Pokemon Emerald Master Ball Cheat and Master ball Location


Want to have Master ball in your Pokemon Emerald game? There are two ways to get this type of ball in Pokemon Emerald; you can either use a Pokemon Emerald Master Ball Cheat or find the master ball to its location.

The Master ball was introduced in Generation I, and it’s the most favorite Pokeball among all other Pokeball types and mostly used in the Pokemon Emerald cheats. With a master ball, trainers can capture a Pokemon fast and without fail.
Emerald Master ball cheat and location
While using regular Pokeball most often brings a headache, catching a Pokemon with a master ball is a piece of cake.

Master Ball Cheat Code

Gameshark code to get Master ball for Pokemon Emerald
The fastest and easiest way to obtain a master ball is through cheating with GameShark codes. However, the cheat may not work for V1.1 Emerald ROMs. I have successfully tested the master ball cheat code for Emerald (U) V1.0 and Emerald (U) (Trashman).


If the above cheat doesn’t work, try this one;

(cheat type: codebreaker)
82005274 0001

Check Pokemart and purchase Master ball for 0.

For Android users, the cheat perfectly works for My Boy! – GBA Emulator and John GBA – GBA emulator. I haven’t personally tested the cheat on iOS, but the GBA4iOS emulator works well for many, and I believe it will work for you.

Update: The cheat works well for GBA4iOS.

Master ball location

In Pokemon Emerald, you can find master ball In Team Aqua’s hideout, located east of Lilycove. Alternatively, you can get it in the Lilycove department store lottery corner.

Pokemon Emerald Team Aqua Hideout Masterball Location
Masterball in Team Aqua’s Hideout

Did I miss something? Or are you having trouble activating the master ball cheat codes in your Pokemon emerald game? Leave a comment below.

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  1. The code works, but creates an item as a bunch of question marks in the store, and after purchasing, I have 30 of them. However, now, it is in my inventory as “???????” and is not in the folder in backpack for types of pokeballs, but instead is in basic index. Is it broken or am I still able to use this code and am missing a step?


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