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Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark Codes Useful And Mostly Used

Listed below are Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark Codes that works for Gameboy advance, for emulator users you can also use these GameShark codes.

It is best if you have Pokemon LeafGreen US Rom but if you don’t have that’s fine. However, It’s not guaranteed all these codes will work in your game but feel free to try, also, I suggest getting the recommended ROM’s for your game.

I’ve created a video activating Walk through walls cheat, click here to watch.

The warning, don’t use or activate too many cheats at once, doing this may make the game confused on how to handle the changes and may result in the game to crash and mess your saved data. See below the list and use the LeafGreen Gameshark codes accordingly.

Important: For users who wants to meet their chosen Pokemon wild/legendary after activating the cheat, you must walk on grasses then you can decide to catch that Pokemon.

For Pokemon LeafGreen Masterball or All Pokeball Gameshark code for Gameboy advance as for now we can’t find a source for it, if you have the code, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.

Update: We already have nearly all GameShark codes for Pokemon LeafGreen, use it as you want and don’t forget to leave your comments if you encountered problems activating the Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark codes and cheats.

Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark Codes List

Listed below are the available Pokemon LeafGreen cheats that you can activate and use in your GBA emulator. This cheat works on almost all GBA emulator, for Android users we recommend using MyBoy GBA Emulator.

Summary of the cheats that you can activate with the Gameshark codes

  • Unlimited Rare Candies
  • Always your turn
  • Infinite PP
  • Catch Trainer’s Pokemon
  • Infinite Money
  • All Items in Pokemart
  • Walk Through Walls
  • All Pokeball
  • Legendary Pokemon
  • Wild Pokemon Modifier

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Unlimited Rare Candies

Unlimited Rare Candies

Watch Pokemon Leaf Green Rare Candy Cheat video on Youtube
82025840 0044
If the cheat above doesn’t work try this alternative (please note for the master codes)
Master codes
8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Rare candy
06AB3172 BE88C550

Always your turn

Always your turn


Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon

A74320F4 175B5B22
18452A7D DDE55BCC
7FE56658 F483AC73
F8B8373C BAB2B56F

Infinite PP

Infinite PP


Catch Trainer's Pokemon

Catch Trainer's Pokemon

4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
90B4977C C0151DC2

IMPORTANT: Press L+R before throwing a Pokeball. Otherwise, you will get a bad egg. If you get a bad egg after activating the cheat, be sure not to save the game.

Infinite Money

Infinite Money

Master codes

Infinite Cash

All Items in Pokemart

All Items in Pokemart

All items (part 1)found in poke mart

All items (part 2)

Walk Through Walls

Walk Through Walls

Watch Pokemon Leaf Green Walk Through Walls Cheat video on Youtube

167DCBA7 F604FFD2
78DA95DF 44018CB4
or (if the above cheat doesn’t work try the code below)
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

All Pokeball

All Pokeball

Watch Pokemon Leaf Green All Pokeball cheat video on Youtube

Have All Pokeballs

Meet Legendary Pokemon

Meet Legendary Pokemon

Watch Pokemon Leaf Green legendary Pokemon cheat video on Youtube

Meet Legendary Pokemon (Walk on grasses to meet these legendary Pokemon)
Master Code (Must be activated first)

Articuno = 83007CEE0090
Zapdos = 83007CEE0091
Moltres = 83007CEE0092
Mewtwo = 83007CEE0096
Mew(wont obey) = 83007CEE0097
Ho-oh = 83007CEE00FA
Lugia = 83007CEE00F9
Celebi = 83007CEE00FB
Kyogre = 83007CEE0194
Groudon = 83007CEE0195
Rayquaza = 83007CEE0196
Regirock = 83007CEE0191
Registeel = 83007CEE0192
Regice = 83007CEE0193
Jirachi = 83007CEE0199
Deoxys(wont obey) = 83007CEE019A

Wild Pokemon Modifier

Wild Pokemon Modifier

Meet any of below wild pokemon;
(Mastercode) Must be entered first to activate the cheat

