Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter


This game is based on Pokemon Adventure Red Manga, and the creator changed some events to make the game longer and entertaining. Some items, Pokemon, and skills added, making the game even more different and improved from the original FireRed game.

Pokemon Adventure Red nominated as top Pokemon Hack for several years; fans are eager to play the game, and some are waiting for new updates and improvements.

Featured Videos

See Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter in action, Watch the video here.

The Pokemon Adventure is based on Pokemon FireRed US version 1.0 ROM, to play the game you need to have a Gameboy Advance emulator, I suggest using MyBoy or any of the recommended GBA emulator for Android.

Please note: This is not a pre-patched download. To patch the game, you need a clean FireRed v1.0 rom and a patching tool called NUPS. Here’s our video guide on how to patch an NUPS rom hack.

Beta 15 + Expansion FIX A (Author’s Note)

Below is the latest Beta 15 patch 

This version contains the Kanto Region and the Orange Archipelago + The Beginning of Elite Four

This will be the final major update for Red Chapter Vol 1. Any future updates will be strictly on squashing Gamebreaking bugs. Vol 2 is under development. Patch onto a clean FireRed 1.0 run and start a new game
NOTE: Patch onto a clean FireRed Rom and start a new savefile.


Game Information

Advetures red chapter

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter
Game Base: Pokemon FireRed US version 1.0 ROM
Language: English
Discord: Link
Updated:  October 5, 2020 Beta 15+ Source: Link


  • Story follows the Manga exactly with few extra events.
  • Only the boy is playable.
  • Pokemon will follow you (Beta 12)
  • Two rivals: Blue (boy rival) and Green (girl rival)
  • Several Pokemon got buffed/nerfed.
  • Ice-Type is super effective against Fairy. It also resists Water, Ground, and Flying-Types
  • Grass-Type deals normal damage against Flying-Type.
  • Rock-Type resists Dragon-Type.
  • New tiles, maps, textures, items, trainer class and Pokemon sprites.
  • Bonus/optional events that change the storyline.
  • The main character speaks in color text.
  • Several reference to the Pokemon anime, pop cultures and other games.
  • Some trainers have special Pokemon.
  • Fairy Type is in the game.
  • Day and night system.
  • Special and Physical Split
  • EV are now indicated in Pokemon’s stat screen.
  • Able to change outfit.
  • TM are reusable
  • Different Regions
  • And more…

Additional Features

  • Extra events and chapters
  • New music
  • Two rivals in the game
  • The level cap was raised to 255
  • New OWs for NPC
  • New Trainer Sprites
  • New scripts, events, and secrets to discover
  • D/P/P Fonts and Textbox
  • Revamped Battle (Physical and Special Split)
  • Reusable TM
  • New additional Pokemon Typing
  • EV and IV stat check
  • Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion
  • Brand new items
  • more…


Pokemon adventures red chapter beta 12 image 1
Pokemon adventures red chapter beta 12 image 2
Pokemon adventures red chapter beta 12 regions

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Download

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In Beta 15 if you start the “lake monster” quest after you defeated the league the Swampert X does not spawn and you vannot finish the quest.

how far the story goes in beta 15 i already clear orange cup is the end of the story where red mother dies?

I think when you finish the orange cup that’s the end for beta 15 I saw it in the downloads section

Spoiler dude…learn to speak less…or in this case “write”.

Is there a possibility to get the Beta 14.5 version of this game on an actual GBA cartridge??? Would love to play it on my modded GBA instead of mobile phone/laptop… Thanks in advance for any advice!

you’ll have to buy a flash cart. They’re $60 on Amazon.

You’ll have to buy a flash cart. About $60 on Amazon.

Hey, I’m looking to do the exact same thing. Play Red chapter on an EZ-Flash Omega GBA flash cart. After the patch, the rom size goes up to 32mb, which should still be small enough to run on the EZ- Flash cart. But when i try to load the game, it says “The file overflow”.

Any ideas?
Is it because the patched game rom is too big to run on the flash cart for some reason?
Or is there a way around this?

Is there any way to do this through media fire as I cannot access it through mega?

What About It’s Length?Is It Complete?

hey, can i visit the other region (like hoenn, sinnoh…) after kanto?


No you can not do that but sone other regions are introduced

Then play pokemon glazed version

I got a Shaymin Lvl.100 and it talks about Cipher or something, as well as Sinnoh.
Is Sinnoh accessible?

How can i open this?

i cant open the town map on pokemon center is that a bug??

Hey! i haven’t read the manga but the game seems intersting! Do i have to read the manga to have an idea on whats going on and to trigger the events or do i get hints with that ingame?

Ah okay thanks! I’m just not the best to sit down and read a book, manga etc! So getting to live the manga through a game sounds like up my ally! again thanks for the anwser 🙂

On Chapter 2, in patch 14.5, I get inside the professors lab for the first time and the game freezes. It shows the three pokedex’s, but there’s no on else beside them.

