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Emulators Download

To play Pokemon games, the downloading and installing emulator is a must. There are dozens of emulators out there; some are free, and some are not. Depending on your device where do you want to play Pokemon, it can be on your mobile or in your PC; there is an available emulator for you.

GBA emulators are pretty popular these days, with these emulators you can play Gameboy Advanced Pokemon ROMs as well as Pokemon ROM hacks quickly. Nintendo DS and GBC emulators are also popular, and you can find it online as well. Below is the list of most recommended and highest rated emulators categorized according to its device category (PC, MAC, Android, iOS) and emulation capabilities.

EmulatorPlatformEmulates forFree or Paid?Details
My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator AndroidGBAFreeClick here
My Boy! - GBA Emulator AndroidGBAPaidClick here
John GBA Lite - GBA emulator AndroidGBAFreeClick here
OpenEmu MacGBA/NDS/GBCFreeClick here
Visual Boy Advance WindowsGBAFreeClick here
NDS Boy! NDS Emulator AndroidNDSFreeClick here
GBA4iOS iOSGBAFreeClick here
DraStic DS Emulator AndroidNDSPaidClick here
Pretendo NDS Emulator AndroidNDSFreeClick here
DraStic DS Emulator DEMO AndroidNDSFreeClick here
John GBA - GBA emulator AndroidGBAPaidClick here
My OldBoy! Free - GBC Emulator AndroidGBCFreeClick here
John GBC Lite - GBC emulator AndroidGBCFreeClick here
My OldBoy! - GBC Emulator AndroidGBCPaidClick here
GemBoy! GBC Emulator AndroidGBCFreeClick here
John GBC - GBC emulator AndroidGBCPaidClick here
GBC.emu Free AndroidGBCFreeClick here
Emulator for GBA GBC Pro AndroidGBCFreeClick here

Paid Emulators
Although emulation works well for most free version emulators, to extend your gaming experience, purchasing the paid version of your favorite app is what I suggest. Most free version applications have only limited capabilities. For example, in MyBoy free version, you can only enter one line of a cheat, while the paid version enables you to enter as many lines as you want. Also with MyBoy free version you can only save few states of your game while paid version lets you save multiple.

For PC and MAC users, no need to spend for an emulator, OpenEmu and VBA are already great, free and works for most of us.

APK Emulator Downloads
For Android users, downloading the APK file of your chosen emulator may work in many cases, but usually, not recommended for security and stability reasons. However, if budget is your primary concern, head over to your favorite APK website and download your emulator.

Pokemon games series are no doubt one of the best released games and emulators are great tools for playing Pokemon games. It’s already expensive to purchase Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Color, and Nintendo DS. Emulator helps you play your favorite Pokemon game on your Computer or mobile devices with ease.


I'm a Pokemon fan since childhood, and I love watching Pokemon movies and TV series. When playing Pokemon games, I use emulators, and I very much enjoy a game when I use a cheat. Join me exploring the world of Pokemon gaming using cheat codes.

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