83007CEE0001 = Bulbasaur
83007CEE0002 = Ivysaur
83007CEE0003 = Venusaur
83007CEE0004 = Charmander
83007CEE0005 = Charmeleon
83007CEE0006 = Charizard
83007CEE0007 = Squirtle
83007CEE0008 = Wartortle
83007CEE0009 = Blastoise
83007CEE000A = Caterpie
83007CEE000B = Metapod
83007CEE000C = Butterfree
83007CEE000D = Weedle
83007CEE000E = Kakuna
83007CEE000F = Beedrill
83007CEE0010 = Pidgey
83007CEE0011 = Pidgeotto
83007CEE0012 = Pidgeot
83007CEE0013 = Rattata
83007CEE0014 = Raticate
83007CEE0015 = Spearow
83007CEE0016 = Fearow
83007CEE0017 = Ekans
83007CEE0018 = Arbok
83007CEE0019 = Pikachu
83007CEE001A = Raichu
83007CEE001B = Sandshrew
83007CEE001C = Sandslash
83007CEE001D = Nidoran(female)
83007CEE001E = Nidorina
83007CEE001F = Nidoqueen
83007CEE0020 = Nidoran(male)
83007CEE0021 = Nidorino
83007CEE0022 = Nidoking
83007CEE0023 = Clefairy
83007CEE0024 = Clefable
83007CEE0025 = Vulpix
83007CEE0026 = Ninetales
83007CEE0027 = Jigglypuff
83007CEE0028 = Wigglytuff
83007CEE0029 = Zubat
83007CEE002A = Golbat
83007CEE002B = Oddish
83007CEE002C = Gloom
83007CEE002D = Vileplume
83007CEE002E = Paras
83007CEE002F = Parasect
83007CEE0030 = Venonat
83007CEE0031 = Venomoth
83007CEE0032 = Diglett
83007CEE0033 = Dugtrio
83007CEE0034 = Meowth
83007CEE0035 = Persian
83007CEE0036 = Psyduck
83007CEE0037 = GolducK
83007CEE0038 = Mankey
83007CEE0039 = Primeape
83007CEE003A = Growlithe
83007CEE003B = Arcanine
83007CEE003C = Poliwag
83007CEE003D = Poliwhirl
83007CEE003E = Poliwrath
83007CEE003F = Abra
83007CEE0040 = Kadabra
83007CEE0041 = Alakazam
83007CEE0042 = Machop
83007CEE0043 = Machoke
83007CEE0044 = Machamp
83007CEE0045 = Bellsprout
83007CEE0046 = Weepinbell
83007CEE0047 = Victreebel
83007CEE0048 = Tentacool
83007CEE0049 = Tentacruel
83007CEE004A = Geodude
83007CEE004B = Graveler
83007CEE004C = Golem
83007CEE004D = Ponyta
83007CEE004E = Rapidash
83007CEE004F = Slowpoke
83007CEE0050 = Slowbro
83007CEE0051 = Magnemite
83007CEE0052 = Magneton
83007CEE0053 = Farfetch’d
83007CEE0054 = Doduo
83007CEE0055 = Dodrio
83007CEE0056 = Seel
83007CEE0057 = Dewgong
83007CEE0058 = Grimer
83007CEE0059 = Muk
83007CEE005A = Shellder
83007CEE005B = Cloyster
83007CEE005C = Gastly
83007CEE005D = Haunter
83007CEE005E = Gengar
83007CEE005F = Onix
83007CEE0060 = Drowzee
83007CEE0061 = Hypno
83007CEE0062 = Krabby
83007CEE0063 = Kingler
83007CEE0064 = Voltorb
83007CEE0065 = Electrode
83007CEE0066 = Exeggcute
83007CEE0067 = Exeggutor
83007CEE0068 = Cubone
83007CEE0069 = Marowak
83007CEE006A = Hitmonlee
83007CEE006B = Hitmonchan
83007CEE006C = Lickitung
83007CEE006D = Koffing
83007CEE006E = Weezing
83007CEE006F = Rhyhorn
83007CEE0070 = Rhydon
83007CEE0071 = Chansey
83007CEE0072 = Tangela
83007CEE0073 = Kangaskhan
83007CEE0074 = Horsea
83007CEE0075 = Seadra
83007CEE0076 = Goldeen
83007CEE0077 = Seaking
83007CEE0078 = Staryu
83007CEE0079 = Starmie
83007CEE007A = Mr. Mime
83007CEE007B = Scyther
83007CEE007C = Jynx
83007CEE007D = Electabuzz
83007CEE007E = Magmar
83007CEE007F = Pinsir
83007CEE0080 = Tauros
83007CEE0081 = Magikarp
83007CEE0082 = Gyarados
83007CEE0083 = Lapras
83007CEE0084 = Ditto
83007CEE0085 = Eevee
83007CEE0086 = Vaporeon
83007CEE0087 = Jolteon
83007CEE0088 = Flareon
83007CEE0089 = Porygon
83007CEE008A = Omanyte
83007CEE008B = Omastar
83007CEE008C = Kabuto
83007CEE008D = Kabutops
83007CEE008E = Aerodactyl
83007CEE008F = Snorlax
83007CEE0090 = Articuno
83007CEE0091 = Zapdos
83007CEE0092 = Moltres
83007CEE0093 = Dratini
83007CEE0094 = Dragonair
83007CEE0095 = Dragonite
83007CEE0096 = MewTwo
83007CEE0097 = Mew

For tips and tricks on how you can catch your favorite LeafGreen Pokemon please check our tips and tricks section.


I'm a Pokemon fan since childhood, and I love watching Pokemon movies and TV series. When playing Pokemon games, I use emulators, and I very much enjoy a game when I use a cheat. Join me exploring the world of Pokemon gaming using cheat codes.


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      Honestly mate, I haven’t tried No$GBA Emulator as I’m a Mac user. But as long as your emulator supports gameshark codes and code breakers, then it should work,

  5. I had used the Have all poke balls, wild bulbasaur, wild Charmander, and wild squirtle along with having the rare candies. I get 999 candies out of the PC and I still have all of the master balls and such still in the bag. I best Brock and go to look at the TM and it’s all fuzz on the TV page. I close out and it gets stuck. What do I do to fix this. And I only have one code activated.

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    • Unfortunately, in the latest version of OPENEMU, some Pokemon cheats aren’t working. I suggest installing Bluestacks and download MyBoy Android app.

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  20. But I found a thing that useful to all users of GBA, VBA, NDS and Dolphin, If you press the Shift + F1 – F10 It will save the progress you made and then if you failed to do something (like catching pokemon), you can restart by pressing the F1 – F10 without entering shift, and the place you restart is the place you save, understand?

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      Hi Tiffany, what emulator are you using? some emulator may not work with these codes and make sure to enter the mastercodes first before the particular gameshark codes.

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