How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO

Ditto is one of the most interesting Pokemon in the series. In the animated shows, Ditto transforms into other Pokemon and can use moves attuned to that Pokemon. In the games, you can catch a Ditto, but the only move it has is Transform.

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The downside is that it only transforms into the enemy Pokemon and not to a different Pokemon. That being said, Ditto is available in Pokemon GO and if you want to learn more about it, then read ahead.

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Catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO

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First and foremost, you cannot get a Ditto by hatching an Egg. If your focus at the moment is to know how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO, then don’t bother hatching an Egg. When it comes to catching a Ditto, it can involve a whole a lot of luck. Catching a Ditto is tricky, but it isn’t rare. Some players have a lot of Dittos but to catch a Ditto you need to catch a random Pokemon. The Ditto, won’t appear on the map or your screen.

The Ditto will appear like any regular Pokemon, but as of now, there is a list of specific Pokemon. It could look like a Pikachu or a Rattata, and you can capture it normally. Once it is captured, you will see an OH sign and the Pokemon will change into a Ditto. That’s the tricky part because you wouldn’t know if the Pokemon is a Ditto or not. Don’t worry as we have a list of Pokemons that the Ditto turns into that you can catch.

What Can Turn Into a Ditto

We mentioned earlier that you need to catch a Pokemon which the Ditto uses as a disguise. Currently, these are the Pokemon that a Ditto changes to which you are the ones that you need to catch. The Pokemon are Gulpin, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Paras, Remoraid, Sentret, Whismur, Venonat, Yanma, and Zubat. If you see any of those Pokemon in your map, you can choose to catch them right away. If you have higher quality balls, then you shouldn’t hold back. Use those berries as well to catch any of these Pokemon that might be a Ditto

Where Can I Find Ditto?

When you find any of those Pokemon we listed above in an area, then that’s where you may find them. A lot of those Pokemon are available at night so make sure to go out at the desired time near Poke Stops and Gyms because that’s where Pokemon usually gather up. You can even use Lures and Incenses to attract some of those Pokemon and try your luck. A Ditto isn’t that rare, but it involves a lot of luck and patience.

Is Ditto Good for Battle?

The Ditto can be a hit or a miss in battles because its only move is Transform. It will transform into the enemy Pokemon it is currently facing off. If the Ditto manages to win the round, it will stay the same even if you change or put it back. For example, if the Ditto used transforms into a Pikachu, it will remain a Pikachu for the rest of the battle. It will transform again whenever it faces off against a new Pokemon. Let’s say in the case of a Gym Battle, you will see the Pokemon lineup of the enemy.

You can use that to your advantage but can also be a disadvantage. If the lineup is something like Water, Fire, and Rock, then you can have a good chance of winning. The Ditto will transform into a Water-type in the first battle, and if you play it right, the Water-type Ditto can decimate the Fire and Rock-type that follows after it. If the lineup is a Water, Electric and Grass-type, then you’re screwed.

Then again, that’s why you can shuffle your Pokemon during battle so you can keep that Ditto tucked in the back until you need it for later. It still boils down to the CP and stats of your Ditto as well as your skills in playing. Just think of the Ditto as a fun Pokemon to use in battle, but it wouldn’t be advisable to use it for serious battles and more.


A Ditto is a great Pokemon to have in Pokemon GO. However, you don’t need to stress yourself in getting one, and maybe that’s all you need, which is just one Ditto.

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