When will u launch an other update

Sorry to ask but when will beta 15 come?

It requires a password on extracting

Guys I tried to put it on my bittboy but it won’t go…someone know if is possible play on it?

You have to patch it

The download link downloads a UPS file and it won’t let me patch it, can somebody help please

Guys! I need help! Why can’t I enter the Fushcia Gym… there is a man blocking my path and keep on saying that the gym leader isn’t currently here

Just watch Heorvoltsy adv red on youtube

how do I download the game without using MEGA because I don’t want to wait for 50 min before it will start to download it.

I just downloaded it and my boy says unrecorginized gba file what to do i have downloaded it twice but still not working

Hey when will Pokemon adventures yellow will be completed ? Can you make another Rom based on Pokemon adventures X and Y?

Hi!! this a great hack but the game freezes when i battle anyone from the rocket hideout inside the game center. Is there a way to fix this?

Change out of the rocket clothes

unknown file.. can you please help me how to download it to zip?? file?

Turn off your cheats or delete your cheats
After that open your game now its fix

When will get the updated version of Pokemon adventure red chapter??

is this hack rom completed full?

Hey bro my bulbasoar is not evolving even at level 32

he will hes evolution is already planned.. for example..there will be a chapter that your bulbasaur will evolve into ivysaur cause its part of the manga…so just wait for it…

Where i can get the team rocket uniform?? And what do i need to do in ghost lady chapter in cerulean city.. Need help ty

you need to go bottom of celadon and turn left there you can see a team rocket there you can get uniform

in cerulean city you should enter into middle house of the there houses which seems in a row then you will find a person talk to him.
after talking to him you should go top side of city

Hi, it seems like my VBA can’t open the game, gets stuck on white screen. I patched it with NUPS Patcher. Any idea on how to fix this?

I think you have to play it in GBA?

I don’t understand. I need help. I try to download but I get an error.

Unknown archive format in/storage/emUlated/0/android/data/com.rarlab.rar/files/_rartemp_open_1548912513164_ beta 13 part 2F.ups

Change the savetype in the options than it should work

Very well done.

how do i open the beta 13 part 2F.ups file it keeps saying i need to a specific app to open it but every time go to the microsoft store to look for one it can’t find an app to unlock it so i’m stuck someone please help

how to.patch file?

Use the rom patcher from play store
Choose the prior Rom file
and patch file(beta 13 part 2F.ups)
and then click the patch button

What is that prior ROM file you are talking about?


Is this completed?

what is the prior rom file?

how do i get to another regeion

You can’t.You have to wait for beta 14.

It’s very misleading, I too just completed the region thinking it was fully completed, just to get slapped in the face that I cannot continue, it even got my hopes up after I saw that ??? guy with 6 lvl 255 pokemons.

In which gba emulator it work

Just download GBA4iOS in safari and your good to go!

Not yet,you have to patch the file to Pokemon Fire Red.To do that you have to download Pokemon FireRed ROM first

You need to download a ups patcher, Upset is a good one but its hard to come by

I really love the beta 15! The story is so good and yes it gave me a heck of a t

Do Pokemon really follow you on the latest update they don’t

the game crashed after the rocket team goes into the cave trying to find the moonstone can someone help

Please teach me how to patch fire red

Well, download a ups patcher, such as Tsukuyomi http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/519/, which i used.
The base ROM for this ROM hack is Pokemon Fire Red 1.0. So download the exact same version of Pokemon Fire Red (1.0, not 1.1) from some torrent site or maybe even some websites (I used http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/519 and use Tsukuyomi (using the UPS patcher needs no explanation).

Honestly. i like this, i really do,
But….i really hated the beginning….stuck with a PoliWhirl….and then a bulbasaur forced on me..and a Pikachu, although i dont really mind the pikachu…why the others..i know you said it was to follow the anime, However could it really be that hard to make it to where you pick your starter.. it just..like, i really wanted that JiggilyPuff in the begining…otherwise its great.

But that begining though..ive even asked for a full set of wild pokemon modifiers in the cheat comment section just so i can fix this….like…oof.

To all and any who want to play this. -WARNING- The creator is appearently redoing a lot of this game, and you can only play until the first region is done, and there is nothing more then regular pokemon, there is a good game, with good storyline good pacing (confusing as hell with the map and how what your supposed to do at time and rather vague.) otherwise its rather fun, and it took me about a week to play though using hyper mode. There is a tons of side quests and cool pokemon, some dark things are there as… Read more »

Also can you guys @PokemonCoders take this off the #CompletedPokemonRoms list? we are going to get Beta14 and only get 1 more region and then we have to wait until the next one. and its really confusing, some people say its completed and there is more youtube video content on the old version, however as it is, its not the complete game you guys are advertising. Seriously nothing against you, i just was really dissapointed to find out i cant leave Kanto and when Beta14 comes out, i only get 1 more region.

