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Android Play ROM Hack

How To Play ROM Hacks on Android

The Android OS is the most favorite platform for playing ROM hacks, and in fact, on our Youtube channel 70% of our visitors are Android users. Now, if you are new to GBA ROM hacking and wondering how to play ROM hacks on Android this tutorial is for you. But first, please note that we don’t share any original GBA ROMs as we are not permitted to share it everywhere, you can find it online anyways just do a google.

Okay, to play hacked ROM on your Android device, what you will need is a GBA emulator or a ROM patcher app. There are dozens of available apps on Google play but I recommend only two GBA emulator and one GBA Patcher app I tested personally and been using by thousands of Pokemon fans already.

Android App for playing ROM Hacks

As I said above, I recommend only 3 Android apps for you to play ROM hacks on Android. Some of these are paid, to enjoy full feature and performance of a game I would suggest getting the paid version. However, if budget is your main concern, you can download an APK version of these apps and buy it later. But, as I said previously, I would suggest purchasing the app to help the developer and to give the developer motivating to improve the app in the later days.
Android Play ROM Hack
My Boy
My Boy is one of the most favorite emulator for playing Pokemon fans and in fact, it has already over 10 million installs. This one is my personal favorite and most recommended app for playing your GBA games. There’s a free version as well as the paid version of My Boy. To activate ROM hacking, all you have to do is put your .GBA and IPS/UPS file in one folder and match their names. I created a Youtube video How To Play Pokemon ROM Hacks on Android for you to see the instructions clearer.

ROM Patcher
If there’s a ROM patcher for Windows OS and Mac OS, Android has it too. ROM Patcher is a free android app that supports dozen of patching type such as IPS, IPS32, UPS, BPS, PPF, XDELTA1, XDELTA3, DPS, ASM, XPC, DLDI and APS. With ROM Patcher, you can patch any IPS/UPS GBA ROM Hack file to make it work on your GBA Emulator. Patching a GBA ROM Hack with this app is pretty self-explanatory and easy.
Android app Patch GBA ROM
John GBA – GBA emulator
Although John GBA doesn’t have ROM patching feature, unlike My Boy, but it works with patched GBA ROM’s. If you are using this emulator, you can use ROM Patcher app to patch any IPS/UPS file and play it in your John GBA emulator. John GBA comes with free and paid apps, to enjoy zero ads and full features, purchasing this app is highly recommended.

There are lots of apps out there that works the same as the above mentioned but My Boy, ROM Patcher and John GBA are a good combination to play hacked GBA ROMS. Try it now and if you have questions, drop your message to any of my Youtube videos in my Youtube Channel.


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