):

141 = TM33 – Reflect
142 = TM34 – Shock Wave
143 = TM35 – Flamethrower
144 = TM36 – Sludge Bomb
145 = TM37 – Sandstorm
146 = TM38 – Fire Blast
147 = TM39 – Rock Tomb
148 = TM40 – Brave Bird

Thank you so much! Helped me so much (shiny stone, acro bike so I have both on me, black flute).

I can confirm it work Old sea map 100%

Hey there can you make an cheat of how to get level modifier ple

There is a bug with the shiny code, where every shiny you encounter are all male.

Sadly it really happens not only in this game but with other Pokemon GBA games and ROM hacks. There’s no fix for this problem as yet.

I need magic Cookie cheat code please.

Pls add the wild Pokemon modifier

I don’t think the nature modifier works even by itself

Last edited 11 months ago by Romboy

Is it not possible to change natures of your Pokémon/wild Pokémon’s using hacks?

No, in my experience you can’t pair nature cheat with the Pokemon modifier cheat. But feel free to explore yourself and I would appreciate if you share any feedback.

Has anybody tried these cheats with the new 1.6 version. Struggling to get any to work, using the paid my boy emulator, your radical red cheats were spot on.

Some of these work on 1.6
For example: Rare candies work! 9999 exp doesn’t
Tested with: Retroarch+mGBA

any pokedex cheat?

I caught Blakes Houndour and it turned into a Bad Egg
Is there a fix

Sorry PokemonMaster but there’s no fix for bad eggs. You can get rid of it by depositing in the box. To prevent it from happening again, turn off the cheats that you don’t need.. Use one cheat at a time. Hope this helps.

For whatever reason the shiny code glitches out all the names of caught pokemon and forces every pokemon’s nature to “Lonley”. Any way to fix this?

For glitchy name, all you have to do is turn off the cheat before catching the Pokemon. For the Pokemon’s nature, there’s no fix for that as of yet. Sorry pal.

Codes are not working I tried all

Which GBA emulator are you using to play the game?

The game got updated so that probably why

Using the rare candy cheat actually wiped all the existing items in my PC. No more evolution stones so im having to hunt for those. and no more soothe bell!!!

I found the cheat for pokeballs i’ll only put the luster ball code though

Master code:A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Code(luster ball): 820051B4 00ED
hope it helps i was just using codes from Theta Emerald EX and it worked

I would recommend unlocking the ability swicher first because pokemon get hustle but either then that it’s workinh

Interesting there’s also luster dust going around hopefully you’ll get the code of it.

820051B4 0077

Just tried the rare candy cheat it does not work

do you have misc items cheats?

my all cheats are working

Wild Pokemon modifier please

All these cheats does not working for me. I’m using VBA on PC.

nevermind codes just start working

Okay, cool. Have fun Harry.

Hey! I wanted wild Pokemon modifier in this page. Can you make one?

Is there infinite items code or just for the shining stone

Superb all your cheats worked keep it up.

I’m glad that I was able to help. Thanks for coming here Pokefan.

Are you going to add the wild pokemon cheats?

How do I fix the unlimited poke ball glitch I have no key items anymore

Sorry Ian, but there’s no way to undo it once the progress is saved unfortunately 😢

can’t get any key items at all

Is there an unlimited miscellaneous items cheat

I hope so

None of them are working and i don’t know what to do i have used this website for multiple other roms and they always worked, this is the first time, what should i do?

Strange, we even provided screenshots to prove the cheat working. May I know which GBA emulator are you using to play Blazing Emerald?

How do i make sure that the codes work ? cause i’ve tried using the shiny and it only works once

The Rare candy cheat isn’t working

Hello Blazing Emerald team and pokemon coders team,
I want to know if there is any misc items cheat for the game

Getting the bad egg glitch using the cheats plz help

Does the shiny pokemon cheats work on the starter

I cant use the shiny cheat anymore it freezes my game and i cant do anything help

You may have other cheat enabled beside the shiny, disable them while leaving only the shiny cheat enabled. Also, try not to use the cheat too much as it can cause glitches later on.

IS there a luster ball cheat code or is there none

We don’t have cheat for that yet pal, sorry.