How do I find the blimp which is in vermillion which goes to orange island is the game is completed?

Dude, same, i cant find the blimp, i see many of the older versions on youtube that have it, but i cant find any Beta 13 gameplay footage showing the blimp. i found one person with beta 13 saying we have to wait for beta 14.

But everyone is saying the game is complete, so how are we supposed to get to the rest of the game, i even looked at the game files and the rest of the game is there, i just cant find a way to get to any of it. Can someone please address this issue?

IS Pokemon adventure red chapter beta 14 ready

Is the fame complete

Where do I go after I become the champion of Kanto? Is this where the game ends? I saw that there were way more regions to explore. If this is not complete, when is it gonna update so we can go to Orange Islands? Please respond ASAP if you have answers

Beta 13 is actually not finished, is it? I can’t find the blimp to Orange archipelago

Yes, it still unpublished yet, you must wait for beta 14 for going to Orange Archipelago

What to do after I have gained the volcano badge.

Cant find the blimpin vermillion city after completing the indigo plateau.

Hey i lost in against a rocket team member under the casino and now i’m stuck in a dark place and i can’t move, is there any solution ?

Cheat lol

I want to give my regards and my thanks to the makers of this rom for this wonderful and excellent game!

Keep up the good work,i hope you will see your work complete:)

How can I get a .gba file of Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter.
There is only a .ups file

Use Google and search Pokemon red chapter ROM. It’ll be in one of them, you won’t have to look far

i need help seriously how can i go on kiyomi is land

What to do when u became the champion?…. Cant see a blimp in vermilion city…? Help plzz

This might not be the place for it, but this is one of the few places where people still talk about this game:

Does anyone know how to evolve the goddamn Sarapi? Reaching LVL45 without doing so makes me think it takes something else. I’ve tried pretty much everything that came to my mind tho.


Love it so far. How complete is this hack?

there’s no Pokemon level modifier cheat code but the other GBA games like Pokemon dark rising 2 is have it please add more cheat code

Hi I downloaded the patch and tried using it but I got a error saying it was invalid. Is there supposed to be a certain way to download it or cornvert it into something else.

Downloaded it and can’t find it on my boy

How do I patch it

Ok sorry but i got everything ready downloaded and extracted ready to patch but it said error unknown patching format.

I can’t seem to find the game. I downloaded from the website and then from the Google drive . I went to my boy and it wasn’t showing. I confirmed I downloaded it but still didn’t show.

I am not completely played this game, but some bugs are appearing in game such as: 1. In “bicycle contest”, sometimes only black screen appears. 2. In dive, black water appearing, not blue. 3. As compare to official FireRed story, player got gym badges without gym match except “pewter city, ceruleen city and celadon city gym match. 4. In Pokemon center, when connect to Professor Oak’s PC for pokedex rating, then this this is not working. 5. When caught new pokemon such as Sarapi, Kangaskid, then only showing information about “Ratata”. I don’t know why Kangaskid evolves in Cubone, not… Read more »

Very Late Reply,

On the 2nd bug,it is supposed to be black water.


On the 6th bug,its a feature in the game….

Very very good, aside from some bugs that make the game unplayable.
The special Eevee has a nack for becoming a “Bad Egg” when its in one of the fakemon forms and you switch between characters for a short while.
That and the crashes. I’m assuming those are to be expected but still. Very good and I cannot wait to see the rest of what is panned.

FireRed and modified editions are impressive, but Pokemon battle background looks still classic, not modern, only last 4 provided battle screenshots in this page are impressive, I request to modify battle background, specially battle background colour with working cheats, and many users don’t know that Visual Boy Advanced is now updated, in v2.10, changed many thinks and Visual effects are outstanding.

Wherebis the beta 13 part 2?

u put this under completed rom hacks but its listed as beta 13.

this hack only goes up a certain point in kanto region, (there’s gonna be ALOT of regins included) beta 14 is gonna be up, at this point in the forums of the hack, the developer (yes it’s only one dude) is already doing this, and yes i just read it yesterday that he is

How many gens in this?

From which generation’s Pokemon is in this game. 1-3 or higher. Plzz reply..

I’m stuck with no story after fighting moltre’s and pallet town is a ghost town

Go to pokecenter in pallet nurse will tell you team rocket has kidnapped everyone besides her, blue, & green

I stuck too . Visit in pokecenter doesn’t help ,that’s shame…what to do ? I downloaded it by mirror g drive and it’s part 1 should be like that?

How far is this part2f version ? I’m now the champion and can get to Orange island. Played part2e version

Is there any mega evolution or legendary pokemon in this game

hi I have downloaded the .gba format file, then I open it in myboy saying unrecognized file, then I change the format to .ups when I patch with the ROM patcher the Header Is invalid notification appears, then what should I do?

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