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Pokemon Rocket Strike

Pokemon Rocket Strike is considered a 100% complete ROM hack according to its author Pokemon Rocket Strike. The game sets at Nirvana town, before exploring the map, Team Rocket will give you Pokemon, and you can choose from Blitzle, Houndour, and Carvanha. What makes this ROM hack unique is that Team Rocket is your boss and you work for them.

Every ROM hack has its own uniqueness, and so Pokemon Rocket Strike is. Explore a different gaming adventure download Pokemon Rocket Strike to experience a Pokemon gaming where you and team rocket are friends. Sounds interesting game story, right? Well, there’s more you can experience and enjoy as you play the ROM hack. Download Pokemon Rocket Strike now and play the game on your favorite GBA emulator on your favorite device. Note: The ROM is already patched, to play the game all you have to do is download the .GBA file and import it on your emulator. That’s it! Got a question? Leave your comments below.

Author: AmazingCharizard
Hack name: Pokemon Rocket Strike
Hack base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link


  • Play on the side of Team Rocket!
  • Catch over 380 Pokemon!
  • Slight evolution changes for a few Pokemon
  • Relive Kanto as it should’ve been
  • BW-Pokemon-Sprites!
  • Gen 4 & 5 Pokemon!
  • Pokemon which acquired special circumstances to evolve
  • Much humor and many references to real life happenings and characters!
  • Your adventure is far from over after the Pokemon League!
  • The story has been noticeably changed
  • The difficulty has been increased as I think that the original FireRed
  • Meet familiar faces from other Pokemon games who’ll be either friend or foe

Team up with Team Rocket ROM Hack

Pokemon Rocket Strike ROM Hack Download

Size: 16 MB
Download link: Click here
Instruction: No need to patch this hack as it’s already patched, play it directly to your GBA emulator.


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